A mattress regularly comes in contact with your skin and provides much-needed support to your sleep, but it can harbour severe dust mites as well.

Vacuuming your mattress now and then is more important than most people think. Even though mattresses are low-maintenance home furnishings, it is essential to clean them once every six months since they can get pretty gross. 

Besides dirt, hair, and dead skin cells, dust mites build nests in mattresses and leave behind their saliva, faeces, and dead bodies that flare up allergies and skin infections. You can use specific vacuums that cater to your preference and home conditions to tackle these issues. 

However, choosing the right vacuum is challenging given the vast options ranging from UV mattress cleaners to ones with high-frequency vibration. So, we will walk you through some of the best mattress vacuum cleaners to help you choose the right fit.

5 Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaners

1. BLACK+DECKER 18V Lithium-Ion Pivot Dustbuster

This highly-rated product from BLACK+DECKER is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with a 200-degree nozzle for deep cleaning. Its 180V lithium-ion battery provides fade-free power and suction during the entire runtime, while the Eco Smart charger powers up the battery in just four hours. With a high-performance HEPA filter that works with triple cyclonic action, this vacuum cleaner is guaranteed to remove bed bugs and dust mites with precision.

Ideal for delicate flat surfaces, BLACK+DECKER’s Pivot Dustbuster also comes with an extendable crevice tool to eliminate bed bugs and dust with its strong suction. Its unique cyclonic action spins the dirt away from the centre to keep the HEPA filter clean, while its double filtration helps vacuum longer. 

Moreover, its easy-to-clean large dust bowl can hold dust and dirt longer, and when it's time to empty, you can simply open the latch, empty the bowl and clean the filter.


This mattress vacuum cleaner has a HEPA air filtration system which may be damaged if not cleaned and dried out before storing.


The BLACK+DECKER’s Lithium-Ion Pivot Dustbuster is an efficient mattress cleaner that can reach the deepest crevices and eliminate dust mites and small dust particles. What’s more, this compact handheld mattress cleaner is easy-to-maintain and portable, so you can keep your space clean without worrying about chunky equipment.

2. Iris Ohyama Quilt IC-FAC4 Anti-Dust Mite/Allergen Vacuum Cleaner

Suitable for removing dust allergens for a healthier sleeping space, this professional mattress vacuum cleaner from Iris Ohyama works wonders for people with sensitive skin and allergies. 

The brand guarantees that the handheld vacuum cleaner can remove 99.95% of particles from your bed or sofa, including bed bugs, dust mites, visible dust, and even pet hair. With 14,000-per-minute vibrations and Cyclone Steam Technology, pests are killed before being sucked in by its powerful suction.

Iris Ohyama’s Quilt IC-FAC4 Vacuum Cleaner has multiple suction levels: standard suction, with vibrations, and without vibrations that automatically adjust based on the Luminous Cleanliness Sensor UV lamp. Moreover, it has a covered rolling brush and a 30 cm wide vacuuming brush for deep cleaning and regular vacuuming. It also has an easily interchangeable exhaust and dust filter with a capacity of 0.2 litres.


This UV mattress cleaner can be quite expensive for the average homeowner who will only use it once in a while.


Iris Ohyama’s best UV bed vacuum effectively kills off harmful pests and dust mites while carefully sucking them with its wide brush. Its Cyclone Steam Technology can quietly separate dust from air and remove bacteria using UV light while you gently run it over your dirty mattress. 

3. Hersven UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner

Equipped with high-performance HEPA filtration, this bed vacuum cleaner can deeply purify and remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is also designed to release fresh air while sucking debris into its 500 ml dust box. 

What makes this mattress vacuum cleaner stand out is its built-in double pulsation pad that vibrates 12800 times per minute, loosening the dust and dirt from the mattress. This high vibration frequency, coupled with its powerful suction, makes vacuuming mattresses and removing deeply hidden dust mites a simple task.

The Hersven UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner has a 253.7 nm purple light that deeply penetrates the fabric, while the high-frequency pulsating pads loosen and absorb the dirt. Moreover, its easy-to-clean dust box has a snap-on technology that you can use to remove the HEPA filters and run it under the faucet to remove the accumulated dirt. Hersven’s dust box also has a unique property that isolates large particles of garbage and dirt so they won’t leak.


Some customers have complained that this handheld vacuum cleaner makes a loud noise during suction.


