5 Best Mattress NZ Picks:

  • Emma Diamond Mattress
  • Emma Comfort Mattress
  • Peace lily Mattress
  • Ecosa Mattress
  • Winkl Mattress

1. Emma Diamond Mattress

Emma Diamond has a thickness of 25cm and consists of 5 layers. The top is the patented Diamond Degree® foam. This layer is the primary cooling layer, the graphite extends deep sleep by dissipating body heat.

Then you have the adaptive comfort foam and pocket springs layer. With this ergonomically designed foam layer, your body pressure is optimally distributed, so you can sleep more comfortably regardless of your build. Over a standard foam mattress, steel pocket springs provide dynamic body adaptation and superior breathability.

At the base is a layer of HRX comfort foam, which provides optimum pressure relief and durability. Covering the mattress is an elastic and climate-regulating removable cover with handles.

The cover has been specially designed for the Emma Diamond Degree products to ensure optimum temperature regulation. The cover's construction promotes breathability while maintaining the graphite layer's temperature-regulating properties.


Longer shipping times in the south island and rural areas will have to contact Emma. However, there is still free shipping and returns.


You’ll sleep faster and in a deep sleep thanks to Diamond Degree® technology. Plus, the 5 comfort zones to give you the most optimal comfort and pressure relief (best mattress for back pain in NZ).

So, as you can tell. It’s packed with features and that’s why it’s our best mattress in New Zealand choice. On top of all that you get a 120-night trial, a money-back guarantee, and free delivery & returns.

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2. Emma Comfort Mattress

For extra cooling to sleep comfortably throughout the night, opt for the Emma Comfort Mattress. It uses innovative Airgocell® technology to make the mattress cool and firm. There is no need to worry as it is neither too hard nor too soft since the premium-quality HRX foam ensures that pressure is evenly distributed, providing unparalleled comfort. 

Additionally, it has a motion-isolating structure that lets you sleep well without being disturbed even when your partner may be moving or getting out of bed. Choosing the right mattress size according to the space in your room is easier as the brand offers six mattresses. Your preferred Emma mattress is delivered free of cost and you get a 10-year warranty on the product. 


While we have no issues with the quality, it may take around 10 days to arrive. 


Now enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night with the 25 cm memory foam that will adjust to your body and provide pressure relief. We were able to improve our sleep patterns and change to a suitable sleeping position after starting to use this with the zero-motion transfer feature. 

3. Peace lily Mattress

The Peace lily Mattress is a natural latex mattress that will be the perfect alternative to memory foam options. It is firm and made of 100% natural rubber latex and we were happy to find an organic cotton cover along with organic cotton wadding, which perfectly suits your needs. It is non-toxic in nature and has no added chemical adhesives, toxins, or polyurethanes. 

Moreover, this latex mattress is known to provide the perfect cushioning support. It has two firmness levels, and you can customise it according to your needs. Also, the mattress supports the natural alignment of the spine while the organic latex and rubber sap are both natural elements that promote better breathability when you sleep. Your body will not heat up, and you can sleep peacefully. 


We found that the mattress smelled a little after unboxing it, but the smell disappeared soon over the next few days. 


This latex mattress will provide a good night’s sleep, thanks to the antimicrobial nature and organic ingredients that ensure you won’t be disturbed even if your partner keeps changing sides. It also comes with a 25-year warranty making it a safe, comfortable and cool option to choose. 

4. Ecosa Mattress

Do you often feel body pain when you wake up in the morning? The Ecosa memory foam mattress is one of the best choices that will allow you to sleep well without causing your muscles to hurt, thanks to its adjustable firmness. It uses German microfilament technology to ensure the foam mattress remains waterproof and safe from mites and dust. 

Ecosa offers 9 sizes so that everybody can find the right option. The prices differ accordingly, and no delivery charges are taken but you can also choose the bundle offer, which will provide you with a 20% discount on all items. The brand even offers 100 nights free trial, a 15-year warranty and fast delivery for customer satisfaction.


If you have a small body frame, then you may have to look for a softer mattress that will allow the body to sink a little. 


