With the decreasing size of living spaces, people have started to look for furniture with built-in storage more than ever before.

One of the largest pieces of furniture present in our homes is the bed which takes up a lot of floor space. In smaller homes, people often find ways to utilise the space underneath beds to maximise the room available for storage.

Gradually, furniture designers have learned to integrate bed storage into the design to come up with storage beds. These beds usually have drawers or come with gas lift mechanisms, revealing an area that can be used as extra closet space. Hence, you don't need to purchase additional furniture and can declutter a small room. 

To help you choose the right storage bed, we have narrowed down some of the best options available on the market. Now, you can go ahead and pick which would be most suitable as your new bed. 

7 Best Product Reviews

1. Emma Storage Bed

The Emma Storage Bed is a stylish and practical choice for modern bedrooms, blending sleek design with ample storage. Constructed from durable materials for longevity and stability, this bed frame features integrated storage drawers to help declutter your space.

While assembly might be challenging for some, the payoff is a comfortable, supportive bed that enhances sleep quality and adds sophistication to your bedroom. Ideal for those seeking a blend of functionality and style, the Emma Storage Bed is a smart investment for a tidy and elegant bedroom.


Assembly Required: Some users may find the assembly process to be somewhat complex, requiring careful attention to instructions.


The Emma Storage Bed is an excellent choice for those looking for a blend of style, functionality, and durability. Its integrated storage drawers make it particularly appealing for optimizing bedroom space, while its robust construction promises lasting support. Despite the potential assembly challenge, the overall value and benefits make it a worthy investment for a more organized and elegant bedroom.

2. Artiss Avio Fabric Upholstered Bed Base With Storage Drawers

Enhance the look of your bedroom with this luxurious bed frame made of superior solid wood and reinforced with metal along with heavy-duty connectors for added stability. The highlight of this bed frame has to be the upholstered and thickly foam-padded tufted headboard that adds to its elegance. Plus, Artiss has added broad arched thick slats that provide strong centre support to add balance for greater weight capacity. 

Its discreet storage spaces are provided in the form of four large drawers placed on smooth casters letting you easily access them from underneath the bed. And the product is covered under a one-year warranty, so you can reach out to the brand if you come across some problem related to the bed frame. 


Some reviews stated that the headboard isn’t as tall as it seems in the product pictures.  


The additional storage space provided by the deep drawers is quite substantial, letting you keep seasonal linen or other belongings. We especially liked the arched slats of this bed frame as they hold up the mattress pretty well, along with keeping it fresh and dry throughout the year.

3. Levede Gas Lift Storage Bed Frame

The Levede bed is best known for its sturdy and robust gas lift that lets you access the functional storage space under the slats. You'll find a handle at the end of the bed, which makes raising the frame hassle-free. The arched wooden slats are also reinforced with metal to support and evenly distribute your weight. 

Furthermore, the headboard of this upholstered bed has been inspired by modern Scandinavian designs, and its luxury padding will make your sleeping experience more comfortable. We especially liked the detailing created by the button tufting, which makes this bed look more premium compared to what you pay for it. 


The light beige upholstery can gather dust easily, so you may need to frequently clean the cloth-covered surfaces.  


One of the best things about this storage bed has to be its superior construction done with premium wood and fabric. Plus, Levede packs this lightweight bed into a flat pack, making both handling and assembly fairly simple.

4. Artiss Toki Bed Frame With Gas Lift Storage

Would you prefer a more low-lying bed for your smaller bedroom? If yes, this platform queen bed from Artiss can be an excellent choice. Unlike the other beds we have suggested, this one lacks a headrest, which adds simplicity to your bedroom or studio apartment. What stood out to us was its solid wood frame with broad reinforced slats that help in evenly distributing your weight throughout the frame. 

Its gas lift lets you effortlessly raise the slat frame from the end of the bed, revealing enough room for storing your belongings. Moreover, this upholstered bed comes with sides covered in heavy foam padding and premium linen fabric resulting in a luxurious look. The edges and corners are also adequately covered, ensuring that you won't hurt yourself by accidentally bumping into them. 


While going through the reviews, we found that some people had a hard time assembling the bed and needed further assistance from the customer support team. 


This bed features all the essential qualities, including reinforced stability, high weight capacity, premium fabric upholstery with fine stitchwork, and substantial built-in storage space, among other things. We also appreciate that it's made with insect-resistant and rot-free wood to ensure durability.

5. Ikea SONGESAND Bed Frame With Two Storage Boxes

When it comes to buying furniture for small spaces, the foremost choice of many people is to visit an Ikea store. The SONGESAND sturdy bed frame has a no-fuss classic design with soft edges that will suit most decor themes. What’s more, the high legs of this bed leave enough space to accommodate the two spacious storage boxes to store your linens or clothes. 

These drawers fit neatly and stay flush against the side for a refined look. Moreover, the drawers underneath have been separated to make pulling them out easier - one narrow and one wide pattern. This storage bed also features galvanised steel mid beam and wood veneer slats which are efficient at holding up even thick mattresses.


Even though Ikea provides easy to understand instructions, you will still need to spend quite a bit of time assembling it and may even need help from another person. 


