Did you know tennis elbow symptoms, such as muscle pain, swelling, and tenderness, worsen at night when there’s insufficient support around the area?

Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis) is the inflammation and irritation of the tissues around the elbow. The most common cause leading to this condition is the overuse and repetitive motions of the arm and wrist. This, in turn, affects the tendon that connects the elbow to the entire arm. People with this condition have a hard time moving their arms or carrying any heavy object due to tendon inflammation.

Even though the pain can be reduced through medication and physiotherapy, your tennis elbow can become particularly painful at night when you’re trying to sleep. However, you can tackle this issue by wearing a tennis elbow brace that provides compression and support to the affected area.

So, we will review the best braces for tennis elbow support for sleeping to help you enjoy uninterrupted, comfortable sleep!

5 Best Tennis Elbow Braces (Review)

1. CAMBIVO Tennis Elbow Brace

This tennis elbow sleeve resolves several muscle and tendon-related issues, such as tendonitis, golf elbow, tennis elbow, inflammation, etc., with its compression that helps improve blood circulation. With its measured support and padding, this tennis elbow brace allows you to perform rigorous activities, workouts, and even daily repetitive movements like typing. And since it reduces elbow fatigue, it is an ideal support solution for workers, cooks, and powerlifters whose work involves a lot of hand movements.

Made from non-slip and high-quality materials, CAMBIVO’s elbow brace helps you function efficiently all day without worrying about discomfort. Such durable materials, coupled with their 360-degree stretchability, allows you to utilise the brace during sleeping when there’s a high chance of slippage and tear. Moreover, this brace comes in a pack of two, and you can choose from five colours!


This tennis elbow brace from CAMBIVO often has a size problem. So, you should order two sizes larger than your requirement.


Its well-adjusted compression and support help improve blood circulation and inflammation, making the CAMBIVO elbow brace a high-rated product. Besides, the high-quality and flexible material allows you to perform repetitive arm movements as well as rest and heal your elbow with its support.

2. COPPER HEAL Elbow Compression Sleeve

COPPER HEAL’s elbow sleeve helps relieve pain and muscle stiffness to tackle severe osteopathic issues such as arthritis, osteoporosis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, etc. Its mild compression produces warmth around the affected area, promoting blood circulation and initiating tendon healing. Notably, this manufacturer has patented a high-quality copper nylon material for elbow braces and sleeves to reduce pain effectively.

Furthermore, this copper-infused material works as an anti-bacterial solution that can kill almost 99.99% of germs even after washing it 40 times. On top of that, copper is a good conductor, so it helps spread warmth throughout your muscles and tendons to stabilise the pain and reduce swelling at the micro level. Finally, its comfortable and unisex design makes it ideal for regular use, so you can wear it all day long and finish your work!


This lightweight elbow sleeve can be too thin for people who prefer high-density padding or cushioning.


COPPER HEAL’s elbow sleeve is highly-functional and hygienic thanks to its antibacterial properties and supportive compression. Since the manufacturer dotes on their quality products, they’ll give you a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the quality and performance.

3. Bracoo Elbow Brace

This reversible support wrap from Bracoo provides a four-way stretch to balance dynamic and firm compression. Such a versatile stretching ability fully supports your elbow joints to help them remain in a neutral position without restricting movement. Moreover, its full-adjustable straps can help you achieve the right comfort and closeness. Thus, it can fit various body shapes.

Moving on, this elbow brace provides sufficient support for strenuous and vigorous activities such as exercise and weightlifting and also helps you heal from serious injury. Plus, its highly-breathable neoprene material has tiny perforations that help reduce moisture buildup, odour, and irritation. So, you can wear it while sleeping without worrying about hygiene issues or itchiness. 


Some customers find it difficult to put the straps together and adjust the tightness. So, if you want to avoid a complicated application, go for a sleeve instead. 