This mattress is perfect for spinal alignment letting the body relax with its engineered back support. You can now wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free every morning, while the body will remain cool as well due to the G-7 gel memory foam. 

5. The Winkl Mattress

The Winkl Mattress is a great choice as it comes with a machine washable cover, which is removable. So, anytime there are any spills, you can clean it easily. Also, this mattress will allow the body to cool down and stay comfortable with the Winkl-Flex foam layer that is suitable for back, front, and side sleepers. 

It has an open-cell polyurethane foam top layer, high-density memory foam in the middle, and durable and thick polyurethane foam on the bottom. There is no mercury, lead or other harmful chemical-based glue. Overall it’s 25cm thick and comes in 5 sizes along with a 120-night free trial period.


This mattress is slightly firm and it will take time to adjust. 


If you are one of those who are prone to waking up with a sore back, the cooling Gel technology and breathable fabrics will work out well. Also, the mattress will provide enough support for the back, thanks to its high-density foam base layer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What to look for in a new mattress? 

Without good sleep, you cannot function well and comfort is the key factor to look at before purchasing a mattress. Find the one that fits you the best, and don't try looking for only those that others are selecting. 

Check the size that you need as there are generally 6 to 7 size options that every brand offers. You can measure the size of your bed and get a mattress that will fit. In case you have a customised bed frame, you can purchase a customised mattress online as well. 

Next, make sure the firmness level is perfect as a comfortable mattress is moderately firm so that it can mould around your body better. A very soft mattress will sag beneath your body and may not provide the right level of firmness. 

Excess firmness can also be uncomfortable for your spine and pressure points. However, purchasing a gel-infused memory foam mattress is a good idea since they are comfortable and breathable. 

If you are purchasing online, go through customer reviews to learn more about the best mattress in New Zealand, including the firmness of the memory foam or latex products. Some mattresses even use metal springs inside, but they can sag after some time, which can make the bed noisy and uncomfortable. 

When purchasing a spring mattress, check to see if it’s noisy while the bounciness may make it difficult to get into or out of bed. And look for products with a good warranty so that you can get it replaced in case it does not serve your purpose. 

2. When to change your old mattress? 

If you get a weird smell coming from the mattress, then it is time to change it. Even a quality mattress will stop working after its expiration date, so you will see it sag, and it won’t offer proper support to the spine and back.

Also, most mattresses may deteriorate if you have spilled water on them occasionally over the years. If not properly dried, they can get infested with moulds or the bed might be infested by bugs and you will need to buy a new one. 

Take action immediately after you notice any of these warning signs. 

3. What is the best option for side sleepers? 

People have different sleeping positions, and a mattress with adjustable firmness can help accommodate them all. However, we believe that memory foam mattresses are the best option for side sleepers since memory foam moulds around the body and will adjust according to your sleeping style.

4. What are the best NZ mattresses for hot sleepers? 

Gel memory foam mattresses work the best in keeping the body cool throughout hot nights. The gel top layer is the reason behind this, as it can keep the body’s temperature in check and helps relieve pressure allowing you to sleep better.

Cooling mattresses allow you to sleep comfortably without waking up sweating. Now summer heat or other physical conditions will lead to some sweating because these aren’t magic mattresses.

However, some mattresses come with a built-in cooling technology, which consists of metal particles that are embedded inside. Cooling gel is also used to absorb heat from the body and keep you from overheating while the phase-change technology regulates the body temperature to prevent it from storing heat. 

Then there are cool-to-touch covers that will instantly feel cool as soon as you draw them over you. But these may not be able to retain the cool temperature for a long time as heat from your body will be absorbed soon. 

Next, you can purchase mattresses with plug-in options that use air or water to keep the bed cool. On the flip side, they require a lot of maintenance and some added parts like a cooling unit need to be attached. 

New Zealand has a temperate climate, and you may not need a blanket with cooling technology. But this information may help in purchasing a mattress for a friend who lives elsewhere. That is not all; there are products with innerspring that have more coils than foam. This allows better airflow when compared to other all-foam mattresses. 

