There's a growing list of fabulous sleepwear brands in Australia. Each of them claims to offer precisely what you need to have a wonderful night’s rest. But it’s not difficult to see that they can’t all be the best.

Realistically speaking, from matching pyjama sets to cosy nightshirts, there's truly no shortage of comfy sleepwear in the Australian market. So, in this article, we’ve rounded up the best sleepwear brands in Australia. We’ve also taken our time to highlight their best features as well as their pros and cons to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Best Nightshirts for Women

1. Oodie Avocado Lightweight Knit Shorts

  • Avocado Lightweight Knit Crew Neck

2. Avocado Oodie

3. Ekouaer Silk Pyjama Set

4. The Oodie Cosy Boucle Knit Cardigan

  • Essential Boucle Knit Crew Neck
  • Soft Boucle Knit Lounge Pants

1. The Oodie Avocado Lightweight Knit Shorts

This wearable blanket brand creates the highest quality, comfy sleepwear for every age and gender. Their Avocado Lightweight knit shorts are comfortable and cute and are one of the brand's bestsellers. The comfy shorts are manufactured using light jacquard knit, giving them an uber-luxurious feel.

The playful avocado and toast design gives these shorts an adorable and laid-back look. The shorts are high-waisted and feature a pull-on elastic waistband that gives them a stylish yet comfortable look. The cotton blend in these shorts makes it the ideal trans-seasonal sleepwear, providing snuggly comfort for its wearers. The shorts come in three sizes- XS/S, M/L, and XL/XXL.

To keep these shorts in the perfect shape for a long time, always machine-wash them cold on a gentle cycle. Also, you can iron these shorts on low heat. Observing these simple care instructions will keep your shorts from fading or losing fabric strength over time. These sleepwear shorts cost $59.

You can also pay in interest-free instalments on the website. Customers who purchase the product from the official website can return it within 30 days if it doesn't meet their expectations and get a refund. Also, buying from the website means free shipping for orders over $50.

The Avocado Lightweight Knit Crew Neck is a perfect addition to these shorts. These oversized night tops have matching patterns as the shorts and sell for $79.

Besides its sleepwear's fabulous designs, the brand is committed to using sustainable practices to manufacture its products. The brand has teamed up with some earth-conscious partners to ensure that their products remain earth-friendly and to promote sustainable practices like recycling.


  • Soft, comfortable fabric
  • Adorable designs
  • Perfect as nightwear and daywear
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Positively reviewed brand
  • Different sizes available
  • Vegan and cruelty-free product
  • Machine washable
  • Free shipping is available
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Limited designs available

2. Avocado Oodie

Many users describe this cuddly, soft sleepwear as a giant, colourful hug. This design resembles an oversized dress hoodie and is ideal for regular evening naps and camping trips. This Oodie is 98 cm in length and would fit individuals of most heights. On its website and on external sites, the product has received hundreds of five-star reviews.

This 'giant-hug' sleepwear is tailored with two different materials for ultimate comfort. The inside is made with sherpa fleece, while the outer fabric is the proprietary Toastytek flannel fleece. This high-quality sleepwear is also machine-washable and does not fade after use.


  • Comfy fabric on both sides
  • Features a snug hood
  • Longer nightdress fits both short and tall individuals
  • Thousands of positive reviews
  • Free shipping is available


  • Might not be suitable for warmer climates
  • No free worldwide shipping

3. Ekouaer Silk Pyjama Set

The Ekouaer brand makes some of the most popular sleepwear sets for women. This three-piece pyjama set features a nightshirt, shorts, and pants. The design is soft and breathable and makes for comfortable and versatile nighttime wear. Polyester and spandex make up its fabric.

The short sleeve top has a notch collar and a piping trim that gives it a clean and effortless look. This button-down nightshirt also features a one-chest pocket. The pants have a silky feel with a drawstring elastic waistband that makes them comfy and easy to slip into. The versatile set allows you to mix and match the pieces depending on the time of the year. It's also an excellent set for lounging and day use.

This sleepwear set comes in different colours, such as baby pink, navy blue, lilac, etc. It has hundreds of sterling reviews on various review sites.


  • Versatile sleepwear set
  • Silky, comfy fabric
  • Great for lounging
  • Stylish, simple design
  • Available in up five sizes
  • Pants feature drawstring elastic waistband


  • Pants may not be structured for curvier women
  • Drawstring might not match the quality of the sleepwear

4. The Oodie Cosy Boucle Knit Cardigan

This two-piece nighttime wear from the Oodie is where stylish meets comfy. The set consists of a loose sweater (cardigan) and comfortable knit pants. The oversized cardigan features a snug and roomy hood and a belt, so you can choose to wear it open or tied.

This set comes in different sizes and an oversized unisex fit. The sleepwear's design features a bouclé yarn that makes it super soft and comfy. The teddy-like textured loop of this cardigan makes the piece breathable and snuggly, and you'd want to wear it all day.

These "wearable blankets" come in block colours and feature two large pockets to complete their laid-back appeal. The Oodie brand boasts over a million happy customers, with hundreds of five-star reviews. The brand is committed to designing the most fashionable, comfortable, cruelty-free, and sustainable sleepwear in the market. Thus, their designs do not contain animal products, making them suitable for vegan use.

