Wondering what would be the ideal bed to have in limited space, such as studio apartments or the children's bedrooms?

While most people may opt for bunk beds in a one-room apartment with less floor space, it may not prove comfortable. Needless to say, if you don't get to sleep well, you are more likely to wake up feeling tired and cranky.

You wouldn't want that, considering you need to be productive at work. That's why for sound sleep, may we recommend choosing a wall bed over a bunk bed?

They help save space, are comfortable, and often come with a compatible mattress, making them worth the investment. If you want to know more about experiencing the comfort of a traditional bed on modern murphy beds, read the following guide.

5 Best Wall Beds

1. Palermo Queen Size Bed

The Palermo Queen Size Bed is the ideal furniture if you have a spare bedroom. For instance, if you have a home office, simply fold the bed into the wall to increase the living space.

At night you can lower the bed to have a relaxing time. As a result, some people find that making it an extra bed for the guest room is helpful.

Now, all that pushing and pulling may have got you worried but rest assured, it is easy to use. You will find that it features high-quality slats complete with a steel and powder-coated construction for added durability.

We also know that you might be wondering what mattress to use with it. Since it is a queen bed, we recommend going with the queen-size memory foam mattress. This may deliver supreme comfort, allowing you to get a goodnight's sleep and wake up feeling energised.

Speaking of goodnight's sleep, we found that it can support 200kgs, ensuring that it's perfect for most individuals. But that does not mean it's difficult to maneuver, thanks to its piston movement and load-bearing capacity.

This gives it the edge over regular sofa beds without compromising on its space-saving attributes.

Bonus Features

It comes with several bonus features, the most noteworthy among which is its money-back policy. Unsatisfied consumers can return the bed within 30 days of making the purchase as the brand offers a "no questions asked" refund policy.

The bed also has a warranty period to protect buyers from damage and repair costs. This is part of its customer satisfaction program that ensures people have a smooth experience.

Another interesting feature is that the bed comes with safety features due to which the legs automatically fold when raised and fall down slowly when you lower it.


It is ideal for small spaces and measures 28cm from the bed frame to the floor. Meaning, you don't need to compromise on valuable floor space and can use a 20cm high memory foam mattress for maximum comfort.

2. Hidden Vertical Tilting Bed

Suppose you have less vertical space in the room and find it difficult to accommodate a wall bed; what do you do? One option is to purchase a hidden vertical tilting bed for maximum space saving without compromising on comfort.

Compared to loft beds, this premium-quality model is available in a custom design, proving an elegant addition to the bedroom. It's extremely easy to operate, thanks to the brand's 3D render, which is why most people also install it in guest rooms.

Moving on, it features a multi-purpose construction and has two air pistons on either side of the bed. As a result, lowering and raising it is easy compared to most murphy beds. Not to mention, the task of making the bed becomes safer.

Also, the manufacturers have included a compatible mattress, thereby reducing the total cost of the purchase. Needless to say, the mattress forms a comfortable fit and provides much-needed stability with the support of the torsion MDF boards.

The boards measure 40mm and 50mm, respectively, complete with PVC edging and melamine. Hence, the bed offers fantastic durability and may last a long time.

Bonus Features

Speaking of long-lasting, the brand offers a five-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, it even sends over professionals to help with installation so that you can use the bed within hours of receiving the package.

How is this possible? At the time of purchasing, the company asks for measurements of the room and photos. Consequently, it uses the data to develop a 3D design of the area to show how the bed will look while providing space optimisation tips.

Moreover, the package includes flat-pack furniture so that you don't have to spend extra on interior decor.


It measures 1,700mm in length and 2,030mm in height, ensuring that there is enough room irrespective of your sleeping habits. Also, the PVC edging is 2mm wide and features cutting-edge technology, making it more popular than standard murphy beds.

3. Murphy Horizontal Tilting Bed

We have already discussed the benefits of a vertical wall bed, so let's look at how horizontal murphy beds are different. Despite their shape, horizontal beds help in saving space while allowing you to lower them with minimum effort.

Moreover, you can save space on the wall and the floor, leaving enough surface area for bedroom decor. Understandably, it looks extremely beautiful and is the ideal furniture if you need a spare bed.

But along with a bed, you also need a mattress which is why the brand includes one free of charge. It is a double mattress that offers enough space and comfort even if you are in the habit of tossing and turning in bed.

Moving on, you can choose different colour combinations, such as the darker grey colour on the front and a lighter white on the frame. This will create an interesting contrast, adding to the aesthetic appeal of most rooms.

