Introducing the New Koala Mattress, Calm As, and Soul Mate from the makers of Australia's most loved mattress. This new range was launched in July 2021 and made to fit any sleeper, based on years of research, listening, and development.

We will look at what’s the difference between them? And if the improvements are worth the money.  

  • Flagship model: Koala Soul Mate Mattress
  • Mid-range: Calm As Mattress.
  • Entry-level: (New) Koala Mattress

The new Koala mattress

We have updated our original Koala mattress review to reflect the changes. I will go over them here but check out the review for more info. You still get the impressive 120 night trial period and a 10-year warranty. 

So what’s changed? 

It’s still a two-layer mattress, even tho it’s marketed as a three-layer. And arguably it could be considered a 3 layer mattress because the top TENCEL™cover is now 7cm thick to provide an extra cushion. 

The top foam layer is the same Kloudcell™ material but they have made it flippable. So one side is firmer than the other, all you need to do is unzip this layer and flip the material to customise your firmness. We haven’t personally tried this new Koala so it’s hard to say what improvement it would have made. It is possible that this will increase the mattress' heat retention, but a major complaint was that it was too soft before, so this is a nice upgrade. 

The base is a thicker foam that used to be Ecofoam™ and is now NoPressure Adaptive Core. The base looks to have taken a leaf out of Emma mattresses book and zoned the base to better take pressure off while sleeping. 

Lastly, Koala is now manufactured in China instead of Australia and the colour of the mattress is now grey instead of blue. 

Calm As Mattress

The Calm As mattress is the mid-range product from Koala the price ranges from $980 for a single to $1950 for the king. 

The changes are the edge support and a transition layer between the top comfort layer and the more durable foundation foam. The transition layer has groves to help allow more airflow through the mattress, and because of the extra layers, it’s 4cm thicker than the entry-level mattress. 

Also, the top cover has a 1cm quilted COOLMAX® fibre plush cover.

The edge support was an interesting choice. You only see edge support on hybrid mattresses so you don’t touch the springs and it’s never used on all-foam mattresses. What this edition will do is stop the edges from dipping as much when you sit on the edge of the bed. 

Soul Mate Mattress

This has the same layer design as the Calm As mattress but with more luxurious materials. The top cover is made from Sensapole® and is a 9cm comfort layer and 2cm quilted plush cover.

Underneath is the same ​​Kloudcell™ flippable foam and then a transition layer but this time the material is Bamboo Charcoal. It provides excellent pressure relief, resulting in more comfortable sleep. The benefits of charcoal include being antimicrobial, reducing heat, and relieving pressure.

Next, instead of the more durable foam, the Soul Mate mattress has 5 Zoned Adaptive Foam Springs. Which kind of make it a hybrid mattress but without springs. The foam springs react to your body's movements without compromising the zero disturbance®  tech.

Lastly, it has edge support and is 4 cm thicker than the Calm As mattress making it 33cm in total. The price is $2,350 for a double and $2,950 for the king size.

New Koala vs Calm As vs Soul Mate

These three models have similarities but are made to match different budgets. Spending more won’t necessarily get you more layers but instead, get higher quality materials that will be more comfortable. 

Choosing which one is best for you will come down to preference and come down to how much you want to spend as there is over a $1000 price difference from the New Koala to the Koala Soul mate. Hopefully, this guide has helped cut through some of the mattress marketing jargon and helped you in your decision process. Here is also a link to our best mattress in Australia guide.

Koala mattress vs Calm As

The Koala mattress has a new, thicker top cover and a flippable foam layer to adjust firmness. It's now made in China and comes in grey. The Calm As mattress, priced from $980 to $1950, features a middle layer for better airflow and a quilted top for coolness. It also has unique edge support to prevent the sides from dipping, a rare feature in foam mattresses. Both offer a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

Koala Calm As mattress vs Soul Mate

The Koala Soul Mate mattress elevates luxury and comfort, featuring a 9cm Sensapole® comfort layer and a 2cm quilted plush cover, surpassing the Calm As in opulence. It retains the adaptable Kloudcell™ foam but introduces a Bamboo Charcoal layer for enhanced pressure relief and antimicrobial benefits.

Unique to the Soul Mate is its 5 Zoned Adaptive Foam Springs, blending the benefits of a hybrid mattress without springs, ensuring minimal sleep disturbance. Thicker and more supportive with edge support, it stands at 33cm in height. Priced at $2,350 for a double and $2,950 for a king, the Soul Mate is a premium choice for those seeking advanced comfort and technology in their sleep experience.

Final Verdict on the best Koala mattress

The improvements to tackle the firmness issue and the fact you can flip the top layer to custom the firmness is great! You get free and fast delivery with the range and In the metro

areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Koala delivers for free to your door in four hours.

They are GECA and CertiPUR-US® certified, even though they are now manufactured in China. This means these products are formaldehyde-free, low in volatile organic compounds, and free of nasty chemicals.

These mattresses tend to be on the pricier side compared to the rest of the mattress in a box range. But they do that the most review and also give 1% of gross sales annually for the good of the planet, people and animals.

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