Purple Mattress In Australia

Although the brand defines luxury in many ways, it was named after the colour of the patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer or GelFLex Grid, which forms the top layer of the Purple bed. First launched in 2016, the first Purple bed was an overnight success, but the formula had been 20 years in the making.

Soon enough, many people expected Purple mattresses to replace memory foam mattresses that had been rocking the comfort industry like no other. However, a memory foam mattress is not without its flaws - simply put, it traps heat, and some customers find the sinking feeling suffocating.

On the other hand, Purple mattresses had perfected the formula to provide a sleeping experience like no other. Seemingly twisting the laws of physics, the brand has now given the world a soft mattress that is firm. Or should we say a firm mattress that is also soft?

The secret behind this mind-boggling, all-new, well-balanced Purple mattress is its signature Purple grid or GelFlex Grid, found in the three highly-coveted Purple mattresses. Let's take a closer look below.

Update: March 2023. There is a great Purple mattress alternative:

The Emma Zero Gravity, it has a similar pressure-relieving comfort layer (Check it out while its in stock) - Get a further 5% off with SLEEPYS5

1. The Original Purple Mattress

With a weight of 450 g/m2, the first Purple mattress is the lightest option of the three. Moreover, with a price to match some of the best and notably budget-friendly mattress-in-a-box, the first edition of Purple mattress is the most affordable.

However, the temperature control, spinal alignment, and body response that the two-inch thick layer of GelFlex Grid provides is unmatched. At the same time, this unit consists of a dual base layer for extra comfort - like we went over in the well-loved Emma Zero Gravity mattress review.

What's more, if you upgrade to the new-and-improved version of the original, known as the Purple Plus, the company provides an additional comfort layer for a softer touch. With this three-layer premium foam base, the mattress seeks to enhance support to the body even as the sleeper moves through the night.

To top it all off, the cloud-like SoftFlex knit cover is designed to make sleepers mimic the sensation of floating in mid-air.

2. The Purple Hybrid Mattress

Priced more than twice the original model, the Purple Hybrid Mattress provides firmness and adds a soft bounce. That said, the innovative grid design of the GelFlex Grid strategically provides relief around vital pressure points, such as the neck and shoulder, while also providing firm support elsewhere.

Unlike the Original Purple mattress that borrows grid support from a dual-layered comfort base, the Purple Hybrid is equipped with individually wrapped coils between layers. This feature enhances body responsiveness so that the sleeper may toss and turn, and the mattress will adjust with every movement.

3. The Purple Hybrid Premiers

An elite option in the line of Purple mattresses, the Purple Hybrid understandably comes at a premium. After all, it goes far beyond what the Original Purple Mattress achieved - which is a feat in itself.

While this unit shares some of the same features as the Purple Hybrid, including pocketed coils and a StretchMax cover, it adds another inch of the GelFlex Grid layer. As a result, the three-inch grid columns provide accurate, responsive cushioning that adjusts to your weight with control and prevents partner disturbance.

The company offers an even more immersive experience with the Purple Hybrid Premium 4, which adds another inch of this supportive layer.

Which Is Better - The Purple Mattress Or A Memory Foam Mattress?

Over time, memory foam mattresses have evolved to correct some complaints noted by customers. And although you may find memory foam mattress manufacturers in Australia that provide similar features as Purple, the consensus is not all positive.

That said, memory foam may be too soft or too firm, and the sinking mechanism makes it hard for sleepers to reposition themselves. But perhaps what it is most notorious for is trapping body heat.

On the other hand, the GelFlex Grid solves both problems at once. It has been devised for quick body response and features temperature-neutral gel and built-in air channels that facilitate air circulation. Moreover, the Hybrid models are equipped with pocketed coils for increased airflow to lend even more cooling properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do The Purple Sheets Work With Each Purple Bed Mattress?

Purple sheets and mattress protectors have been designed to offer enough depth and flexibility so that they can go over any mattress. Interestingly, the sheets are available in various inviting colours that include softer hues, such as Natural Oat, and deep shades of purple.

And to maximise the experience of luxurious comfort, buyers can opt for the Purple pillow and complete the set.

2. Does Purple Mattress Ship To Australia?

Purple does not ship its products to Australia - yet. That said, we are expecting things to take a turn soon. In the meantime, don't forget to check out the best luxury mattresses that Australia has to offer.

Final Words

They say that comparison is the thief of joy.

But knowing that Purple does not deliver to Australia, we cannot help but compare this well-loved mattress to our choices at home. And just to fuel the fire, Purple offers as many as 100-night trials, free shipping, free returns, a 10-year warranty, and frequent discounts.

However, our best purple mattress alternative has the same benefits check it out here.

On a brighter note, several companies offer excellent alternatives and similar perks, which are worth giving a try - at least until Purple hits local stores. And when they do start shipping to Australia, don't sleep on it!

And by this, we mean: do sleep on it!