Koala is an Australian favourite brand with a complete and expanding range of home furnishings. Specifically, Koala’s homeware range mainly includes rugs, cushions, and throws. All these products are premium quality and have adorable designs you would like to have in your home. 

The rugs, in particular, are some of the most famous products of the company. Koala uses Responsible Wool to make their rug collection. Moreover, it’s Australia’s first Responsible Wool Standard RWS-certified rug company. This article reviews some of the bestseller rugs from Koala. 

Bestselling Koala Rugs

Following is the list of their best-selling rugs:

  1. Bottlebrush Rug
  2. Outback Rug
  3. Shear Beauty Rug
  4. Shear Bliss Rug

1. Bottlebrush Rug

All products from Koala share a specific theme. They make inspiring products by relating them to a natural event or some other specific theme every time. Koala brand has made Bottlebrush rugs with waste plastic or recycled plastic bottles. It is one of the bestsellers of Koala’s rug collection. 

Moreover, the manufacturer made this product inspired by the colours in Australian native foliage, and the material is 100% rPET. They made it from plastic out of waterways and landfill, easing our eco-footprint. 

Furthermore, you can find this rug at Koala's online store for $449

2. Outback Rug

Outback is also one of the bestsellers of Koala rugs inspired by earthy textures and rock faces. Manufacturers designed Outback rugs to pay homage to the Aussie Outback. 

Moreover, these rugs are hand-knotted and made from renewable and natural fibres. In addition, Outback, a large jute rug, is a powerhouse. Furthermore, it is a pet-friendly, biodegradable, and family-friendly rug. 

Outback is available in three different colours, and you can choose accordingly. Moreover, it costs you $349 to buy an Outback rug from Koala.

3. Shear Beauty Rug

Shear Beauty Rug by Koala is also one of their bestsellers in premium quality. The critical quality of the rug is that it is made of 100% New Zealand Wool which is taken ethically.

Moreover, the rug is heavyweight and has an organically hand-braided weave. Shear Beauty is a premium modern wool rug that gives your home a modern and classy look. In addition, it costs you $899 and is available in their online store.

4. Shear Bliss Rug

Koala manufacturers also have made Shear Bliss Rug with 100% New Zealand wool. Like other Koala rugs, Shear Bliss also follows a theme, and it was inspired by running creek water where the organic patterns evoke serenity. 

Moreover, it is a hand-tufted rug with ultra-soft padding underfoot. Manufacturers made it with a mixed technique of cut pile and loop pile. The price of Shear Bliss Rug by Koala is $749. 

It is available in two different colours, and you can choose accordingly. Moreover, you can find the product here.

Other Rug Options

Besides the above, Koala also has Shear Joy, Matilda, Reef, Sandy, Shear Delight, and Beauty Bottler rug collections. The wide variety with the best quality material urges you to buy the one.

Moreover, they make the best quality rugs which are also their best sellers, at reasonable prices. If you want to restyle your home, their rugs are perfect for you as they give your home a classy and elegant look.


Koala brand always follows the policy of sustainability and ethical production of the products. Therefore, their Bottlebrush is one of the bestseller rugs in the market because it eases our eco-footprints. 

Moreover, they use blended or 100% OCS Organic Cotton from responsibly sourced wool. In addition, they use fabric made of plastic out of landfills and waterways. 

In addition, they make their products to meet the retailer’s high sustainability standards. Besides rugs, Koala provides a variety of households such as beds and mattresses, sofa and sofa beds, bedding and linen, desks, tables, chairs, and homewares. Moreover, you can also see the collection of silk pillows to make your bed a perfect place to nap.

Shipping Services And Return Policy

Koala provides free shipping to the metro areas in Australia and causes shipping fees to the remote regions. Moreover, they also provide you with a trial period of 120-nights. If you don’t like the product during the trial period, you can ask for a refund from Koala. 

In addition, you can enjoy a one-year warranty with Koala rugs. Koala rugs are softer and warmer than other rugs and provide a beautiful experience while you place your feet on them.  

Why Choose Koala?

Wondering why you should choose Koala when there are plenty of other brands in the market? Koala is a rug brand that uses natural and organic fabric to make rugs. Moreover, they use imported 100% New Zealand wool from ethical means.

Furthermore, their wool is Responsible Wool Standard RWS-certified. In addition, they use plastic from landfills and waterways to make rugs eco-friendly. Also, the rugs from Koala are biodegradable and pet-friendly.


Koala is one of the most famous brands in Australia. It has a variety of homeware, furniture, mattresses, etc. Their home collection contains a variety of rugs for living areas, bedrooms, and children’s rooms.

Furthermore, if you have a budget from $400 to $900, you can enjoy the rugs from Koala. Their premium quality rugs don’t exceed $1000. 

Moreover, they have made the rugs out of plastic from landfills and waterways, easing our eco-footprints. Koala rugs are also made of natural and organic wool. The wool is RWS-certified and obtained from ethical resources. They also import 100% New Zealand wool to produce premium quality rugs.

You can enjoy free delivery to metro areas, and they cost you charges for remote areas. Moreover, a 120-night trial is also available by Koala.

To summarise, Koala rugs are pet-friendly, family-friendly, and biodegradable.