The selection and purchase of bed frames can be a pretty tedious task because most people buy with the intention of using one for life or, at least, several years. As a result, they often spend multiple hours, days, or maybe even weeks trying to decide which is best by looking at several mind-numbing factors. 

Besides the need for longevity, people also need their bed frames to offer excellent support for their bed and improve their sleep quality while being easy on the eyes. All these and more cause the confusion that many purchasers feel in the market.

If you can relate to any of the issues above, it’s understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed by the whole process. But, you needn’t worry. We have reviewed bed frames from Dusk & Dawn and provided some of their best products in this article. 

Top 3 Dusk&Dawn Bed Frames

This article reviews the top three Dusk&Dawn bed frames. This brand is famous for best-selling mattresses in Australia. Moreover, they have launched their bed frame range which provides the perfect base for a mattress. 

1. Liquorice Bedhead & Base

Dusk&Dawn, Australia, has made a premium quality bedhead and base. The bedhead features stylish vertical panels. Moreover, you can customise it to have only a plane bedhead without vertical panels.

The vertical panels have been carefully upholstered in Warwick Manissa Liquorice fabric. Moreover, they have been screwed individually to give a premium and luxurious finish. The slimline base with Liquorice bedhead has matching fabric. The recessed designer legs in black provide a contemporary and elegant look. 

The queen-size and double-size bed is available with a single base, whereas the king-size beds have a split base with ten legs.

Following are the prices of available sizes on Dusk&Dawn bed frames:

  • Single = $1,499
  • Long Single =  $1,499
  • King Single =  $1,549
  • Double = $1,599
  • Queen = $1,699
  • King = $1,999
  • Super King = $2,099

2. Slate Bedhead & Base

Dusk&Dawn bedhead & base features a stylish plain bedhead that has been upholstered in slate fabric. Moreover, all parts of this bed frame are individually screwed together to give a classy and modern finish. 

Furthermore, they produced the base with matching fabric and recessed designer legs. These legs are made of natural timber and the finishing results in a timeless look.

In addition, you can customise the bed with a plain or panel headboard according to your need. 

Moreover, while taking about the base of Slate Bedhead & Base is available in a single form for double and queen-sized beds. At the same time, the king-sized beds have two bases with ten legs.

The pricing details of the Slate Bedhead & Base are following:

  • Single = $849
  • Long Single = $849
  • King Single = $899
  • Double =  $949
  • Queen = $999
  • King = $1,299
  • Super King = $1,399

3. Bases

Dusk&Dawn provides the best variety of bed frames along with mattresses. Bases is one of their premium quality beds. They have made Bases with top-quality tapered timber legs. 

Bases is available in slate colour fabric or Warwick Manissa Liquorice fabric. Moreover, the queen-size and double-size bed has a single base, and the king-size has two bases. A single base is split into two with ten legs in the king-sized Bases. 

However, you must buy it with the mattress to give it a complete look. In addition, you can also buy a complete bedhead and base combination to make it a complete bed.

The pricing details for Bases are the following:

  • Single = $349
  • Long Single = $349
  • King Single = $349
  • Double = $399
  • Queen = $449
  • King = $699
  • Super King = $749

Shipping Services and Return Policy

Dusk&Dawn Bed Frames are shipping bed frames free in metro areas of Australia. However, for regional areas, the shipping fee is $250. Moreover, custom-made beds take an extra 2-3 weeks for delivery. The accurate delivery time depends on your area and order. 

Furthermore, they also offer a 100-night comfort guarantee. If you don’t like sleeping on the product, you can return it within 30 to 100 days of purchase and ask for a refund. However, they will minus the $250 amount for shipping. 

They ask you to go through their  1 Comfort change according to their Comfort Guarantee policy. Then if you are still not happy with the product, you can return it to the manufacturer.

Payment Methods

Dusk&Dawn has different payment methods, such as afterpay, Gpay, PayPal, etc. Moreover, you can also pay with your visa or mastercard. All these payments are acceptable at Dusk&Dawn for bed frames and mattresses.

In addition, if you want to pay in installments, they provide you with two options, afterpay and ZIP. You have to pay $212.25 in four interest-free payments through afterpay. Whereas through ZIP, you can pay $10 per week.

Retail Stores

Dusk&Dawn, Australia, does not have any retail stores or sell its products to any retailer. They sell purely online as the physical store doubles the price, and retailers will sell the products after keeping their margins. Therefore, you should always buy from their official website. 

Moreover, along with bed frames, Dusk&Dawn sells various other products, including mattresses, bed linings such as silk pillows, etc. They are famous for their premium quality mattresses, but if you want to buy a bed frame, Dusk&Dawn will not disappoint you. They don’t compromise on the quality of their products.


Dusk&Dawn is a famous bed frame and mattress brand. They have made their place in the furnishing market by selling premium products. Therefore, you can buy their products without giving a second thought to questioning their quality and services.

Moreover, they have a variety of bed frames, and the top three are Liquorice Bedhead & Base, Slate Bedhead & Base, and Bases. These bed frames come in different sizes, including the queen, king, king single, super king, double, single, and long. You can visit their website for the actual measurements of each size. 

In addition, they provide free shipping to the metro areas in Australia, and for remote areas, they cost a $250 shipping fee. Moreover, they only sell online and do not sell their products to retailers, or you won’t find their retail stores.

Dusk&Dawn bed frames and mattresses provide quality products with a 100-night comfort policy to satisfy their customers to every extent.