5. How to know which New Zealand mattress to choose? 

The best NZ mattress for you is the one that fits your personal preference, body weight, body type, and sleeping position. 

A. Memory Foam 

If you want pain relief, then memory foam mattresses can be the perfect option. They can provide relief to pressure points, and cradle the body for better spine alignment, ensuring less pressure on the hips and shoulders. 

They will also come with motion isolation features so both you and your partner can sleep well. 

B. Innerspring 

Innerspring mattresses work well for those who sleep on their stomach or back as they provide a firmer surface and help in spine alignment. But before making a choice, pay attention to the coil count and the coil gauge to determine how thick the steel coil is. 

Also, look for products with at least 400 coils if you are opting for a queen-sized mattress. There are pocketed coles available as well, where every spring is wrapped for better support. 

C. Latex 

Latex mattresses only use rubber from trees and are completely organic. They are generally more expensive than memory foam options in the mattress industry, but are more durable. You will not feel as if you are sinking because latex mattresses are bouncier than other products. 

D. Hybrid Mattresses 

A hybrid mattress features latex or memory foam along with coils provided at the bottom for added support. The foam layer is present on top and will feel similar to a memory foam bed. However, they are going to be heavier and more expensive than just foam mattresses. 

6. Does body type need to be considered before buying mattresses? 

Yes, the body type will determine which mattress works the best for you. 

A. Lightweight Sleepers 

If you have a small frame, then a softer mattress will work best. That is because you won’t be exerting too much pressure on the surface and will be able to sleep comfortably. But with regard to firmer mattresses, you will not sink in enough and may not get relief from pain in the joints. 

B. Heavy Sleepers 

A firmer mattress is required for those who have a heavy body. Their heavier build means they will exert more pressure on the bed, and may sink in too much on a soft mattress. This may cause issues with spine alignment and lead to back pain, so some brands make special mattresses for people who are above 250 pounds. 

Always consider the weight of the people who are going to sleep on the mattress before purchasing. 

7. How do sleep positions vary?

We will discuss the most common sleep positions and the type of mattresses that fit the purpose. 

A. Stomach Sleepers 

People who like to sleep on their stomachs will need a firm mattress that will not allow the body to sink. The best firm mattresses cradle the pressure points and provide support in the right places to reduce body pain. 

B. Combination Sleeper

Some people do not have a fixed way of sleeping and keep shifting positions. So, it is best to opt for medium-firm mattresses that will allow them to sleep comfortably throughout the night by reducing disturbances. 

C. Back Sleepers

Again medium-firm mattresses work well for back sleepers. Back sleepers can encounter problems with proper alignment if they do not sleep well but these mattresses offer the right amount of support after they lay down. 

8. How to know if the mattress is truly made with organic materials? 

It is best you check the mattress for certifications before purchase as they can be from any of these organisations: 

A. Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

It has strict standards for the manufacturing process and the kind of latex that should be used to make mattresses. 

B. Global Organic Textile Standard ( GOTS) 

This looks at how the fibre has been grown and manufactured, maintaining strict procedures and rules. You can verify if the GOTS tag is legit by checking a public database that is accessible to all. 

9. How long should you leave the mattress to expand before using it? 

If you have purchased a mattress online, then you will have to leave it for a while once you have opened the package. The mattress should be left to rest for around 48 hours to ensure that it expands fully. After that, it will be comfortable and fluffy for sleeping, so do not cover the mattress with sheets before it expands fully. 


Foam mattresses are very common today, and some of the best NZ mattresses are made with premium-quality memory foam. However, keep a watch on the price, as memory foam can be expensive. 

If it goes beyond your budget, you can opt for a mattress with one layer of memory foam and other layers of slightly less expensive materials, supported by springs. 

Also, when the mattress does not come with a cover, remember to buy one. You may drop something on the bed, or your child may spill his/her drink on it, so covering it with a water-resistant material is essential to protect the foam. 

That’s all for today, our top pick is the Emma Comfort, take care and choose wisely.