Seldom do we think of upgrading our mattresses when purchasing pillows, weighted blankets, cosy throws and other bedroom essentials! 

Bottom line: it’s worth investing in a high-quality mattress– after all, you’ll sleep on it for a good number of years. But navigating the world of mattresses is daunting because of the tons of options, like memory foam, latex, springs, and coils, available in various firmness levels. 

A few companies go the extra mile to offer a generous in-home night trial period, but even then, how would you know which mattress you should opt for? To help you out, we’ve shortlisted the 5 best super king mattresses that deliver a restful slumber. 

5 Best Super King Mattress In Australia

1. Dusk & Dawn Premiere MK2

Premiere MK2 is one of the premium offerings from Dusk & Dawn, a renowned Australian brand that lulls sleepers to deep sleep with its advanced sleep technology. What makes it sit atop our list is the fact that the brand doesn’t compromise on quality, as it uses only premium materials in its construction. Starting with the topmost layer, it features a premium knit comfort-stretch fabric fused with a 3D mesh gusset for maximum breathability. 

Beneath it sits a dust-air and Eco-air technology layer whose thermo-regulation properties regulate your body temperature to help you sleep comfortably. It also has an Elasta-gel foam to relieve pressure and provide a plush sleeping surface. A-grade comfort foam is sandwiched between the premium and high-density foam to provide body-hugging comfort to sleepers. Also, thanks to the pocketed coil system, this super king mattress adapts to sleepers’ body shape for better support and minimises partner disturbance. 


Since each layer is made of high-quality materials, the brand sells this mattress at a premium. 


Anti-bacterial guard and Global GreenTag certified, this mattress is sold in three firmness levels and seven sizes, so there’s one for every Australian bed. What’s more, this no-sag mattress is shipped free of cost and comes with a 100-night comfort guarantee.

2. Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Offering a super-satisfying balance of support and comfort, the Newentor Hybrid Mattress earned a spot on our list because of its Certi-Pur-US certified foams. This mattress features a breathable, anti-bacterial carbon fibre cover that provides a hygienic sleeping environment. Underneath it rests an eco-friendly cotton pad with supportive yet soft memory foam for superior comfort. Not one but two high-elasticity foam layers have been added to the mattress to relieve pressure from deep compression areas. 

In addition, it has a pocket spring layer that features both soft and hard independent coils to offer complete body support and minimise motion transfer. With another support layer at the bottom, this mattress delivers exceptional support to the hips, shoulders and lower back. Finally comes the anti-slip bottom to ensure the mattress stays put, so you can sleep peacefully. 


This mattress is eligible for free delivery in mainland Australia, so people living in regional areas will have to pay extra to get it delivered to their doorstep. 


Offering excellent edge support, this mattress comes with premium bamboo charcoal fabric that absorbs odour and moisture, keeping you cool throughout the night. Available in four hardness levels and seven sizes, this super king mattress is backed by a 120-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. 

3. Ecosa Mattress

Coming in seven sizes, the Ecosa Mattress features only three layers, but, even then, this super king mattress doesn’t compromise on comfort or support. Infused with gel particles, its memory foam layer regulates the body temperature of sleepers, which makes it an excellent option for hot sleepers. An ergonomic support foam forms the second layer of the mattress that promotes spinal alignment and alleviates pressure points, so you won’t wake up with body aches. 

What’s more, ECO-Tex memory foam comprises the third layer of the mattress, which is bouncy yet highly durable. On the inside is a German microfilament technology cover that is waterproof to keep it safe from accidents. Also, it is resistant to dust mites, making it a safe option for hypoallergenic people. A Tencel cover envelopes the three layers of the mattress to promote airflow, which can also be unzipped for machine washing. 


Despite coming with adjustable firmness, some people find its softest configuration on the firm side. 


Packed with Certi-Pur-US certified foams, this super king mattress is a great choice for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis because it is hypoallergenic. This removable and washable cover mattress is further covered with a 120-night trial period and a 15-year limited warranty. 

4. Dusk & Dawn Signature MK2 

Firm, comfy and plush– the Signature MK2, like the Premiere MK2, is available in three firmness levels. Equipped with an independently encased pocket coil system, this mattress provides customised support by moulding to the body shape of sleepers and offers targeted relief. Those sleeping with a restless partner or pets will like this mattress because it dampens motion transfer.  

Atop it lies a five-zone mini pocket system that provides unrivalled comfort without compromising support. The brand has also added a premium comfort foam to this mattress to maximise airflow and regulate temperature. Moreover, thanks to the graphite comfort layer, this mattress keeps dust mites away from the sleep surface, while featuring Eco-Air comfort technology and premium dusk air technology for a luxurious sleeping experience. 


Much like the Premiere MK2, this mattress is a high-end super king mattress. 


Handcrafted by mattress makers, the Signature MK2 mattress is made of premium materials, and its Global GreenTag certificate testifies to the same. Not only does it come with a trial period of 120 nights, but a silk pillowcase is also supplied with this mattress. 