The sleepwear is machine washable and would retain its visual appeal for many years if you follow their care instructions. This sleepwear is perfect if you want to overhaul your old, boring night pieces and level up your style and comfort. The high-quality sleepwear set goes for $99 on the official website, with instalment payment options to ensure ease of payment for every customer. The brand also offers free shipping and returns to Australia and New Zealand.

As an alternative, you could get the Essential Boucle Knit Crew Neck and the Soft Boucle Knit Lounge Pants at $89 and $69, respectively.


  • Warm and snug boucle knit fabric
  • Stylish sleepwear
  • Features large pockets
  • Features roomy hood
  • Several size options available
  • Made from cruelty-free materials
  • Free shipping for Australia and New Zealand orders
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No free shipping worldwide
  • Limited reviews available

Buying Guide

Choosing sleepwear might seem easy, but it isn't so if you wish to enjoy the best sleep quality. You want a piece that is functional and stylish. Read our buying guide to help you narrow your options and choose the best sleepwear.


You can't enjoy a great night's sleep if your sleepwear features uncomfortable collars, buttons, or bands. To avoid constantly turning all night and adjusting the elastic or uncomfortable buttons, you need to know what you like in sleepwear. 

For example, do you want one with pockets, a collar, or buttons? People have different preferences for what gives them the most comfort. Therefore, go for sleepwear that does not make you feel restricted or uncomfortable during your nighttime snoozes.

Sleepwear Fabric

The material used to make your sleepwear matters a lot. Cotton sleepwear is very common for its functionality and breathability. However, they may not be able to insulate heat very well. It's essential to choose sleepwear that feels good when you wear it. So, you should know if cotton works for you or if you prefer other materials. 

Here are highlights of some common fabrics to help you decide which one to go for:

  • Silk: This fabric is excellent at regulating temperature while we sleep, and this means that it can make you warm on cold nights and feel cooler in warm periods. It's a fabric of choice for many who like high-quality, smooth fabrics for their sleepwear. However, pure silk sleepwear would be significantly more expensive than other fabrics.
  • Bamboo: This fabric is derived from the bamboo plant and has a silky soft feel and moisture-wicking properties. This material can also provide antibacterial benefits and is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Thus, it is perfect for those with different skin allergies.
  • Wool/Fleece: This fabric is not breathable but is excellent for the winters to keep you warm. However, they can be highly irritable, especially to people with very sensitive skin.
  • Flannel: Flannel is also an excellent sleepwear fabric for cold winter months. It can provide warmth to the wearer while being breathable and less irritable than wool. Flannel is great if you are prone to getting night sweats.
  • Cotton: This material is commonly used as it is soft, lightweight, breathable, and feels comfortable on the skin. However, it is not a good insulator and is not ideal for people who have night sweats.

For individuals who run hot at night, consider using moisture-wicking fabrics. These fabrics draw moisture (sweat) from your skin and promote your body's temperature regulation.

Sleepwear Style/Fit

How your sleepwear looks and fits are essential to a good night's sleep. It's best to avoid form-fitting ones and go for looser clothes. To ensure you are getting the right size, especially when shopping online, it's essential to review the size charts thoroughly. 

Also, consider reading and filtering reviews relating to the size or fit. This way, you might be able to know if the sizes are smaller or bigger than the tags. Make sure to keep in mind every part of your body when purchasing sleepwear. If you have wider hips or a wider bustline or waistline than average or would prefer one type of fastener to another or no fastener at all, consider those factors and preferences.

Consider buying a sleepwear style that complements your body and style. High-waisted pants look great on apple-shaped people, and some fabrics, like silk, can complement most silhouettes. Go for the style you want, and do not hesitate to buy one that suits your unique personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What environment-friendly fabrics can I get for sleepwear?

One incredibly eco-friendly fabric is bamboo, which offers luxurious comfort, yet is durable and great for the environment.

Q2. How often should I wash my sleepwear?

If you wear the same sleepwear every day, it is best to wash it every two or three days, following the washing instructions. Your washing frequency may vary depending on several factors. All in all, ensure to air your sleepwear before wearing.

Q3. How many items of sleepwear do I need?

Four or more sleepwear sets will do depending on factors like your laundry schedule and other personal preferences. Note that you can also mix and match the tops and pants/shorts of your sleepwear.

Q4. Should I wear my sleepwear all day?

While there are no laws against it, staying in your sleepwear all day might make you unmotivated and might cause you to be less productive. Your brain has most likely attached "winding down for the day" to your sleepwear. Thus, it's simple psychology that staying in your sleepwear all day might not be a great choice if you want to be motivated and productive.


In recent times, there's been a lot of change in how people view sleepwear. Our choice of sleepwear is no longer a mindless decision but one we have to make intentionally. We have reviewed the highest-quality sleepwear brands in Australia, stocking the highest-quality and fashionable sleepwear for women and men.

Read our buying guide to know the factors you should consider before buying sleepwear. Our roundup has matching sets, dress hoodies, crew neck nightshirts, and comfy shorts. These come in a variety of styles and fabric options to choose from. Invest in high-quality sleepwear like the ones on our list, and you'll surely enjoy more quality nights.