Top 5 Latex Mattresses In Australia

  1. Peace lily — Top Pick
  2. Noa Luxe
  3. Zenna
  4. Quokka
  5. Pure Support

1. Peace lily Natural Latex mattress - best all latex mattress

To begin with, the Peacelily mattress is made of natural latex that provides adequate body support, natural cooling, and quality sleep. This soft mattress is designed to assist in restorative and restful sleep for all sleeping positions. Despite the plush wool covers, your body will not sink into the mattress and overheat due to its layers. 

Unlike synthetic latex, one can sleep cool and wake up refreshed with what many will say is the best latex mattress in Australia. Besides, the product is made of all-natural materials of certified organic wool, hand-tapped rubber sap, and sustainably acquired cotton. Since these materials are naturally resistant to dust mites, maintaining them is pretty easy.

Drawback: Although this mattress provides adequate back support and edge support, it does not have special features for pain relief.

Verdict: Overall, this wonderful mattress is at the top of our list because it is cool to sleep on, provides support, and uses the highest quality latex. Additionally, the production method is completely non-toxic and does not use harmful chemicals.

2. Noa Luxe Mattress

Most latex mattresses may not have the ultimate combination of luxury, comfort, and sustainability. But, the Luxe mattress by NOA is one hybrid mattress that can boast of natural latex material and pressure relief while feeling ultra-soft to touch. All the foam layers play a specific role in making this option superior to other mattresses in Australia. 

Certified gel-infused memory foam combines with a poly-knit fabric covering to make one of the best hybrid mattresses. The NOA mattress also features one layer of bamboo charcoal latex with 3cm long micro-coils for enhanced comfort and pressure relief. Exquisitely crafted for quality sleep, the unbeatable combination of gel memory foam and all-natural latex makes this option one of our top mattress choices.

Drawback: This mattress falls in the firmness range of 7 or 8 on a scale of 10. While this is preferred by most customers, people who prefer ultra-soft and sinking mattresses may not like this option. 

Verdict: This natural latex mattress has a super comfortable memory foam which is REACH certified. Also, each layer in the latex foam is held together by water-based glues, which keep the surface cool at all times. In any case, you get a 120-night trial opportunity to decide if it is the right mattress for you.

3. Zenna Latex Mattress

The Zenna latex mattress features a 100% pure European latex core that is entirely natural and allergen-free. With this natural latex mattress, you never have to worry about dust mites, mildew, or moisture taking over because the material offers natural resistance. But the defining feature of a Zenna mattress is its full support and pressure relief for all body parts. 

Essentially, this all-natural latex mattress has seven sleeping zones that keep the body in the most comfortable sleeping state in all positions. While synthetic latex heats up when sleeping, this mattress has ventilation holes with an open cell construction that removes excess heat and moisture. Plus, the bamboo mattress cover comes with a zip, making it easy to remove for washing.

Drawback: People with back pain, circulation issues, or allergies will love this product, but unfortunately, it is not available in physical stores. 

Verdict: Zenna mattress offers free Australia-wide shipping (except WA) along with a 100-day free trial. We also appreciate the versatility of this mattress in terms of firmness. One side is firm, while the other is slightly soft, so you can flip the mattress to use a side of your preference. 

4. Quokka Latex Mattress

If we have to describe this latex mattress in short, we’d say three words - durable, supportive, and organic. The Quokka mattress is made up of layers of premium and certified natural milky sap of rubber trees. These raw ingredients are processed without chemicals to get a high-quality natural latex to produce healthy and comfortable mattresses. 

Furthermore, this material is naturally resistant to dust mites and moisture, thus helping you sleep soundly. Another benefit of this mattress is its durability which gives the makers confidence to guarantee no sagging for 20 years. So, as the years go by, these natural latex mattresses do not lose their bounce and firmness. 

Drawback: There aren’t any significant drawbacks to this option, but we wished multiple orders arrived on the same day. 

Verdict: A 20-year guarantee for mattresses along with the option to exchange mattress layers even after 100 days of purchase make this option a winner. Besides, both the latex and the cotton covers are 100% organic and certified.

5. Pure Support Latex Mattress

Pure Support Latex Mattress is the final option we shortlisted for the purpose of this review. This option lies on the firmer side of the mattress softness scale and provides gentle support to the body. With hundreds of pin core holes for lumbar support, this design also increases breathability and keeps the temperature stable.  

Basically, the pin core holes create seven zones of support that target different body parts for better sleeping posture. Due to this technology, body weight is distributed evenly, and the spine gets a chance to align in a comfortable state. The mattress further offers two firmness levels, medium and firm, with both consisting of a 150 mm latex core and a 50 mm layer on one side. 