With efficient HEPA filters, pulsating pads, and strong suction power, Hersven’s UV Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for deep cleaning mattresses, pillows, carpets, cloth sofas, and other fabric surfaces. Plus, its stainless steel mesh easily traps visible dirt and can be cleaned with a simple rinse under the faucet.

4. Xiao MI MIJIA Vacuum Cleaner

This product helps remove mites and other bed bugs with its powerful suction and strong wind pressure, which blows hot air into the deeper levels of the mattress. It also comes with a high-frequency rolling flap that has a large striking area and amplitude to eliminate the hooking mechanism of dust mites. The 50-degree hot air dehumidifier in this efficient mattress cleaner makes the area unsuitable for bacteria and mites to thrive.

What’s more, its 20 cm roller brush adopts soft and hard-bristled designs alternatively –the silicone leather and microfibre combination reduces entanglement and maintains your fabric. The advanced HEPA filtration further ensures that your bedding or car seats get a thorough cleaning that lasts long.


This handheld vacuum has a small dust cup which may require frequent emptying and cleaning.


The Xiao MI MIJIA vacuum cleaners are lightweight options for cleaning mattresses, especially for comparatively frequent cleaning sessions. They are also easy to maintain since the filter sponge and mesh can be quickly dismantled and cleaned for recycling.

5. KUVWXY Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless vacuum effectively removes common allergens like pollen and dust mites that lodge deeply in the various layers of the mattress. Built with side exhaust vents to improve ventilation and battery life, this portable handheld cleaner can vacuum furniture and bedding like no other. It has an ergonomic design with a curved handle that is comfortable to grip and a translucent dust box to check if you have to empty its contents. 

Unlike most vacuum cleaners, it features a low 70 dB sound level that gives you a quiet cleaning experience at the touch of a button. Moreover, its high-frequency vibration (8000 times per minute), coupled with its 10Kpa powerful suction, can dislodge even the most difficult dust patches. What’s more, its high-frequency rotating brush can easily remove pet hair and tiny particles like dander with just one swipe.


This KUVWXY Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is smaller in size and can’t cover larger areas quickly. 


With an ergonomic, lightweight design and high-performance HEPA filtration, the KUVWXT mattress vacuum cleaner delivers efficiency and comfort. This full-featured mattress vacuum cleaner removes debris that is invisible to the naked eye and prevents conditions like allergies, itchy skin, acne, respiratory diseases, asthma, etc.


1. What are the benefits of vacuuming mattresses?

Simply putting on a mattress cover isn’t enough to ward off unwelcome particles and microorganisms that are harmful to your health. Some particles are too small to be removed by any method other than vacuuming; here are some benefits of vacuuming mattresses:

a) Removes Mites And Allergens

Most mattresses have a quilted surface that allows dust mites and allergens to hide deep into the layers of the fabric. Only a mattress vacuum cleaner with its crevice tool or extendable hose can eliminate dust mites or bed bugs from the upholstery layers. What’s more, the powerful UV light that comes with bed vacuums can kill all the disease-causing germs and leftover faeces from dust mites, making your bed healthy.

Besides mites, your mattress can accumulate dead skin cells, pollen, or pet hair that, when mixed with sweat and grease, can solidify to form stains. But there’s nothing to worry about since a mattress vacuum cleaner with a true HEPA filter can loosen the dirt and remove it from the fabric.

b) Eliminates Fungal Spores

A warm and enclosed mattress is ideal for fungal spores to grow and reproduce. As you sleep on the mattress, your sweat gets into the mattress to provide moisture to fungi. This fungal growth can cause various skin problems and allergies and cause severe discomfort. 

Giving your mattress a thorough cleaning using a UV mattress cleaner with a HEPA filter or UV quartz sterilization tube can eliminate fungi from its roots and remove the possibility of their growth for a few months. 

c) Removes Food Particles

People with a bad habit of eating in bed can leave food crumbs and stains on the mattress, leading to bacterial growth. If you don’t want to sleep on a pile of food crumbs and get infections, consider regularly vacuuming your bed with a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove small particles. Also, do a deep clean by flipping your mattress and vacuuming both sides with a UV light vacuum cleaner.

d) Pet Hair

Having pets can be fun, but it can also cover your entire mattress with fur and hair sheddings which may get into your respiratory system. Vacuuming your mattress regularly can remove pet hair and even dander, which may be a major source of allergy. 

e) Maintenance

Mattresses are low-maintenance furnishings that require a spot cleaning or washing once a year, but vacuuming the entire surface with a handheld vacuum is a good way to maintain hygiene. You can also spot-clean any stain immediately with warm water and soap to ensure it doesn’t get too deep into the mattress and hence become unremovable.

