Is a Portacot OK for everyday use?

Even though a portable cot can be used instead of a regular cot while travelling, everyday use is not ideal. A standard cot is much better for the baby for regular use since they are more durable than the portacots. Portacots also come in a variety of sizes but are generally smaller to accommodate their travel-friendliness. On the other hand, regular cots are more extensive and give your baby more room to move around freely.

Do you need a mattress for a Portacot?

Typically, portacots come with a removable mattress and fitted sheets. However, they can be skinny and not ideal for long-term use. So you can buy a mattress if you want, but remember that you will have to carry it along wherever you go. Consider using a padded sheet instead.

Are Portacots safe?

Portacots are for temporary use and not suitable for everyday use. If you follow general safety guidelines, your cot should be a safe sleeping area for your baby. 

Tips to make your portacot safer

  1. Don’t place toys, pillows or use double mattresses inside the cot as babies may use them to climb out or, worse, trap your baby and cause suffocation.
  2. If your baby’s weight is more than 15kgs, avoid using a cot.
  3. Don’t make the portacot your baby’s permanent sleeping place.

At what age can babies sleep in travel cots?

Travel cots can be used from birth to three years old or 13-14 lbs. The regular cots are for babies from 0-12 months. You can get bigger ones that you can use till your baby is 3 -5 years old.

Is it bad for a baby to sleep in a Portacot?

Generally, portacots are safe for sleeping. It comes with features like UV protection, ani mosquito nets, etc., that give your baby extra defence from the environment. However, some possible hazards may cause your baby to face discomfort, for example, overheating because of limited ventilation. Always make sure that you use mattresses that fit perfectly into the cot. Ill-fitting mattresses can cause your baby’s head to get trapped and lead to suffocation.

Can you use a travel crib as a regular crib?

It is not advisable to use a travel crib as your permanent sleeping solution. Travel cribs are lightweight; hence, the materials tend to be thinner and not durable for long-term use. Portacots also tend to get worn out from the baby’s weight over time and may even thin out so much that your baby is practically sleeping on the floor.

4Baby Liteway travel cot

With a compact and lightweight design, this cot is ideal for home use and travelling. It comes with mesh walls that are fully-ventilated, giving you easy access to watch your kid from afar.

The 4Baby Liteway Travel cot is easy to assemble and folds into a compact size for easy storage. With every purchase, you get a carry bag along with the cot for storage and transportation. You also get a fitted sheet along with a padded mattress base, aiding in comfort and convenience for your baby on the go.

Kilofly instant pop up

This option is smaller by design but great for babies when travelling, plus it’s very lightweight which is great when you have to set it up while cradling your baby. It pops up quickly and comes with a sleeping pad which is always a bonus.

Everything that makes up the bed is certified non-toxic, lead-free, UPF 35+ (SGS lab tested) baby-safe material. You can this cot anywhere and secured it with two pegs which makes it ideal for beaches or parks.

Dream On Me Zodiak

Although this is more in line with a playpen it’s so quick to set up and put away and fits conveniently in a carrying tote bag that we think it’s a great alternative option if you want something bigger that is still easy to travel with.

The mesh side panels make it easy to visually check your child is okay and still fast asleep and it has a sturdy design. If you are looking for a cot that is more like a playpen this option is for you.

KidCo peapod infant travel bed

This peapod style is lightweight and allows plenty of airflow. A cool feature is that it has an attached sleeping pad to the underside so your baby is comfortable wherever you go.  Best this outdoor option can be zipped up fully it stops insects from getting near your baby.