Steam cleaning is a very handy method for cleaning most household items, be it flooring, upholstery, or furniture. 

Cleaning a mattress using a traditional vacuum cleaner and then deep cleaning it with a scrubber and solution can be quite difficult for the average homeowner. You would also need to scrub the mattress with a baking soda and vinegar solution to remove tough stains. 

This process can be quite tricky, and you won’t be sure that you’ve managed to get all the dust mites and stains out of the mattress. With a multipurpose steam cleaner, however, you can expedite the process and efficiently remove stains and bed bugs. 

Besides, the steam pressure also helps in disinfection and ensures you have a clean and germ-free surface after every cleaning session. So, let’s look at some of the best handheld steam cleaners in Australia!

 5 Best Steam Cleaners (Review)

1. Kärcher steam cleaner sc 3 easyfix

This EasyFix steam cleaner from Karcher boasts a powerful 1-litre water tank capacity that can fill up within half a minute, leading to an increased steam output. Its steam mops and angular nozzles can reach the deepest crevices of your mattress to remove stains and kill bacteria. You can also use its automatic steam mop to clean windows, shower doors, and other hard surfaces.

Moreover, it can cover an area of up to 75 metre-square with a steam pressure of 3.5 bar. And you won’t need to unplug it to refill the water tank since it can be refilled while in use. Simply pour tap water into the tank using a measuring cup, and use it like a vacuum cleaner until all the stains are removed. You can also use the floor cleaning attachment to turn it into a floor cleaner, thereby saving additional costs in buying other equipment. 


The high-capacity water tanks and steam output make these handheld steam cleaners from Karcher quite expensive compared to others.


Karcher Steam Cleaner has an integrated descaling cartridge to prevent limescale buildup in the water tank, making it the best steam cleaner for long-term use. Moreover, its heavy steam output, round brush, jet nozzles, and lightweight design helps you clean your dirty mattress in a few minutes.

2. Eave handheld steam cleaner

With its continuous cleaning ability, this steam cleaning device can continuously produce steam for eight minutes, unlike other cleaners, which need to heat up every few seconds. It features a large water tank with a tank capacity of 450 ml - this way, there’ll be extra space for the steam after filling it to the suggested 250 ml level. You can also use this handheld mattress steam cleaner to clean pet mattresses, clothing, sofa, window cleaning, and floors.

This handheld steamer is powered by 1150 watts power, which is sufficient for producing high-pressure steam at 105 degrees Celsius. Moreover, its long cord and lightweight body allow you to make the best use of its steam power and clean your mattress without too many intervals. To help you angle the steam mop and target stubborn stains and grime, the brand provides accessories such as a nozzle with a brush, bendable extension, fabric steamer configuration, etc. 


This may not be able to kill bed bugs or dust mites since the temperature of the canister steam is not as high.


With its ergonomic design, constant steam pressure, and ten-piece accessory set, you can easily clean a dirty mattress in a short time. Simply fill the water tank with tap water, let it heat for just a few seconds, and clean the desired surface with its mop head - just like a vacuum cleaner!

3. Vytronix vy-stg01 portable handheld steam cleaner

Unlike cylinder steam cleaners, this compact and lightweight steam cleaner is convenient for effortless cleaning of various surfaces such as mattresses, upholstery, bathroom fixtures, kitchens, hard floors, etc. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning, this handheld cleaner will help you steam clean in minutes thanks to its 1000 W power. Moreover, its three-metre power cord allows deep cleaning for a longer time without continuously unplugging the handheld steamer.

This mattress cleaning steamer has an agile mop pad that efficiently shifts tough grease and stains in a matter of minutes. It also comes with nine attachments that help tackle various surfaces - simply install the right accessory and steam clean the most difficult spots. Lastly, it has a medium water tank with a 350 ml capacity with an easy-to-fill mechanism.


Some customers find the water tank on this multipurpose steam cleaner to be too small - so you would need to change the water inside more frequently.


Its lightweight design, 1000 W steam power, and agile steam mop make this product the best steam cleaner for daily cleaning. This steam cleaner has no extra, gimmicky features that aren’t required in cleaning chores, making it easy to operate even without an instruction manual. 

4. Bissell steamshot handheld steam cleaner

This versatile steam cleaner can deep clean most surfaces and remove dirt and stains with its cleaning power. Without using harmful chemicals, BISSELL’s SteamShot technology can control the amount of steam released through the steam mops thanks to the on-demand trigger. Moreover, its automatic steam mop can kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs with hot steam, allowing you to maintain optimal hygiene while you remove stains.

Its antibacterial ability and controlled steam release make this a popular cleaning equipment among carpet cleaners. What’s more, its 0.36-litre water tank capacity can hold enough tap or distilled water to produce continuous steam for steam cleaning. BISSELL also provides eight steam attachments, a measuring bag, and a storage bag to keep the accessories. Plus, this handheld steam cleaner comes in a beautiful titanium blue.


