Stomach sleeping is by far the less common type of sleeping, which is why most products cater to side or back sleepers. 

However, various companies have recently introduced pillows meant explicitly for stomach sleepers. With factors like loft, head and neck support, low profile, etc., taken into consideration, each pillow in this list is designed to provide stomach sleepers with a comfortable experience. 

Let's look at the five best pillows for stomach sleepers you can try.

5 Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

1. Blissbury Stomach Sleeping Pillow

Many people prefer sleeping on their stomachs, and a regular pillow would not suffice for them. Blissburys premium stomach sleeping flat pillow offers maximum comfort, thanks to its memory foam technology. Since it’s designed to be relatively thin and flat, it significantly reduces your neck or back strain. So, you wouldn't have to wake up cranky due to a sore back or stiffness. 

The memory foam also cradles your head while providing stability throughout the night. Its gel-infused, well-ventilated interior allows you to stay cool while you sleep. Besides, its outer cover is made up of bamboo and polyester, which is an excellent moisture-controlling fabric. The pillow is even machine washable, and cleaning it is easy when you get it dirty. 


The Blissbury pillow falls on the softer side of pillows, so if you prefer a sturdier product, this pillow might not be the best option. 


If you've been meaning to try stomach pillows, the Blissybury stomach pillow is an excellent place to start due to its memory foam technology. With an impressive cooling mechanism and a comfortable memory foam interior, this pillow will ensure a good night's sleep.

2. Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow 

Emma's cloud pillow consists of two layers, the pocket, and the core. The latter comprises high-quality memory foam that can provide support and relieve pressure from your neck. This core is also removable if needed, so you can just detach it from the pillow and use the rest. Moreover, the pocket comprises 100% LA FILL (soft microfibre filling) that lets you stay cool while sleeping. 

But the best feature of this pillow is its "cloud-like" design that stays intact for longer periods without losing its softness. Since the pillow is made up of synthetic materials, it is animal-friendly and hypoallergenic. Plus, the cover features 100% cotton, further enhancing breathability, while being bacteria and dust-mite resistant, which makes it ideal for long-term usage. 


The Emma Cloud Hybrid pillow is the most expensive pillow on our list and isn’t suitable for people with budget constraints. 


Overall, this premium pillow ensures you get quality sleep, thanks to its “cloud-like” comfort and softness. It not only provides proper head support but is also allergy-resistant and animal-friendly. 

3. Blissbury Contour Pillow 

Blissbury has come up with an adjustable pillow that you can use according to your comfort. This pillow's dimensions are 12.7 cm in high contour and 10.7 cm in low contour. Additionally, the adjustable layer brings the high contour down to 10.2 cm and the low contour to 8.2 cm. 

In terms of its cover, the pillow features a mix of 35% bamboo and 65% polyester. It is even removable, so if you get it dirty, you can just take the cover off and throw it in the washing machine. The pillow is incredibly soft, making falling asleep much easier and faster, promoting spinal alignment as well as pressure relief for your neck and back. 


The Blissbury Contour pillow does not have a proper cooling system, which can result in an uncomfortable sleeping temperature. 


The Blissbury contour pillow is ideal for you if you prefer sleeping at a specific height. Additionally, its bamboo and polyester cover can be washed, making the pillow low maintenance. 

4. Emma Foam Pillow 

Emma pillows are designed to be modular and adjustable if and when needed. This pillow comprises three layers, the initial being an airgocell foam layer, which provides maximum comfort along with proper head support. Additionally, the middle layer consists of cold foam that regulates the pillow's temperature, while the visco-elastic memory foam layer on the bottom provides you with impressive pressure relief. 

When it comes to the cover, the pillow is made up of two materials; 98% polyester and 2% elastane. Polyester is known to be breathable, which is ideal for keeping the pillow cool throughout the night. This cover can be removed, and you can throw it in the washing machine without any issues. Most importantly, Emma has ensured this modular pillow is well-suited for all sleepers, including stomach sleepers.


This pillow can be slightly expensive for you if you have limitations regarding your budget.


The Emma Foam pillow is a functional pillow with an advanced cooling mechanism and impressive head support. Its polyester, and elastane covers are easily washable, keeping your pillow well-ventilated throughout the night. 

5. WEDREAM Ultra Thin Pillow 

The WEDREAM pillow comprises two sides, an icy, cooling silk side, and a neutral side, with the former distributing body heat. This pillow is specifically designed for stomach sleepers and features an ultra-slim gel memory foam. The memory form contorts to the shape of your head and lowers stress. 

Additionally, the cover is removable and can be thrown into the machine for a wash. The pillow does not have an excessive loft, so you won't have to worry about neck cramps when you wake up. It is further designed for small-framed people who usually experience neck pain with other conventional pillows. 


The WEDREAM pillow falls on the firmer side, so if you prefer soft pillows, this one might not be ideal. 


The WEDREAM pillow provides impressive cooling and distributes body heat evenly. Additionally, the pillow isn’t significantly high, so that small-framed people can use it without any trouble. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Stomach Sleeping? 