Since washing takes more time and effort, vacuuming mattresses can be a suitable alternative. Even ordinary vacuums can fluff up a mattress and help maintain its soft texture, though a mattress vacuum cleaner is more suited for the purpose.

2. What should I consider when purchasing the best mattress vacuum?

You must keep certain criteria in mind when purchasing a mattress vacuum cleaner since they come with many features that can be quite confusing. Here are the main points to follow to ensure you get a proper vacuum that will last for a long time:

a) Filter Type

If you’re allergic to dust, pollen, pet hair, and similar debris particles, you must carefully consider the type of filter offered by mattress vacuum cleaners. Research different kinds and choose what you feel suits your needs the best. The HEPA filter is one of the most popular since it can isolate even the smallest particles. 

So, choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and if you want more protection, look for vacuums that come with an extra HEPA filter that is easily removable. Moreover, if you want to save money, buying a vacuum cleaner with reusable filters is advisable. Just remember to clean the HEPA filter properly and let it air dry before using it again.

b) UV Light

Recent technological updates have added UV light technology to vacuum cleaners, which is pretty amazing since they help kill off bacteria and mites. Vacuuming dust mites are much easier and more efficient with a built-in UV light because killing them loosens their grip on the fabric. They are also great at disinfecting the surface and deep cleaning the various mattress layers.

c) Bag Or Bagless Vacuum

The bag-less feature is the most preferred when it comes to one’s preference for handheld, lightweight vacuums since they are removable and small-sized. You won’t need to carry your entire vacuum cleaner to the dust bin to dispose of the accumulated dirt. However, vacuum cleaners with bags can be more beneficial since they can hold a larger volume of dust.

A vacuum with a built-in bag also prevents any mess from occurring; for instance, these bags will not accidentally open or spill the contents. They effectively seal off the dust till you can dispose of it.

d) Additional Vacuum Attachments

If you want to do more than just vacuum mattresses, you must look for additional features and attachments. For example, if you want to clean all the corners of the room and furnishings, look for a vacuum with a crevice tool or extendable hose. Removing dust from a table or shelf surface is the easiest with a rotating dusting brush.

Further, if you want to clean carpets, sofas, and drapes, consider purchasing a UV mattress cleaner with a turbo brush and a multiple filtration system.

3. What are the different kinds of vacuum cleaners?

There are quite a few types of vacuum cleaners available on the market; however, each type is used for a different purpose. The most common types widely available are upright and handheld/stick vacuums since they are versatile and can be used on different surfaces, including beddings, sofas, upholstery, floors, shelves, carpeted floors, etc. However, it’s recommended not to use them on a hard floor since it can damage the system.

Robot vacuums are relatively new inventions that clean finer dust particles, allergies, and pet hair off the floor using a smart sensor. They are completely remote-controlled and can clean all the surfaces without you having to tag along everywhere. Moreover, steam cleaners are another type that can disinfect softer surfaces while cleaning them; they are usually made for carpets and drapes.

Lastly, commercial vacuums clean tough messes in the garage, basements, or even mattresses with their professional suction power. However, these are big pieces of equipment and need more space for storage.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner with good suction power is insufficient to remove all that nasty dirt and allergens from your mattress. To ensure you get value for money, you should always use additional features like advanced HEPA filtration, UV light technology, and different kinds of rolling brushes. 

Most of the best mattress vacuum cleaners on this list have some of these features that cater to different preferences and mattresses. The BLACK+DECKER Pivot Dustbuster stands out as our top choice due to its cyclonic action and double filtration system that doesn’t leave even the smallest particles behind. However, the Iris Ohyama Quilt Vacuum Cleaner is the best UV mattress cleaner that effectively removes 99.95% of bacteria and particles from your mattress.

That brings us to the end of this guide. Before signing off, we recommend checking out the article ‘Best Vacuum For Dust Mites Australia’ if you suffer from severe dust mite-related issues.