Are you a side sleeper and suffering from persistent knee pains? Your sleeping posture might be the reason behind all your knee problems. 

As a side sleeper, your entire body weight falls on your shoulders, hips, and knees. While it might not seem like a big deal, it can cause your body joints to act out, resulting in constant ache and discomfort. 

Trying out a new sleeping position can help you enjoy a much more comfortable sleep. However, changing the sleeping position can affect sleep quality, and you might wake up feeling tired every morning. 

So, is all hope lost for side sleepers? Certainly not when there are knee pillows to support your knees, even if you’re a heavy side sleeper. 

Today, we’ll review the top five knee pillows in Australia to help you choose the perfect one for a relaxing experience. Read on to know more! 

5 Best Knee Pillows In Australia Reviews 

1. 5 Stars Units Knee Pillow For Side Sleepers

First up, we have the memory foam knee pillow from 5 Stars Units that ensures you enjoy a comfortable and peaceful slumber without your knees knocking against each other. It has a wedge that separates your upper knee from the lower one while sleeping, creating enough space to avoid knee pain. This orthopaedic pillow also offers a therapeutic effect and reduces pressure on your spine while sleeping. 

It is made from premium-quality memory foam and high-density materials, perfect for a sound sleeping experience. Simply place it between your legs for superior knee support and it can alleviate sciatic nerve pain, enhance blood circulation, and maintain proper spinal alignment. The ergonomic structure and lemon aroma of the knee pillow are excellent for providing long-lasting comfort and pain relief, thanks to its non-temperature sensitive anti-pilling case. 


The knee pillow can be a bit too small for some side sleepers to adjust their thighs and knees. 


This orthopaedic knee pillow can be a great pick if you’re looking to rest your knees and avoid constant knee or hip pain. It can help eliminate any form of stress or discomfort in your waist, legs, hips, or knees every time you wake up as it becomes softer under heat. 

2. Comforever Leg Pillow

This memory foam leg pillow from Comforever is another excellent choice when you are looking for the best knee pillows. It has a contoured memory foam with soft curves that don’t sink under your weight to act as the perfect spacer for your legs. Pace the pillow below your knees and keep them elevated for 15 minutes to improve blood flow and relieve leg pain, especially during injury and pregnancy

Furthermore, as the memory foam knee pillow can offer well-balanced support to your neck, waist, and hip, it alleviates pressure on the body while you’re asleep. It also comes with a super-soft bamboo washable cover to block out dust and keep you cool in all conditions. In addition to this, this orthopaedic knee pillow is quite durable and won’t go flat with time, offering maximum support. 


The structure of this leg pillow is not suitable to create enough distance between the legs and knees. 


The knee pillow comes with a unique contour design that comprises 100% premium-quality visco-elastic memory foam which has no smell and offers balanced support to your body. It is also excellent for relieving waist pain in pregnant women and improving their overall health and sleep quality so that they can enjoy a refreshing slumber. 

3. Createstar Knee Pillow

Up next, the knee pillow from Createstar is excellent for supporting your knees and legs while bringing your hips and back to a natural position to relieve any stress or pain. It’s made from high-quality memory foam that adapts to the shape of your legs and offers maximum support all night long. Plus, the breathable material helps in better air circulation for the best sleeping experience. 

On top of this, it keeps you cool with its central hollow chamber that promotes better air circulation and helps relieve leg pain post-surgery. The pillow doesn’t get hot, so you don’t need to worry about experiencing night sweats even if you’re a hot sleeper. Its cushion cover is also easy to clean and made from removable polyester fabric, which makes it elastic and durable. 


The heart-shaped design of the memory foam leg pillow might not be perfect for the proper alignment of your spine. 


It is excellent for improving blood circulation and relieving pressure from your legs and knees as it provides optimal comfort while you’re sleeping. You can use it on the bed or sofa with its elastic band that won’t fall off whenever you feel a bit tired to avoid all discomfort and pain. 

4. Contour Legacy Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Thanks to its contoured memory foam, the Contour Legacy knee pillow can be an excellent choice to ease pain and offer you a great night’s sleep. It perfectly supports your upper leg to relieve pressure on your hip joints and backs without causing back or hip pain. Elevating your legs and knees, it can improve your sleeping alignment to guarantee better sleep every time you use this cushion. 

The ventilated memory foam of the knee pillow allows better air circulation and absorbs body heat with its temperature regulating foam technology. Its ergonomic design has soft curves and a crescent shape that allows you to move freely while you’re asleep without the pillow falling out. Also, it contours and adapts to the shape of your legs without restricting your movements, which makes it ideal for both men and women. 


You cannot use this knee pillow to elevate your knees as a back sleeper because it’s specially designed for side sleepers. 


