3. Koala Soul Mate

The Soul Mate is 33 cm thick. There aren't many mattresses that are as thick as this one. However, thicker mattresses aren't necessarily better mattresses. It’s the layers that make the difference.

The SM has 6 layers one of which being the plus 5 zone adaptive foam springs that contour to your body, and allow more airflow throughout the bed. There is also a bamboo charcoal top layer to help regulate body temperature. If you don't feel comfortable on the mattress. You can choose between medium-firm or firm support with the double-sided comfort layer. Unzip it and flip it to find what works for you.

This is a special mattress in the Koala range, and it’s not just the premium materials. It’s the only mattress to come with a 365 night trial. Also, it comes with a great 10 year warranty, and fast and free delivery.

4. Zero Gravity Mattress

This is a top-quality mattress that goes beyond providing a comfortable night's sleep. For those who sleep hot, it is a great choice due to its innovative AirGrid Technology, which allows for optimal pressure relief and cooling properties.

The Zero Gravity mattress includes multiple air channels in the AirGrid layer, allowing for proper air circulation and a more comfortable sleep. The combination of this feature and the natural properties of AirGrid material ensure excellent pressure relief. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back, this mattress adapts to your body and sleeping position, evenly distributing pressure and providing support.

Furthermore, the mattress provides zoned dynamic adjustments to your body thanks to AirGrid material and pocket springs. The mattress adapts to your movements, so you can turn and toss without waking up. A mattress with this feature, along with pressure-relieving properties, can significantly improve your sleep.

Ultimately, the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress combines pressure relief with advanced cooling technology. The mattress is designed to provide a comfortable and restful sleep experience regardless of whether you sleep hot or suffer from pressure points.

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5. The Eva Mattress

Thousands of satisfied reviewers love it, and so do we. The Eva Mattress is a cooling hybrid mattress that looks cool and will leave you calm and collected every morning after a good night's rest.

To add to the convenience it brings, the manufacturer offers free next-day metro delivery so you can start your 120-day trial instantly. And in case you find that this is not the best mattress for night sweats, or any other reason, contact the seller for a hassle-free return experience and a full refund.

However, if the anecdotes of reviewers are to be believed, the only complaint you are likely to have is getting late for work every morning. After all, the gel-based memory foam layers and pocket springs, in addition to the well-researched and well-executed firmness level, combine to form the mattress of your dreams.

Indeed, the pocket springs are designed to provide five-zone back support that ensures proper alignment for back sleepers and side sleepers alike. Not to mention how the thick density foam lends a firm – but not too firm – layer that makes it an ideal mattress for back pain.

At the same time, two more foam layers contribute to the incredible comfort of this product. On the other hand, the premium natural latex foam provides a barrier against microbes and dust mites. Moreover, the open cell and pinhole design facilitate breathability that prevents locking in high temperatures from any source.

On the other hand, the gel memory foam is packed with millions of gel beads that adapt to all shapes and sizes, and redistribute body heat to keep sleepers cool. While the CertiPUR-US certification is enough assurance that this is a safe addition to the kids' room, the robust mattress edges may prevent them from falling off the sides.

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6. Macoda Mattress

Sustainable living doesn't have to be about compromising on comfort, and opting for an eco-friendly mattress may help you sleep better at night, literally. That said, the Macoda Mattress is made of silky soft bamboo wicks that control moisture and serve as a highly breathable top cover.

Under this removable bamboo mattress cover, multiple foam layers are held up by a pocket spring foundation. With the help of the five-zone support system and targeted pressure relief, the unit works to align the spine and alleviate back issues. Moreover, the layer has a firm base balanced by the bouncy comfort of the latex foam layer.

And while your kids may love jumping on the new bouncy bed, you can still get your beauty sleep. After all, the layer of hundreds of independent pocket springs ensures that motion does not get transferred across the mattress. That said, this unique cooling mattress includes features that allow you to adjust the bed's firmness.

For this, you first need to unzip the top cover and remove it. Here, you will find two foam inserts of varying thickness and firmness – the top insert will be softer and thicker than the bottom. Simply flip between the two according to your preference and put the top cover back in place.

Anyhow, the cooling effects from the gel-infused memory foam will remain the same. With the addition of the bamboo cover, the overall breathability of the unit is sure to keep you fresh and cool throughout the night.

