Most people ignore lack of sleep as nothing major and are accustomed to working for long hours without adequate relaxation. 

However, keeping up this lifestyle may prove detrimental to a person’s overall well being, leading to issues like back pain and low productivity. That’s why today we are looking at the best accessories for sound sleep that you can gift your loved ones this Christmas. 

Read our guide to buy the perfect present for your friends and family to spread the holiday cheer. 

Top 17 Product Reviews 

1. Koala Oodie

If your friend has trouble sleeping, give him or her this Koala Oodie to fall asleep faster, thanks to its super comfortable one-size-fits-all design. The exterior features an extremely soft flannel fleece, evenly distributed over the surface to help you get better sleep. 

Moving on, the manufacturers have focused on a person’s body essentials, so it feels like you are hugging a sheep, thereby highlighting its comfort. But no animals were harmed during production, making it a wonderful gift for most people.  

2. Silk Pillowcase

Be sure to try this silk pillowcase as it may improve sleep patterns to help you rest better. 

A closer look at its features reveals that it’s made of 100% pure mulberry silk that may result in deep sleep by reducing tossing and turning. Moreover, it feels great against the skin and may prove suitable for hot sleepers due to its super soft fabric. 

3. Wake-Up Light

People who have undertaken guided meditations will understand the benefits of the Wake-Up Light, but for others, let us explain. It is a therapy lamp that helps individuals get a better night’s sleep by creating the ideal environment in the bedroom. 

One can alter the colours, sound, customise the alarm or pair it with the meditation app on their smartphone. Naturally, it may have several health benefits, making it one of the best sleep gifts for your loved ones. 

4. Mattress Topper (flippable)

For those who don’t know, a flip topper goes on top of the bed to ensure that people can sleep in any position they want so that they can fall asleep faster. It’s super comfortable, and you can use it on both sides without compromising on a good night’s sleep. 

What’s more, the breathable fabric and Airgocell Foam proves suitable even for the winter months so that you can rest all night long. Meaning, it is the perfect gift for sleep lovers this Christmas. 

5. Weighted Blanket

One of the most popular sleep gifts on the market are weighted blankets, thanks to their ultra-soft fabric and plush design. Not to mention, these blankets are eco-friendly and your loved ones can get some much-needed shut-eye without compromising on comfort. 

Also, a quality weighted blanket may calm the mind to reduce anxiousness so that you wake up feeling refreshed and energised. In other words, it may help destress busy minds, making it a suitable sleep gift for different people. 

6. Eye Mask

We suggest taking a break from screen time before heading to bed at night, and that’s where a sleep mask comes in handy. You will love its cartilage design that adjusts according to a person’s face and blocks out light for uninterrupted sleep. 

Plus, its soft cotton triangle wing design doesn’t create any pressure on the eyes to prevent distractions. Consequently, it’s one of the best gifts for people who need complete darkness to rest and recover. 

7. Earplugs

One of the latest gadgets to encourage deep sleep during bedtime are earplugs. They are extremely simple and easy to use, with foam padding protecting the earbuds from injury. 

Also, it is most suitable if you have to sleep next to someone who snores, as its excellent design cancels out up to 37dB of noise. What’s more, they are low-maintenance, and a little bit of cleaning ensures that they can stay in the ears all night. 

8. Mattress

What better way to get a good night’s sleep than to buy a mattress for the bed? It is convenient for people with various sleep patterns and will keep you warm in all weather conditions. 

This is because it uses a unique Airgocell technology that regulates the temperature during the morning and night. Not to mention, the foam construction adjusts according to your body shape to help you relax in any position. 

9. Alexa

Contrary to popular opinion, the 4th generation Echo Dot might help you sleep better, thanks to pre-loaded guided meditations. The device is super sleek, fitting into most spaces, such as your bedside table; all you need to do is give it a command, and it will do the rest.  

Moving on, the crisp and clear voice soothes the soul, providing some delightful respite after a tiring day. You can even use it to switch off the lights or adjust the thermostat to create the ideal environment for good sleep.  

10. White Noise Machine

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, why not try the white noise machine to sleep like a baby? This sound machine can cancel noise up to 98dB so that you have privacy while lying in bed at night. 

What’s more, it has a night light that can help you fall asleep; simply keep looking at the rhythmic glow. Not to mention, it’s extremely lightweight, meaning you can take it with you to a friend’s house or place it in any suitable spot. 

11. Bed Frame

The bed frame will support your mattress, weighted blanket, and other items, allowing you to sleep well at night. 

In fact, it may be especially useful for a light sleeper who might wake up easily if the cushions lose their shape. The durable bed frame proves convenient, as it can withstand significant pressure to deliver a floating sensation. 

Also, there are no tools required to set it up, making life easier. 

12. Pillows

It isn’t possible to sleep well unless you have comfortable pillows, making this latest germ defence pillow all the more desirable. You will find that the manufacturers have used active charcoal to create a soft memory foam core. 

But more impressive is the fact that its unique design removes dust and prevents mycotoxin growth that accompanies mould. Other than that, the smooth outer cover reduces acne and gently caresses the skin to make you feel refreshed. 

13. Sheets

Once you have pillows, earplugs and an eye mask, all you need are sheets to complete the gift set. This sheet is 100% eco-friendly and is made of natural materials without causing harm to the environment. 

For instance, the manufacturers use sustainably-sourced wood to develop a material with higher absorption power than cotton. It is also soft and maintains a cool temperature to help you get sound sleep.

14. Tea

Sometimes the simplest solution to calm yourself before bed is to make yourself some tea. But not just any tea; we are talking about this pure organic beverage made from passion flower extracts. 

It doesn’t contain caffeine, instead it uses cardamom, licorice and cinnamon to deliver a warm feeling. Drinking a cup of this soothing liquid may relax your nerves and provide relief so that you feel energetic the following day. 

Overall, it guarantees to be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. 

15. Summer Comforter

Have you thought of using a duvet to sleep better at night? Well, it’s about time you gave this super comfortable model a try since it features a silk filling supported by a cotton casing. 

Moreover, it is available in several sizes, but we recommend going with the queen size option for a gift. But irrespective of your choice, this lightweight product helps maintain an optimum temperature between 25 and 33 degrees Celsius. 

16. Scented Candle

One of the few ways to sleep better after engaging in prolonged screen time is with the help of scented candles. You can place the candle on the bedside table, allowing the natural aroma to fill the room while transporting you to any dreamland. 

After the candle burns out, it is possible to use the jar for other purposes, making it the ideal Christmas gift. 

17. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are an important part of aromatherapy, so essential oil diffusers are a personal favourite for many buyers. This model has seven LED lights and a multiple-mist nebuliser to create the perfect setting for sound sleep.

On top of that, the water tank has a capacity of 500ml, which is easy to refill and clean.

Summing It Up! 

That’s our list of the most popular sleep gift ideas for Christmas; hopefully, you found a couple of interesting products. 

With the right accessories, you can increase comfort in the bedroom to experience sound sleep. Also, you could try to maintain a dream journal and record the room temperature before going to bed to understand your sleep requirements better. 

It’s time for us to bid you farewell. Happy holidays and sweet dreams!