Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider when choosing a white noise machine 

If you are not familiar with white noise machines, purchasing one can be a problem. But if you look for the right questions, it becomes easier. Here are the questions to consider before you proceed to buy one. 

What sound types can you get from a White Noise Machine?

White Noise Machines are capable of producing a wide range of sounds. Depending on the product, you can get white noise, pink noise, brown noise, soothing rain, waves, lullabies, heartbeats, etc. 

Can you control the volume on the devices?

Yes. The White Noise Machines come with adjustable volume features, and you can set them according to your liking.

What is Smart Home Integration?

Most of the White Noise Machines have Smart Home Integration features. You can also get one with Alexa, and you can give commands to choose the type of sound you want, the duration, volume, etc.

What designs are available for White Noise Machines?

By design, White Noise Machines are compact and portable. You can get them in oval shapes, round shapes, or in the form of toys for your baby.

Are there timer options?

Yes, there are timer options on the White Noise Machines. Depending on the product, the options vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Echo Dot Smart Speaker (3rd Gen)

The Smart Speaker by Echo Dot, which comes with Alexa, is another excellent product. It is one of the most popular voice control speakers available in the market because of its power-packed features. It's convenient to use, and you can give your commands to Alexa to play almost anything, including white noises. All you have to do is ask Alexa to play white noise, and it will keep playing until you say stop. But you can also manage the time settings by giving the command on how long you want the white noise to loop. 


  • The device is more than just a White Noise machine 
  • You can use up to ten hours with no sound gaps


  • No option for USB
  • It does not come with an auxiliary cable 

White Noise Machine by Dreamegg

The White Noise Machine by Dreamegg is another excellent product. It comes fully featured with twenty-four sound options like rain, fan noise, white noise, pink noise, etc. The product is ideal for babies because it has light options on night mode, and you can play lullabies for the baby. Apart from that, the product also works excellent as noise cancellation devices at home or office. The best feature is perhaps the memory function of the device. It remembers the previously selected sounds, so you don't have to keep browsing.


  • Compact, portable and affordable  
  • Adjustable timer and headphone jack options


  • The product does not come with a power adapter 
  • Some of the sound loops are short 

Sound Machine and Night Light by Sleepmac

As the name suggests, this white noise machine is for babies. You get 36 sound options; 14 nature sounds, eight baby soothing sounds, seven fan noises, and seven white noises. The best feature is the night light options. The device has three buttons to control the night lights, and you can choose from 8 colors or mix them up. There is also a feature called the 'breathing light option' where the lights gradually dim and helps your baby sleep. All these features are adjustable, and it also has timer options that you can set according to your needs. 


  • Excellent battery performance with up to 12 hours 
  • Portable and excellent customer services offered


  • The product does not come with an adapter 
  • It does not have a battery usage indicator 

Baby Soother Toy White Noise Machine

Finally, if you are looking for a White Noise Machine for your baby, the Baby Soother Toy is an excellent product. The product comes in the shape of a toy elephant that is small enough for your baby to play with. It's soft and safe for the baby, and the product comes with ten soothing sounds, including white noise. The best thing about this product is the light features. It has a built-in projector that displays galaxy lights at night and can keep your baby calm. The device also has an automatic switch-off feature and sleeps after 30 minutes.


  • It comes with screwdrivers and batteries during the purchase
  • Portable and easy to wash 


  • The lights and music plays for only 30 minutes
  • Built quality does not look premium