How can I warm up at night in bed?

Getting quality sleep is essential for your health. But if you aren’t sufficiently warm, you may find difficulty falling asleep or get your sleep interrupted. 

Try taking a warm bath before sleep to raise your body temperature and induce better sleep. You can also cover yourself up from head to toe to avoid heat loss. Wearing woollen, cotton, or flannel pyjamas and layering up with blankets will warm you up.

However, the sure-fire plan to get warm without much fuss is to invest in a good quality bedroom heater. Just close the door a few minutes before sleep and turn up the heater.

Is sleeping next to a radiator bad?

Sleeping too close to a radiator has some potential to harm you. For instance, you could unintentionally burn your hand by touching a hot radiator or even roll over and burn yourself if you are one to move frequently during sleep. 

If your radiator is too hot and you sleep right next to it, you could get a headache from overheating or even fry a strand of hair or two.

Do room heaters reduce oxygen?

Yes, room heaters reduce oxygen in the air. They use oxygen to burn fuel and produce heat energy. This can deplete oxygen and reduce humidity levels in the room. However, there are ways to reap the benefits of room heaters without risking your health. And we're discussing that in the later section.

Can electric heaters catch fire if you leave them on overnight?

While any responsible person can safely use and benefit from an electric heater, they pose some risk. Electric heaters are a leading cause of fires in many homes. If you leave it overnight, there is some risk that it can cause fire when a nearby flammable substance gets ignited. 

What precautions should I take while using a bedroom heater?

 To ensure that your bedroom heater doesn’t harm your health or cause an accident, here are a few precautions you can take. 

  • Place a bowl of water in your room. The water will help balance moisture levels in the air.
  • Keep your room well-ventilated to avoid the accumulation of pollutants in the room. 
  • Keep the temperature of your room at a reasonable degree and avoid overheating it. 
  • Turn off the heater when you feel ready to sleep.

Finally, have your heater serviced at least twice a year. Malfunctioning parts of some heaters can emit too much carbon monoxide.

Now, let’s get on with our next four top picks.

De’Longhi portable convection heater

This portable convection heater is perfect for those who want to heat a bigger room. It comes with three heat level settings, i.e., 750W, 1250W, and 2000W.  This heater has a clean and compact design and can be free-standing or mounted on the wall. 

Choose if:

You want a mountable heater to save space and to keep the heater away from pets and children.


  • Safety thermostat with anti-frost function 
  • Overheating thermal cut-off
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Lightweight


  • Simple and plain design

Heller electric air heat blower

This electric air heat blower is fan-assisted and comes with an adjustable thermostat. With two heat settings at 1000W and 2000W, it is great to warm yourself at home or outdoors camping. For the price, this small heater is quite efficient and decent.

Choose if:

You want to take it travelling or for outdoor camping.


  • Very affordable
  • Great for heating small spaces
  • Overheat protection
  • One year warranty


  • The safety switch is a bit short and needs some adjustment.

Devanti electric ceramic tower heater

An outstanding slim tower heater with three modes, this fantastic product from Devanti does its job efficiently. The adjustable thermostat can set a wide range of temperatures from 10o C to 49oC. You can operate the digital control panel via a remote, which makes this heater more convenient.

Choose if:

You are looking for a visually appealing model to complement your modern homes.


  • Attractive design and space-saving
  • 8-hour timer
  • Touchscreen panel with remote control


  • Generates a bit of noise
  • Expensive

De’Longhi radia s oil column heater

If you need to heat large rooms at a constant temperature, the De'Longhi Radia S Column heater may be the right choice. It provides additional heat, doesn't need installation, and is energy efficient. Its modern style, coupled with digital technology and ECO function, makes it a suitable option for anyone looking for an oil heater. 

Choose if:

You need a heater for a larger space or if your house has bigger rooms that need a constant supply of heat.


  • 24 hours digital timer and control panel
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Portability with carrying handle and wheels
  • 3-7 years warranty on the brand products


  • Loud clicking noise when the switch turns on and off
  • The timer is less flexible