Ideal for injury recovery and support during strenuous activities, the Bracoo Elbow Brace provides the right balance of compression and adjustability. Unlike braces that prevent airflow when used for a long time, this product promotes air circulation with its breathable design.

4. Elbow Support Brace Compression Sleeve

This product from the AZengear brand provides fast pain relief and immediate support for severe cases of tennis elbow, joint inflammation, and soreness. It keeps your joints warm with its compression and heat-trapping ability to combat the symptoms while improving blood circulation throughout your arm. Moreover, its ergonomic design can fit different joint sizes without causing wear and tear due to overstretching.

You can wear this lightweight and breathable brace under your clothes since it is made from comfortable materials that do not slip under pressure. Besides, its nylon-polyester-elastic mix applies even pressure throughout your joints, preventing itchiness and irritation common to neoprene braces. The brand also provides timely support and quality assurance for its elbow support sleeve.


Since its material is more elastic and flexible, you’ll need to size up by at least two sizes, otherwise, it can be quite tight.


This unisex elbow support brace from AZengear is designed to provide fast pain relief and balanced compression to heal your joints and tendons. Its soft, lightweight, and breathable material is another plus, making it ideal for regular use, especially during sleeping, for joint stability.

5. VITTO Elbow Support Brace

Ideal for tennis elbow treatment, ligament damage, strains, and sprains, this elbow brace from VITTO provides compression support and minimises movement in the affected area. Moreover, its 3D compression knit allows wide flexibility while maintaining your elbow in a neutral position. This technology caters to various joint sizes and shapes and helps the brace to mould itself over your natural joint curve.

Made from semi-permeable and breathable fabric, this elbow support brace helps release sweat and keeps you comfortable, especially during strenuous workouts and sleep. Such lightweight and moisture-releasing material also prevents hygiene and skin problems like rashes, dirt build-up, bad odour, etc. Plus, it comes in a unique bi-colour design, matching most of your workout gear and basic clothes.


These elbow compression braces usually come in sizes larger than expected, so it’s best to size down while you order.


Specifically designed as activewear, the VITTO elbow support brace offers your elbow full support while healing from ligament or tendon injury. Besides preventing strains and sprains during your workout, this brace can also be worn at night to minimise elbow movement and relieve cramps and pain.


1. How Long Should You Wear A Tennis Elbow Brace?

There’s no hard and fast rule regarding how much time you should wear a tennis elbow brace daily. However, you must secure and brace your elbow for at least six weeks to heal lateral epicondylitis with compression and pressure.

2. Can You Wear An Elbow Brace All Day?

It is recommended to wear the elbow brace all day or at least during regular activities to avoid excess movement of your elbows. Moving the tendon attached to your elbow unnecessarily can aggravate the inflammation and pain, making it difficult to heal.

3. Can You Wear An Elbow Brace During Sleep?

It is highly recommended to wear an elbow brace during sleep since it’s highly likely that you’ll put unnecessary pressure on the joints, which can worsen the pain. So, it's best to cushion your tendon with an elbow brace to prevent the forearm muscles from fully contracting. Not only will this reduce pain and inflammation, but it also maintains proper alignment of your elbows to accelerate healing.

4. In What Position Should You Keep A Tennis Elbow?

If you’re wearing a brace during regular work or activity, it is recommended to relax all the muscles in your forearm and keep the arm down by the side. While sleeping, you should put a pillow under your elbow or forearm to prevent pressure on the affected tendon. 

Final Verdict

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis can be a really painful condition if it's not properly taken care of and compression is a crucial aspect of its treatment. As mentioned, a tennis elbow brace provides an ideal balance between support, compression, and warmth, thus accelerating the healing process.  

In this article, we’ve reviewed the five best tennis elbow braces for sleeping, which are available in Australia. And among these products, our top choice is the CAMBIVO Tennis Elbow Brace due to its balanced support and durable materials that help reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation.

With that, we’ll be signing off. Stick around for similar informational product reviews.

Take care!