5. Newentor Hesperis Mattress

With a seven-zone body support and four hardness levels, the Newentor Hesperis Mattress offers excellent support from head to toe. What sets it apart is its adjustable memory foam layer to change the firmness levels from medium to firm as per your needs. Its Gel-Visco memory foam guarantees comfortable sleep by keeping you dry and cosy throughout the night. 

On top of that, its soft yet firm high-density Q-stretch foam promotes spinal alignment while providing adequate support to your body. As for the inside cover, it absorbs moisture well and is ultra-breathable to prevent bacteria and mites from breeding. Last but not least, its non-slip base adds to the durability of the mattress as it makes sure the mattress stays in place and doesn’t sag with regular usage. 


As it’s an adjustable foam mattress, the edge support of this mattress isn’t that great. 


Coconut charcoal cover, Certi-PUR-US certified foams, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX make the Newentor Hesperis Mattress one of the best super king mattresses. The brand also offers users a full refund during the 120-night trial period if the mattress fails to cater to your sleeping needs. 


Q1. How often should you change your mattress?

Typically, mattresses have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years if maintained properly. The lifespan of a mattress depends on the type and materials used in its construction, its weight and various other factors.

That said, let’s take a look at the signs indicating it’s time to dispose of your old mattress and bring home a new one. 

I. Mattress Has Mould

Liquid spills, poor room ventilation and high humidity, are a few causes that lead to the growth of mould in mattresses. While hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol can help you get rid of the microscopic fungi, you will have to dispose of your mattress if mould infestation is severe. 

Mould infestation in mattresses can lead to a host of respiratory issues, so upgrading to a new mattress would be the best bet. 

II. Dips And Craters In The Mattress

When a mattress has indentations and deep groves, it’s called a saggy mattress. Sleeping on a sagging mattress can cause severe back pains because of uneven spinal support. That means you’ll wake up with achy backs and sore necks every morning, which will hamper your productivity. 

So, if your mattress has developed a ridge or springs poke your back every night, you must order a new mattress to enjoy a restful slumber. 

III. Dust Mite Infestation

Dust mites are microscopic little critters that thrive in humid environments and feed on dead human flakes. And since there are a lot of dead human skin cells on mattresses, they settle on the surface. 

A mattress can have 100,000 to 10,000,000 million dust mites thriving inside it. When dust mites settle inside a mattress, you’re most likely to experience signs of asthma, including difficulty breathing and sneezing or develop red, itchy bumps in your body. While vacuuming your mattress may help to some extent, you will have to replace your mattress for sound sleep.

IV. Body Aches

Lumpy and bumpy mattresses are the main culprit behind your back, shoulders, and lower back aches. 

Look for bumps and lumps by running your hands all over the mattress, especially in those areas where you sleep. If you sleep on a lumpy mattress for a long time, you will suffer from chronic back pain. So, get rid of it as soon as you can, or it will cause pressure buildup in your neck and back as you sleep. 

Q2. What to look for when buying a super king mattress?

I. Firmness Level

Mattresses are available in four firmness levels– soft, medium, medium-firm and firm. Among the four options, medium and medium-firm options are much sought-after among homeowners. However, the firmness level you should opt for depends largely on your body type and sleeping position. 

Side sleepers should go for either soft or medium-firm options because they keep the spine aligned. However, if you’re a strict back sleeper or a combination sleeper, go for only a medium-firm option to prevent spinal misalignment. A firmer mattress would make for an excellent choice for stomach sleepers because it offers extra support while offering pressure relief. 

Heavyweight sleepers must opt for firmer mattresses, whereas softer mattresses are well-suited for lightweight sleepers. 

II. Warranty

The warranty period is another important factor that you must consider when opting for a mattress. High-quality mattresses come with a long warranty period, so you must go for ones that are covered with at least a 10-year warranty. 

III. Trial Period

Unless you sleep on a mattress for a few nights, you wouldn’t know if it’s ideal for your sleeping needs. The good news is that most brands offer a trial period between 90 and 365 nights. This way, you can sleep on the mattress for a considerable period and keep it or return, as per your needs.

Q3. How to make your mattress last long?

To enhance the longevity of your mattress, you should:

  • Vacuum your mattress every week to prevent allergens from thriving on the surface
  • Rotate or flip the mattress regularly 
  • Use a mattress protector to protect it against accidents and spills
  • Wash your bed sheets every week
  • Do not jump on the bed, or your mattress will wear out more quickly


With all the five options at your disposal, did you decide which one would be the right pick for your super king bed– still not?

Well, let us help you out by telling you about our favourites from the list. Undeniably, the Dusk & Dawn Premiere MK2 is our top pick because of the premium materials used in the construction and its thermo-regulation properties. 

The Newentor Hybrid Mattress is a close second because it offers excellent edge support and is stuffed with Certi-Pur-US certified foams, making it an excellent pick for allergy sufferers. Also, it’s reasonably priced, so you won’t have to spend much to upgrade to this mattress. 

Before you order a mattress, remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Just keep in mind your personal preferences, and we’re sure you’ll make an informed choice.