If you’re looking for an orthopaedic knee pillow that can work like magic to relieve your leg and hip pain, the Contour Legacy knee pillow can be excellent. This memory foam pillow is ideal for supporting your body weight and improving your sleeping posture to relieve stress from the pressure points due to its ventilated air holes. 

5. Abco Tech Memory Foam Knee Pillow

This memory foam knee pillow from Abco Tech offers superior spine and back support to help maintain proper spinal alignment, which can be a problem for enjoying a refreshing slumber. It helps relieve sciatic nerve pain by relieving unnecessary stress and pressure on your spine, hip, waist, knees, and legs. You can sleep in a relaxed posture with this pillow to improve your sleep quality. 

Furthermore, the pillow facilitates better blood flow and offers optimal support to your top leg, knee, and entire lumbar region. It’s also made from hypoallergenic material and has a washable cushion cover to guarantee good health and hygiene. On top of this, the visco-elastic material makes the pillow extremely lightweight and comfortable, so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort once you place it between the legs. 


The design of this knee pillow might not create sufficient space between your knees and legs while you’re asleep. 


The superior quality of this knee pillow is excellent for lifting your upper knee and properly aligning the spine so that you don’t feel any discomfort in the body joints. Get ready to say goodbye to restless nights with its 100% visco-elastic foam layers that are soft to touch and suitable for use after surgery. 


Now that you’ve gone through our reviews of some of the best knee pillows available in Australia, your head must be swarming with several questions. In this section, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about using knee pillows and their potential health benefits. Let’s take a look! 

1. Why are memory foam knee pillows better than regular cushions?

Memory foam knee pillows are better than your regular cushions or pillows as they offer better support to your legs and knees while sleeping. When you place the pillow between the legs to keep them elevated, the memory foam material contours and adapts to the shape of your legs. You won’t even feel that there’s a pillow lodged between your legs after a while. 

Also, by adapting to the shape of your individual legs, memory foam knee pillows help to maintain sufficient distance between the two legs. In that way, they help in the proper alignment of your spine while you are sleeping. But regular pillows cannot adapt to the shape of your legs and fail to offer the best support. 

2. How can a knee pillow relieve hip pain?

Wrong sleeping posture can misalign your spine, putting too much strain on your lower back, waist, and hip that can cause persistent hip and back pains. If you’re a side sleeper, your upper leg usually falls over the lower leg without proper support, which can put unnecessary pressure on the spine, causing discomfort. 

However, using the right knee pillow can help support your top leg and create sufficient distance between the legs, improving your sleeping alignment to relieve the pressure points. You can enjoy a comfortable sleep without waking up with any back or hip pain. 

3. What is the ideal thickness of a good leg pillow?

A good leg pillow should have a thickness between four and six inches to separate your legs just enough to align them correctly while you are sleeping. If you use a thicker cushion, it’ll spread your legs far too much and put unnecessary pressure on the spine. 

4. Are knee pillows washable?

Most knee pillows come with a removable and washable cover that’s quite easy to clean. While some covers can be washed in a washing machine, you might need to wash others with your hands. It’s always a good idea to carefully go through the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer before washing your knee pillow cover. 

If you might end up washing the pillow cover in the wrong way, it might impact the material and quality of your knee pillow, voiding the product warranty. 

5. How do you sleep with a leg pillow?

Sleeping with a knee pillow can be quite comfortable and effortless if you know how to use it correctly. Place the pillow between your knees to separate them from one another. The ergonomic wedge or crescent-shaped design of the pillow helps in keeping it in place all night long without using any elastic strap. 

Moreover, the memory foam material adapts to the shape of your legs without restricting your movements while sleeping. It contours around your legs and offers maximum support so that you don’t feel any discomfort. You can easily roll around while holding the pillow between your legs without waking up. Thus, you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep if you choose the best knee pillow. 

6. What’s the average lifespan of a knee pillow?

Depending on the brand, a knee pillow can last from one to several years. Carefully read through the customer reviews of the pillow to know about its longevity, as many pillows are thrown away because of hygiene issues. It’s best to go for knee pillows made of premium-quality, soft, washable, and hypoallergenic materials so that you can use them for a long time. 

Final Verdict 

Choosing the best knee pillow can be a daunting task if you don’t know much about these pillows to begin with and what to look for. 

After going through our product reviews, we hope you have a better idea of the benefits of using a knee pillow and how it can help you enjoy a comfortable, good night’s sleep. You need not worry about waking up every morning with sore hip muscles or persistent back pain after using the best leg pillow. 

If you want our recommendation, we’ll definitely suggest trying out the 5 Stars Units Knee Pillow, which keeps your legs elevated and removes pressure from the spine. However, you can always look through other products before making any decision. 

Take care and see you next time!