Since the brand doesn’t provide an instruction manual, it can be quite difficult for customers to figure out how to handle the steam cleaner.


BISSELL’s SteamShot Steam Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution, which is quite efficient due to its extra-long cord and UK complaint plug. And unlike most steam cleaners, this product has a two-year warranty and excellent customer service.

5. Maxkon 13-in-1 steam mop cleaner

This upholstery and carpet cleaner uses 1500 W Volt electric power to steam clean various surfaces and efficiently clean 99% of bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria. Unlike canister steam cleaners, this product can produce 30 minutes of continuous steam per water tank, which the mop head utilises to effectively clean and freshen up your mattress quickly. Thus, this steam mop cleaner is an eco-friendly solution to remove dirt and stains without using harsh chemicals. 

Moreover, you can steam clean anywhere in the room without having to unplug the appliance due to its five-metre-long power cord. With its additional 13 cleaning tools and attachments, you can clean more surfaces than other steam cleaners can typically handle. Such versatile steaming attachments allow you to use the cleaner for various purposes, including a garment steamer. It also comes with a large mop head and pad to expedite the steaming process.


This handheld steam cleaner is a little heavier than other types, such as canister steam cleaners, so it might be difficult to carry for too long. 


Not all steam cleaners provide 13 different steam cleaning tools to tackle your household cleaning chores, making this one of the best steam cleaners on the market. What’s more, its impressive 30-minute steam production allows you to clean your dirty mattress without many intervals, thus reducing the cleaning time.


1. What Happens During Steam Cleaning?

A steam cleaner forces steam onto the dirty surface, which is penetrated by the tiny molecules of steam. These molecules expand inside the surface, forcing out the dirt, allergens and grease. During this process, the steam also expels bacteria and other types of harmful pathogens, such as fleas and mould, resulting in a clean and sanitised surface.

2. Should You Steam Clean A Mattress?

Unlike other deep cleaning methods, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly and quick way to remove dust mites, stains, bacteria, etc., from porous surfaces like a mattress. This is because the high-temperature steam vapour penetrates the pores and removes the dirt while killing bacteria with heat. 

Different steam cleaners serve different functions. For example, a mattress steam cleaner can only be used for cleaning a mattress, while multipurpose ones can be used on any surface. You can also use a steam cleaner for hard surfaces - however, you need to check the product specifications for that. 

3. Does Steam Cleaning A Mattress Also Disinfect It?

Since the steam produced by the best steam cleaner usually reaches a temperature of 100- 121 degrees Celsius, it is quite effective in killing bacteria and germs. Compared to your traditional scrub cleaning, it is quicker and more efficient due to its continuous heat production. However, it takes time and patience to dry the mattress thoroughly after steam cleaning - if the mattress is not fully dry, there’s a higher risk of mould and bacteria growth.

4. How To Dry A Mattress After Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning does not leave behind too much water, but there might be enough moisture remaining deep inside the mattress. So, you would need to let the mattress dry out in a sunny spot for at least four hours. 

If you want to dry the mattress indoors due to bad weather or other inconvenience, open the windows and set up a fan. Setting up more than one fan will speed up the process. Moreover, you must ensure that the fans blow directly onto the mattress for faster results.

5. Can Steam Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs From Mattresses Effectively?

In ideal conditions, both adult bed bugs and their eggs die quickly at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Since steam can only form when the water reaches a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, its temperature is already beyond the killing point for bed bugs. That’s why handheld cleaners that use steam can kill any insect or rodent with high heat.

This is the reason why many mattress manufacturers actually recommend steam cleaning your mattress to increase its longevity and prevent decay.

7. Can Steaming Remove Grease From the Mattress?

Yes, steam cleaning can effectively remove grease from your mattress. Your mattress can get greasy and sticky after a while since it can absorb your oil secretions along with sweat. However, you can clean it using hot steam, which can break down the oil and grease by penetrating the cracks in the surface and dislodging the greasy dirt from it.

8. Should You Steam Clean A Foam Mattress?

It’s not recommended to use steam cleaning devices on your foam mattress since they damage the construction of the foam layer. The heat and moisture produced by the steam slowly get absorbed into the foam particles and speed up their disintegration. Since you can easily clean an Aussie made mattress with a damp rag and solution, you should avoid steam cleaning it.

Final Verdict

With the increase in the popularity of steam cleaning, it has become a go-to cleaning process for many households. A good steam cleaner can help facilitate this process, and the extra attachments provided with it can aid in targeting specific areas of dirt and grease.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the five best steam cleaners available in Australia. Out of these products, the Karcher Steam Cleaner is the best overall steam cleaner for mattress cleaning. Moreover, the Eave and VYTRONIX handheld steam cleaners perform quite well with their versatility, high water tank capacity, steam power, and multiple cleaning tools.

With that, we will conclude this article. Keep an eye out for our website for similar informational reviews. 

Until then, goodbye!