If you want a double-size storage bed with a design that fits well with most furniture around your room, then this one from Ikea would be a perfect choice. It is made from high-quality materials that are sustainable and environment-friendly, along with having much-needed durability to last for a long time.

6. E-Living Mia Wooden Bed Frame With Storage Drawers

If you're an admirer of plain wooden bed frames, you'll surely like this one from E-Living. It's a barn style bed with an "X" design on the headrest to make it appear rustic. The appeal of this bed is enhanced by its natural wood grain construction with fingerprints, swirls and patterns. 

You don't need to worry about hurting yourself on the edges or corners of this bed, as they have been rounded for safety. There are also two storage drawers on either side of the bed fitted with smooth wheels, making it perfect for smaller rooms. And the solid wooden slats of this bed frame are sturdy to provide proper support to the mattress and your body for a comfortable experience. 


You'll need to leave enough space surrounding the bed to access the pull-out drawers easily. 


This queen-size bed, with its solid wood construction and rustic design, makes the bedroom look more attractive, particularly when you have limited pieces of furniture. We also found the storage drawers to be quite smooth, and they fit seamlessly in the space underneath the bed without leaving awkward gaps.

7. Artiss LUMI LED Gas Lift Bed Frame

Tired of the same old designs available for beds? Artiss has successfully brought a change with its LUMI LED gas lift bed that can literally light up your room. You can control and customise the built-in LED with a handy remote included with the bed. This sleek and stylish bed is padded with comfortable high-density foam covered with high-quality PVC leather using fine stitching. 

Artiss has added a reinforced gas lift at the end of the bed that can be accessed for storage. There's enough space to store all your bedding essentials and much more. Plus, the strong steel frame and an arched slat base ensure the durability of this bed and provide a 300 kg weight capacity. The brand even offers a twelve-month warranty to help if there's anything wrong with the product. 


The LED lights can’t be dimmed when on flash or transition settings. 


The refreshing style of this upholstered bed is perfect for modern homes with limited space as it eliminates the need to install additional bedside lamps. Moreover, the easily accessible gas lift ensures that you can regularly use the storage space without hurting your back.


1. Is it worth getting a storage bed? 

Yes, if you're facing a space crunch in your bedroom or would like to have a bit more extra storage space, nothing can be better than a compatible bed frame. The hidden storage serves as the perfect place to store items that you might only need seasonally to create more space in the closets. 

These beds are even better for tiny homes where the additional storage can make up for the lack of closets. Furthermore, the bed frames used to design storage beds are often sturdier, thanks to wood and metal reinforcements. 

2. Which storage bed would be better, one with gas lifts or drawers? 

The two most common variants of storage beds include models with drawers and gas lifts. People are often divided in their opinions, and the final choice comes down to your convenience. 

If your bedroom allows you to have enough space around the bed, a model with drawers will work fine. But, in places with little to no room, the models with gas lifts come in handy as no further horizontal space is required. 

Having said that, storage beds with gas lifts can be a bit pricier, so your final choice may rest on the budget. 

3. Are storage beds comfortable? 

Yes, most storage beds can be quite comfortable if you choose a suitable mattress. To make the beds sturdier, the bed frames often have reinforced slats that help hold up a mattress easily. Hence, you won't need to worry about sagging as the weight is evenly distributed. 

To ensure sound sleep, you need to make sure that the bed frame is sturdy and well-balanced. Also, remember to follow the instructions properly while assembling the bed, as you don't want a piece of wobbly furniture that's squeaky and unpleasant. 

4. What are the essential features to look for while buying a storage bed? 

Even though it isn't hard to shop for a storage bed, you still need to check some of its features to ensure that it's a perfect fit for your bedroom. Here are some of the points to keep on your checklist to make a wise decision: 

A. Type Of Storage 

The most common storage beds either include drawers or have a gas lift with storage space under the slats. While the ones with drawers eliminate the need to lift the frame, they have lesser storage space than the latter variant. We suggest buying one with a gas lift if you need large storage for all your stuff. 

B. Size Of Bed

Another key aspect of choosing any bed would be its size. The prominent brands usually sell beds in single, double, queen, and king sizes. But, it's highly recommended to check their actual dimensions to ensure that the bed will fit in your room. And if you share your bed with someone, measure it to make sure that the bed would be comfortable for both. 

C. Sturdiness

No one likes to sleep in a bed that tends to cave in. One of the advantages of buying storage beds is that most of them come with reinforced slats and frames for durability. You should look for beds made with solid wood or reinforced with metal for stability. Also, try to find its weight capacity to be sure about the safety of using the bed. 


Before you purchase a storage bed, make sure to shortlist your primary requirements and expectations. Yes, it can help you save space in your home, but the style of a bed will determine the actual amount of storage that's available. 

Besides, as it's a big piece of furniture, the bed needs to look cohesive with the other things present around your home. Try going for a basic storage bed without many design elements for an uncluttered appearance if you're unsure. 

We also found that many people face challenges with assembling their beds. To simplify the process, carefully read the instruction manual provided by the brand before attaching the parts. If you still find it difficult, contact customer care for further help. 

Until next time, goodbye, and take care!