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7. Emma Comfort

Emma is one of the best and most trusted mattress brands in Australia. This brand's Comfort Mattress is designed to help Aussies sleep peacefully at night. The comfort is an all foam mattress so it's not as bouncy as our top pick, but it does offer excellent pressure relief. 

Among the mattress features of the Emma Comfort Mattress is high-quality memory foam that adjusts to your sleeping position without compromising the mattress' firmness. It also prevents dust mites, mould, and mildew, and remains cool, making it ideal for hot sleepers.

Why Should You Choose It?

a) Fast Delivery

Mattress companies usually take days or even weeks to deliver a new mattress to your home. The delivery time of a mattress can also be unpredictable if you buy one online.

Well, one of the best things about this brand is that it guarantees fast delivery within 5 to 10 business days. Now, you can get the mattress with next day delivery in metro areas. 

c) 100-Night Trial

You can sleep on your Emma mattress for 100 nights to test it out. You can return the mattress for free if you're not satisfied for any reason.


  • Top Scoring Mattress 2021 and 2022 by CHOICE®
  • Designed and dedicated for Australian sleepers
  • Perfect for all types of sleepers
  • Ensures your sleep remains uninterrupted
  • Option to upgrade to hypoallergenic covers


  • The material can be slightly firm at first but becomes softer eventually

8. The Luxe Mattress

If class, comfort, convenience, and cost is at the top of your priority list, then the Luxe Mattress will probably fit the bill. Apart from packing a range of benefits at a bargain, this cooling mattress utilises eco-friendly materials in its construction. For starters, the cover is made of Tencel ply-knit fabric that has been hand tufted to provide a luxe appearance.

Moreover, every inch of the material is low in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, one of the biggest culprits of indoor pollution. Nevertheless, the cover is completely safe for use and Oeko-Tex-certified – as are all the foam layers, which are REACH-certified.

And it's not just its elegant look that reminds one of a 5-star hotel room. In fact, slipping onto the soft mattress will make you feel like you are in one. Additionally, the brand sells a range of linen that adds a buttery smooth touch that completes the whole experience of being in a luxurious suite. Not to mention how buyers can subscribe to the newsletter and avail offers that pack in a free set of linen with each mattress.

Beneath the sheets and the cover, you will find a top layer of gel-based memory foam. While the cooling technology leaves you feeling refreshed, the foam layer also works to contour your body gradually while supporting the shoulders, waist, and lower back. The second foam layer further maximises ergonomics and wicks away heat for added relief.

The bottom-most layers consist of innovative features, such as pocket springs, micro-coils, and an adaptive transition foam, making this a highly durable piece well-suited for couples. To top it all off, even the side perimeters are done up with a tufted poly-knit quilt to add a touch of minimalistic charm and elegance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Cooling Foam Mattresses Better Than Classic Memory Foam?

Traditional memory foam mattresses are helpful in many ways – they contour the body to provide better support for the body and restrict motion. At the same time, they are known to trap heat, especially since the mechanics involve sinking the sleeper deep into the mattress. Apart from raising body heat, this may also cause a feeling of stuffiness.

Newer models of hybrid cooling mattresses have fine-tuned the classic model to draw body heat and dissipate it. Usually, these cooling mattresses utilize cooling agents, such as graphite particles or gel beads. Moreover, breathable fabric and material choices can aid in distributing heat evenly and increasing airflow.

2. Can I Put A Mattress Protector Over A Cooling Mattress?

A mattress protector is great for keeping your bedding free of allergens, dust and stains. That said, if you are planning to use one to cover a cooling mattress, make sure that it is made of natural and breathable material. In fact, using natural fibres, such as linen, can assist in keeping you cool through summer nights.

Final verdict on best mattress for hot sleepers

Looking for the best mattress for hot sleepers? The Emma Diamond Hybrid is a standout choice, especially popular among those in Australia seeking relief from night sweats and overheating during sleep. It's renowned as the best cooling mattress in Australia, offering an exceptional cool sleeping experience.

This mattress is a boon for anyone going through menopause or anyone who struggles to stay cool at night. Its design focuses on staying cool, making it more than just a comfortable bed – it's a solution to those uncomfortably warm nights. The advanced technology to ensure you stay cool, making it the perfect mattress to keep you cool all night long.

So, if you're tired of tossing and turning in the heat, the Emma Diamond Hybrid could be the answer to your night sweats and overheating issues. It's not just a mattress; it's your ticket to a cooler, more restful sleep.