7 Best Bed Frames

1. Emma Box Bed

The Emma Box Bed features a polyester upholstered frame that has been designed to provide users with optimum comfort. Its metal frame is integrated with the brand's patented "FlexiSlats" for ultimate pressure relief and breathability with regular use.

Not only that, but the headboard also has lush padding that helps relax your head and back. This model is available in 5 different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your master bedroom or guest room. However, it isn't the most affordable option on the market.

2. Zinus Ironline Bed Frame

If you're on the hunt for a robust metal bed frame, then the Zinus Iroline Bed Frame maybe your ideal match. It's basically made from a combination of solid wood and tubular steel that accounts for the durability of the frame. Moreover, the corners are laser-welded to ensure better support for the mattresses.

We also liked how the adequately spaced slats facilitate a solid foundation for the mattress. Plus, there's a  pine finished wooden headboard that accentuates the overall frame. But the low height may not be comfortable for people with mobility issues.

3. Emma Wooden Bed

This stylish eco-friendly, FSC-certified pine wood bed frame has a clean, traditional design that adds a sense of cosiness to any room. Although it's a wooden frame, it's also equipped with metal slats and additional leg supports for a more ergonomic, sturdy base to ensure even pressure distribution, alignment of your spine, and free airflow. 


  • Timeless design
  • Assembly is completely tool-free
  • Metal frame provides sturdy support
  • Anti-slip base for any mattress
  • Pine wood sourced sustainably


  • The storage draws are an extra

The draws are very sleek and are a great additional option if you need the extra storage. To keep all your important items accessible, this product has a ledge. So, You're in luck if you check your phone in the morning. 

Fast assembly. A step-by-step instruction booklet is included with the bed frame, so you'll know exactly what goes where. The bed frame is delivered in three boxes (+1 box if you choose underbed storage). No tools are required for assembly, and it should take about 30 minutes.

To top it off, you get a 5-year guarantee and it’s OEKO-Tex® 100, and FSC-Certified.

3. Zinus Adjustable Smart Base

As the name suggests, this unit from Zinus is an adjustable bed frame that supports several positions or angles according to user requirements.

It's equipped with a remote control that takes care of independent positioning of the foot and headboard, which will especially help users suffering from back pain or arthritis. But we did take some time to figure out the buttons and their corresponding changes.

Besides, this heavy-duty and noise-free steel frame is compatible with any low to medium profile spring (like the innerspring mattress) or memory foam mattress.

4. Artiss Timber Bed Base

Sporting a high-end design backed by a wood and metal construction, the Artiss timber bed base has an arched slat frame that keeps your mattress in the right shape for years to come.

The wooden base has a gas lift mechanism that conceals a spacious storage compartment without affecting the mattress foundation. That said, you may require additional help to push it down.

Other than that, it has a high-quality linen upholstery with padded foam and a tufted, upholstered headboard that makes for a mid century modern appearance.

5. Koala Timber Bed Base

Next up, we have the Koala Timber Bed Base, which makes for one of the best platform bed frames for different bed sizes. In fact, it renders a unique "floating" appearance that's bound to amp up the look of your room.

Made from natural timber, it employs a honeycomb core that enables this platform bed frame to hold up to 600 pounds without losing stability. Besides, it has some space behind the headboard that acts as extra storage.

Thanks to its lightweight design, portability and installation won't make you strain your nerves. However, it's more suitable with only memory foam mattresses.

6. The Sunrise Frame

One of our top recommendations is Noa Home's Sunrise bed wood frame, sporting a minimalist look that suits most homes. Plus, the stunning pure white lacquer finish adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom decor.

It's made from FSC certified MDF (medium-density board) that's both affordable and durable. The curved wooden slats have a smooth contour that provides the right amount of bounce for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Moreover, assembling this sturdy frame won't require much time or effort. But some people may find it difficult to get out of bed since the frame is only 31 cm high.


1.Is A Bed Base Better Than A Bed Frame?

Honestly, there's no one fixed answer to this question as the choice depends on user preferences. While a bed base is ideal for people who like having a taller bed with adequate mattress support for prolonged periods, a bed frame provides a low yet solid mattress foundation.

Moreover, bed bases are more compact and affordable than bed frames, but the latter comes in a variety of styles and sizes. No matter which option you opt for, ensure that it's compatible with the mattress you use.

2. Does It Matter What Bed Base You Have?

Since the bed base will hold the mattress in place, it's crucial to invest in one that doesn't cause the mattress to sag or bend with regular use. Here, you should always go through the product description to see if it can hold the required weight and desired mattress type.

At the same time, a good bed frame should promote enough air circulation to prevent mould and mildew formation. Remember that a poor bed base can ruin comfort even when you're sleeping on the most expensive mattress.

3. Do Slat Beds Ruin Mattresses?

In ideal conditions, a slat bed promotes even weight distribution throughout the frame and prevents the mattress from sagging. But if the distance between the slats is more than 3 inches or they aren't fixed securely to the edges of the frame, then the mattress may get damaged.

4. What Is The Point Of A Bed Base?

A good bed base can enhance the longevity and durability of the mattress while providing users with maximum comfort.

Most bed frames (including adjustable bed frames) have a flat surface so that the mattress sits firmly in place even with constant turning and tossing around by users. Plus, they can support the stress points of the body to alleviate pain and discomfort while sleeping.

5. Is It Bad To Sleep Without A Bed Frame?

Although there's no strict rule in this regard, even a quality standard bed frame can be a good way to provide the entire mattress with extra support to prolong its service life.

Furthermore, it can keep the mattress from moving around with movement, ultimately resulting in better comfort. Many bed frames can also double as storage beds, which is a bonus.

Final Verdict

That's it from us for today. When it comes to picking a mattress base, there's no right or wrong as long as your preferred choice fits the space and keeps your mattress secure.

For instance, the Signature Frame provides users with some much-needed bounce, while the Koala Timber Bed Base has a heavy-duty load-bearing capacity. So, make sure you consider your requirements before buying one.

We will now take your leave. Till the next time!