Drawback: Even though there aren’t any downsides to speak of, we thought this product is slightly on the pricier side.

Verdict: You can improve your sleeping posture by opting for either one of the two firmness sides in this mattress range. Also, the bamboo cover forms the final layer over the latex, giving a cooling effect. Handcrafted in Australia, the makers offer a 21-year guarantee for this mattress at the time of purchase.

Bonus Review

Sleep On 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Since we are talking about mattresses, we couldn’t help but mention this mattress topper by Sleep On. This option would be ideal for those of you looking for additional support and comfort to pair with the perfect mattress. It has a medium firmness level of 30 ILD, which is somewhat firm and is made of 100% natural latex. 

Since this topper is thick and adds about three more inches to your mattress, it can provide double the coziness, especially for those with joint pains. To add to that, this topper is pretty lightweight and comes in all sizes imaginable. Select the same size as your mattress and add it on top for a quality sleeping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to replace my mattress?

On average, a regular mattress will last you for a period of seven to ten years. If you are out shopping for a new mattress, it is likely that your mattress falls between this age or has suffered some damage. Hence, you may be experiencing discomfort, stiffness, and back or neck pains due to a deteriorating mattress.

So, a mattress must be replaced when it does not provide you with adequate support anymore. Watch out for signs like sagging, lumps, and more to know when to replace the mattress. 

Q. How firm should my mattress be?

We’ll say this is entirely a matter of preference, and there is no objective opinion on this. However, we will say that it is possible to guess the firmness required based on your most common sleeping position. If you like to sleep on your stomach, a firm mattress will help the spine stay aligned. 

On the other hand, frequent side sleepers might prefer a softer mattress for it will cushion the shoulders and other curves of the body. Finally, people who tend to sleep on their backs might be most comfortable with medium-firm mattresses. 

That being said, body type and weight also play a role in selecting mattress firmness. If the current mattress tends to sink in the middle, selecting a firmer option will turn out to be more comfortable. 

Q. Which mattress type will be the best for me?

Generally, we consider five broad categories of mattresses, and each has features that make them unique. Which one you prefer out of coil mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress, hybrid mattress, and pocket spring mattress is dependent on personal preference. But, there are pros and cons to each one, so here goes-

1. Coil Mattress

Coil mattresses are made of wires in coil form, and they are typically cheap and lightweight. But, they are not as durable, and one cannot expect them to last long. The coils can develop rust over the years, and comfort is another factor to consider. Since the coils move as one, the mattress will not curve to take the body’s shape. 

2. Latex Mattress

The good thing about latex is it is pretty breathable and long-lasting. So, neither does it heat up while sleeping, nor does it need replacement every few years. Also, it is a blessing in disguise for people with allergies because it is resistant to allergy-causing mould, mildew, and dust mites. 

However, it is not exactly the softest type of mattress and moving it to different locations might be challenging due to its weight.

4. Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress will sink in with your weight and reduce pressure, thus also helping with joint pains and circulation. It can take the shape of your body and does not have issues like rusting. On the downside, it does not provide firmness which some people might prefer. Also, if the memory foam does not have adequate ventilation, it will get overheated quickly.

5. Pocket Spring Mattress 

This type of mattress has individual strings of coils attached at regular intervals in fabric pockets. On the plus side, this option provides decent air circulation and keeps one cool while sleeping. Due to the individual coils, body weight is distributed evenly, giving the user added comfort. On the downside, the springs can rust, and the mattress tends to be heavy.

Q. What size of mattress should I select?

Factors like the number of people sleeping on the bed, the size of the room, and your personal needs and preferences are the most important. You might need to change from the current size if you are starting a family, moving houses, or downsizing from the previous set-up. 

Usually, any mattress should be good enough if it is 10 or 15 cm longer than the sleeper. You may also need to upsize if two people with small children or pets need to be accommodated in the same bed.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we’d like to mention that all the options we presented today are pretty top-notch in their own right. However, the  Peace lily Natural Latex Mattresses managed to shine as the creme de la creme from this list. With super comfortable foam made of all-natural materials, it was no surprise that this option managed to make its way to the top.

Another option that impressed us was the NOA Luxe Mattress which offers pure luxury at a reasonable price.

We hope the options presented here, along with the FAQs, helped resolve a few queries before you commit to purchasing one. So, the next time we meet, hopefully, you will have caught up on some z’s on a brand new mattress!