We were especially pleased by the fact that compared to standard murphy bed designs, this model uses state-of-the-art technology, making it easy to use. When you lower the wall bed, the pistons on each side ensure that it comes down in one smooth motion. This further reduces the chances of accidents to keep you safe.

Bonus Features

It guarantees durability due to its amazing torsion and MDF boards that hold the mattress in place. This may prevent slipping, allowing you to relax and rest for extended periods without any difficulty. Moreover, the PVC and melamine construction ensures that the bed can withstand much body weight, meaning the mattress may not lose its shape.

Now, it comes with a murphy bed kit for installation; however, you can contact customer service in case of any difficulty.

But are you worried about whether the bed will fit in the bedroom?  If yes, you will be pleased to know that the brand offers a 3D representation of the bed with all the furniture so that it does not look out of place.


When lowered the bed measures to 2,122 x 1,418 x 1,325mm but the dimensions decrease to 2,122 x 396 x 1,325mm when you fold it. Thus, you can well understand the efficiency of the construction.

4. Alpha Murphy Bed

Even if you purchase a wall bed, you should not compromise on the regular bedroom features. That's why one of the best murphy beds on the market is the alpha model, which has provisions for a desktop and side bookcases.

We are talking about a studio desk that is available in either black or white. Similarly, the bookcase is easy to install and will make for a wonderful addition.

It also comes with a DIY installation kit, ensuring that you can set it up quickly without any hassle. And once the bed is ready, you will find two handles to lower and raise it when needed.

Other than that, its solid construction may withstand heavy use to make sure that it's worth the investment. Meaning, you will not have to worry about the mechanism deteriorating after a couple of months.

However, you will have to purchase the mattress separately, but due to its 30mm pocket spring, you can opt for foam mattresses. The springs prevent the mattress from losing its shape and can bear substantial weight, making this cabinet bed stand out.

Bonus Features

Unlike a sofa bed, you can take this model with you even if you decide to change apartments. It is easy to unassemble the cabinet and the bed frame, which makes it a portable option.

Along with that, the manufacturers offer an exclusive warranty on different parts like the steel frame and springs. While the former comes under a lifetime warranty, the brand protects the latter with a seven-year warranty.

Further adding to customer satisfaction is a comprehensive DIY installation guide, allowing you to fit the cabinet easily. All you need to do is follow the instructions and attach the L brackets to the wall with wooden screws.


Considering the dimensions of the bed, cabinet, and double mattress, you will need an area of 1,505 x 2,087 x 410mm. But when you lower the bed, the size increases to 2,150mm wide, so make sure that you plan accordingly.

5. Fold-Down Murphy Bed

When it comes to murphy beds, fold-down models are often the go-to choice for people looking to utilise their living space. Also known as a pull-down bed, this unit comes with accompanying furniture and cabinets, making it ideal for most homes.

The manufacturers have used a custom design whereby the wooden slats have a curved shape. Hence, they can support even heavy hybrid mattresses for maximum comfort.

Moreover, the designers have treated the slats with steam, owing to which they radiate with a brightness. Naturally, the bed looks good in any space, adding a touch of glamour to the interior decor.

In fact, a closer look reveals that the frame contains a powder-coated industrial finish to reduce wear and tear in high traffic areas. You can attach it to the floor with a few screws or to the base of the wall, which may help balance the bed.

More importantly, the durable construction may keep the different parts in top shape despite regularly lowering and folding the bed. This is because it comes with tooled inserts within the mainframe complemented by the tubular steel construction.

That said, it does not impact the weight of the model, remaining lightweight and maneuverable.

Bonus Features

You will find that it has a concealed spring system that provides excellent balance with foldable mattresses. Consumers can add or remove springs as per their needs, ensuring that it delivers supreme comfort irrespective of their body weight or sleeping habit.

Also, you don't need to lower two beds simultaneously as the automatic leg extension provides safety. In other words, handling it is convenient, thereby making it suitable for guest rooms.

What's more, it's portable, and buyers can take the bed if they plan on shifting to a new home. The designers have made sure that the frame is removable for smooth assembly.


There are three options for buyers to choose from - queen beds, single beds, and double beds. The former is the largest and measures 2,145 x 1,1510 x 400mm while the single bed is around 2,035 x 910 x 400mm in size.

Summing It Up!

Are you confident that you can now choose the best wall bed for your needs?

Whenever in doubt, refer to our guide to clarify the different types of beds available on the Australian market. And think about how you'd want to utilise the room to determine the size of the bed.

Another crucial factor is whether adults or kids would be using the bed as you would need to choose a suitable mattress to bear their weight. On that note, we will leave you with your thoughts.

Let's catch up soon and discuss more ways to improve your lifestyle. Bye!