Delta Sleep Mattress Review

Delta Sleep Mattress Review


December 9, 2023

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It’s no secret that our busy lives are taking a toll on our sleep health. That said, you cannot totally ignore fundamental factors such as mattress quality. Do you feel the mattress you’re using is relaxing enough for a good night’s sleep? 

If you can’t answer this with certainty, the chances are that your existing mattress is coming in the way of that peaceful slumber needed to start every day afresh. Moreover, having the right mattress can help enhance body fitness, improve focus, and even combat acne.  

That’s why we thought of penning this review of one of the highest-rated mattresses in the country right now— the Delta Sleep mattress. Give it a read to find out whether this option will be worth switching to. We’ve also added some nifty tips and mentioned various essentials of buying a suitable mattress. So, let’s start!

Delta Sleep Review


Before we delve into the details of this mattress, here’s a round-up of its distinct features that have appealed to people across Australia. Apart from the availability of multiple sizes, what makes it stand out in terms of overall performance are:

  • The use of adaptive comfort technology
  • A breathable cover
  • Antimicrobial protection treatment
  • 100% sag-free
  • Balanced firmness
  • Indigenously-made
  • Provides the ideal support
  • Uses sustainable material



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • 100% sag-free
  • Balanced firmness
  • Comes with a 120-night trial period
  • 10-year guarantee


  • New mattress from Calming Blankets

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What Is The Delta Sleep Mattress Made From? 

Now that you’ve learnt about the construction and comfort level on offer, it’s time for an in-depth look at what the mattress is made from. While the majority of buyers don’t attach much importance to the mattress material, it’s actually a significant factor affecting the durability, safety, and quality of the mattress. 

After all, you might be sensitive to a material used in the mattress, which can eventually lead to allergic reactions and more stress. That’s why we thought of providing a breakdown of the materials constituting the Delta Sleep mattress: 

1. Topmost Comfort Layer

First off, this mattress is entirely made from locally-sourced foam, though the layers are of different densities to ensure optimal support and comfort. 

That said, the top layer is made from softer and thinner foam that provides the user with the desired comfort across different seasons. What makes this possible is the use of specialised Intellicool technology. 

2. High-Density Support Layer

Proper body support is also a key factor when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, studies have shown that as much as 63% of the population are faced with shoulder, hip, and neck pain as their mattress provides inadequate or improper support. 

But thanks to the Adaptive Comfort technology used in the high-density foam layer in the Delta Sleep mattress, your joints are strategically cradled to minimise pressure. 

Ultimately, you can wake up free from aches and feel refreshed. The use of such supportive material makes the mattress suitable for people suffering from muscle and joint issues, as it soothes and supports them the whole night. 

3. Tencel Cover

As for the mattress cover, it’s made from super-soft stretch-knit fibre that’s sustainably sourced like the foam. It comes with superior moisture-wicking properties to ensure the surface is sweat-free and doesn’t interrupt your sleep or affect your skin. 

4. Antimicrobial Protection

The brand has treated the mattress foam with Ultra-Fresh — an advanced antimicrobial protection product for mattresses. This treatment aims to inhibit and remove bacterial growth to provide a hygienic environment for your sleep, making it one of the best mattresses for those with allergies or asthma

Calming Blankets Pillow

Calming Blankets Pillow

Similar to a mattress, a pillow can offer pressure relief, better neck alignment and more. That said, we’d strongly recommend considering this thoughtfully designed pillow from the brand. It comes with a unique core made from memory foam and active charcoal that eliminates mites and destroys the mycotoxins formed by mould.

Furthermore, the pillow possesses antimicrobial properties owing to its copper-infused silk cover that helps fight acne effectively. As for the top layer under the cover, it is breathable, soft, and has germ-fighting properties. In addition, the memory foam core helps promote adequate airflow to help you sleep cool through the night.  

Notably, you can purchase the pillow in packs of one, two, or four as per your needs, and it’s priced quite reasonably as well.

Calming Blankets Topper

Calming Blankets Topper

This high-quality topper can be another advanced addition to your bedding. It provides ample support to the shoulder and hips while facilitating outstanding airflow and breathability. Made using a hi-tech, ultra-soft fibre filling, it also enables gentle cushioning to enhance a sore back and neck. 

Long story short, the topper is an ideal choice if you’re looking for an ultra-plush bed with adequate support for more critical joint aches. Note that it’s even available in multiple sizes, viz. double, king, queen, and single. Plus, we found this mattress topper to be much more affordable than many other high-performing options on the market.

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How Does It Feel When You Sleep On It?

Delta Mattress Feel

The comfort level of a mattress is crucial for determining its overall usability, and this product is designed to be just how Australians prefer their mattresses. In fact, this mattress has been highly recommended by the most well-known lifestyle magazines in the country, which only adds to its reliability. 

First off, the Delta Sleep mattress from the brand Calming Blankets seeks to provide the right balance of firmness and softness essential for a restful slumber anytime. Not to forget its unique cell structure, which uses revolutionary Intellicool technology to facilitate superior airflow and enhanced breathability. 