Compared to all the sleeping positions, stomach sleeping is by far the least popular one due to its many drawbacks. However, that does not mean there aren't people indulging in the same, and even find it to be a very comfortable way of sleeping. 

A primary reason why people prefer sleeping on their stomachs is that it can significantly reduce sleep apnea symptoms and snoring. This is because when you sleep on your stomach, the chances of your airway getting blocked are less. The main cause of obstructive sleep apnea is relaxed throat muscles that restrict air, which can be avoided with face-down sleeping. 

However, stomach sleeping can result in excessive pressure on your shoulders and neck, meaning your abdomen and hip can be pushed into the mattress. This results in your spinal alignment becoming worse and will lead to severe back problems in the future. To avoid these problems, sleep experts recommend not sleeping on your stomach often. 

If you wish to discontinue your stomach sleeping habits, understanding its disadvantages is necessary. Additionally, sleeping on your stomach can affect your sleeping posture and your overall body physique. But if you're keen on sleeping on your stomach, it is advised that you invest in ergonomic products to minimise pressure on the body. 

A mattress on the firmer side and a low loft pillow can be used to ensure proper spinal alignment. Using a pillow right beneath your hips or abdomen can also help. And if you fall under the stomach sleepers category, ensure you do not only position your head in one direction. 

2. How To Choose The Right Stomach Pillow 

There are several factors that make a stomach pillow the right fit for you, including spinal alignment and body support. Before you purchase a stomach pillow, it is necessary to understand what you want to achieve. Factors like pillow loft, shape, size, moldability, etc., are essential in a stomach pillow, so let’s look at some of these factors in detail. 

A. Loft 

The pillow loft usually means the height of the pillow. This is a crucial aspect to consider, especially for stomach sleepers, since it determines the head support the pillow can provide. Loft usually comes in three variations, low, medium, and high, while some pillows offer adjustable lofts. 

Most stomach sleepers prefer a loft height of 3 to 5 inches, which can also depend on the user's head size, health history, and other specifications. The primary purpose of a loft pillow is to provide maximum support for the user's neck and head to rest in a comfortable position. 

B. Support 

The support a pillow provides can affect spinal alignment. Various factors can have an effect on the overall support a pillow provides, like firmness, loft, size, etc. When you use a pillow, you need to properly support your neck and head to avoid any problems that might arise. 

If not, it can lead to severe back pain and tension in the shoulders and neck. When you use the right pillow with optimal support, this problem can be avoided and result in stomach sleepers getting better sleep. 

C. Firmness Level 

Just like mattresses, pillows come in several types of firmness levels and there isn't any right or wrong, considering people’s needs vary. Factors like your body weight, personal preferences, etc., play a significant role in determining the correct firmness level for you. If you need a pillow mainly for stomach sleeping, then a medium to soft firmness level will be ideal. 

All you have to do is make sure that your beck and shoulders lay comfortably regardless of the firmness of the pillow. 

Additionally, materials used to make a pillow can contribute to its firmness. Materials like down, alternative, and memory foam are generally softer, whereas materials like buckwheat or latex are much more firm. 

3. What Are The Best Pillow Materials For Stomach Sleeping? 

Pillows are made with different types of materials, including buckwheat, latex, and memory foam. Let's look at some of the best pillow materials for stomach sleepers and their pros and cons. 

A. Memory Foam 

Memory foam is usually known as viscoelastic foam that holds well against pressure and heat. This makes them suitable for contouring to the shape of your neck and head effortlessly. When you sleep on your stomach, using a memory foam pillow can significantly reduce tension and enhance your spinal alignment. Most memory foam pillows comprise a solid memory foam core, whereas others opt for shredded memory foam for a more adjustable design. 

B. Buckwheat

Buckwheat pillows, as the name suggests, are made with the hulls of buckwheat seeds. Typically, the hulls have a small opening which promotes better ventilation and keeps the temperature within the pillow regulated. Additionally, buckwheat is the most malleable pillow material available. 

This makes them ideal for contouring to your neck and head shape, providing maximum comfort. However, these pillows can sometimes fall on the firmer side, which can be a problem for some stomach sleepers. 

C. Latex 

Latex, especially natural latex, is obtained from rubber trees. This material is extremely durable, with impressive breathability and support for stomach sleepers. They are usually pretty thick, heavy, and dense, which most people would not prefer. However, their firmness makes them provide sufficient neck and head support along with proper pressure relief. 


An ideal pillow for stomach sleepers would be the Emma Cloud Hybrid pillow due to its double-layer technology and impressive cooling mechanism. This pillow is designed for comfort and the materials used in it are 100% synthetic, which means it is animal-friendly as well as hypoallergenic. 

If the Emma Cloud pillow is too expensive for you, a great alternative is the WEDREAM Ultra Thin Pillow. It is specifically made for stomach sleepers, ensuring this pillow can conform to the shape of your neck and head, thus providing maximum comfort. This is because the pillow has an ergonomic loft which is suitable for all, so you would not have to worry about neck cramps. 

So, make your pick and enjoy the comfort of sound sleep!