This feature helps dissipate excess body heat during summer so that you get a refreshing and cool sleeping environment. At the same time, it preserves body heat to provide the ideal warmth during winter. 

Now, let’s look at each layer that constitutes this high-quality mattress. To begin with, the top layer of the mattress supports and cradles the natural alignment of your body to ensure an “ache-free” sleep. 

Coming with a thickness of 7cm, this layer is adequately supportive and won’t disturb your partner, irrespective of whether they toss and turn all night. And adding to the comfort of the top layer is a super-soft and moisture-wicking Tencel cover that offers exceptional breathability. That said, you can also rule out any chances of night sweats disrupting your sleep.

All in all, the efficient airflow and temperature regulation combined with adequate and comfortable support ensures you never wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Dimensions And Related Factors

While buying a mattress, another crucial consideration is its dimensions since that would also help you decide its comfort level to some extent. 

For example, a mattress that’s thinner is regarded as no better than an old, squished out one that doesn’t provide sufficient comfort and support. Likewise, if a mattress is thicker than necessary, you might find it difficult to lift and transport. 

That said, the weight of the mattress matters if you frequently change the room decor or are planning on conducting any other repair or construction work. Similarly, if you plan on moving to a new house, a lightweight mattress will definitely be the best pick. 

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about the above-mentioned factors as the Delta Sleep mattress is available in several sizes and weights. Just make sure that you measure the bed frame or the spot where the mattress is to be kept before buying it. 

Here are the different sizes of the Delta Sleep mattress available on the market:

  • Single: 1065 x 2030 x 250 mm
  • King Single: 1065 x 2030 x 250 mm
  • Double: 1370 x 880 x 250 mm
  • Queen: 1530 x 2030 x 250 mm
  • King: 1830 x 2030 x 250 mm

Note that among all the sizes, you should choose the King Single or Single in case you need to sleep alone. As for the remaining mattresses, they’re great choices for couples. 



King Single




How Much Does It Cost? 

You should know that the Delta Sleep Mattress is a premium product that may not suit a tight budget. But given the efficient features, warranty period, and high quality of this mattress, we feel it’s worth investing in if you want a long-lasting and truly effective product. 

Here’s how much you can expect to pay, depending on the sizes:

  • Single: $795
  • King Single: $1,031
  • Double: $1,121
  • Queen: $1,131
  • King: $1,194

As a side note, we’d recommend the entire set, including the pillow and the mattress topper, if you’re thinking of buying new bedding and want nothing less than the highest comfort level. That said, the other items are priced separately. Check the deal before the get 50% Off.




King single




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Additional Features

Calming Blankets Mattress

Imagine if a new mattress that you have just brought home loses its shape within merely a few weeks of use. What would you do then? To make sure you don’t have to bear the brunt of such circumstances, the brand offers a generous trial period of 120 nights. Within this time, you can easily test the product and figure out whether the mattress is a long-term investment worth your money. 

And if you do find that there are quality or compatibility issues, all you have to do is get in touch with customer support to apply for a refund. Notably, there are no shipping or extra charges applicable for the return. 

Fortunately, you probably won’t be going through these steps as the mattress is designed to be 100% sag-free. In other words, it’s built to not sink under pressure or lose shape due to loss of strength. 

Another benefit that makes this mattress stand out is the 10-year warranty period offered by the brand. So, you can rest assured that any minor or major damage will be covered by the company for a long time to come. 

You will also appreciate that this mattress is certified by the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia). Simply put, every phase of the manufacturing process has been ratified as ethically, sustainably, and environmentally conscious. 

Is The Delta Sleep Mattress Right For You?

First and foremost, the Delta Sleep mattress is constructed to provide the ideal firmness needed for a peaceful sleep irrespective of the user’s age. 

That said, it feels neither too plush nor stiff to sleep on and makes for a pretty comfortable mattress for all sleeping positions. Moreover, the use of Adaptive Comfort Technology in the mattress facilitates faster recovery from headaches, body aches, and more. This feature also provides a motion-isolating property that helps prevent partner disturbance.

Not to forget the top comfort layer that can provide you with a cool sleep even during sweltering Australian summers, making Delta Sleep a top favourite for hot sleepers. Plus, the antibacterial protection keeps harmful microbes at bay to create a low-allergen environment well-suited for children as well. 

But as we mentioned earlier, the budget might be a constraint for some buyers, in which case it’s best to look at a few other cost-effective options.  

Final Verdict

On the whole, we’ll say that the Delta Sleep mattress is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to switch to a more comfortable mattress today. By comfortable, we mean that it offers a soft surface that supports proper posture and wicks away heat to keep you refreshed with its advanced cooling technology.

Moreover, the Delta Sleep mattress is pretty versatile as it’ll suit any sleeper, and the various size options can fit into any room. Plus, the assurance of zero partner disturbance makes it a great choice for couples. 

The absence of holding straps is perhaps the only drawback. After all, we do understand that premium pricing can make any buyer picky. Apart from that, this mattress lives up to our expectations quite well. 

Before wrapping, we’d suggest reading through the reviews on the official website for a better understanding of its various factors, such as comfort, firmness, certifications etc. Take care and happy shopping!

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