Alongside good nutrition, one of the most important contributors to the growth of the average child is good sleep. So, spending time finding the best beds and bed frames for children is well worth the effort. 

However, this is not a simple task because many different kinds of children's bed frames are available in Australia. You must be aware of specific details if you want the best for your children. Plus, you have to consider an option that wouldn’t exactly put a dent in your wallet. 

All these can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a new parent. But don't worry. We will provide you with all the information you require regarding the top children's beds in Australia alongside their pros and cons.

Best Kids’ Bed 

Here are the top 5 beds in Australia that you can buy for your children.

1. Paddington Bed Base

With its "pure ash" coloured structure and "silver fox" coloured fabric, the Koala Paddington Bed Base is a smart option for your child's bedroom. It's straightforward to put together and doesn't need any special equipment. It was recently awarded a good design award, which is not surprising.

This bed base is constructed with four 'panel slats,' contributing to its exceptional robustness. Since it is well-padded and provides stability, the headboard is excellent for sitting or reading time.

The Koala Paddington Bed Base is an excellent purchase for parents who are searching for an upscale and fashionable bed base for their child and who want to give their child the best.

Furthermore, they also offer a 5-year guarantee.


  • 120-night trial period
  • Free delivery on the mattress
  • Dust, mites, and bacteria-free


  • Can require two people to assemble

2. Helena Teepee Pine Timber Single Bed for Kids

The Helena Teepee Bed is the ideal setting for a restful nap or exciting playtime adventures. This bed is a safe and practical choice that is low to the ground, providing you with an additional measure of peace of mind. 

The sturdy wooden structure comes in either natural wood or white colour. It can go with any style of children's bedroom. Since it is made of safe materials, you can rest easy knowing that your kids will be safe if you bring this bed frame into your home. The Helena Teepee Bed can accommodate a single mattress that conforms to the Australian standard. This single bed has dimensions of 199 cm x 105 cm x 137 cm.


  • Fashionable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for young kids, including toddlers
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • Will require basic assembly before use

3. Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed

Regarding toddler beds in Australia, this is one of the top picks. With the 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed by Delta Children, your child will be eager to head off to bedtime. This vibrant bed will serve as the focal point of any child racer's bedroom thanks to its high-octane decals of Lightning McQueen and Cruz and its three-dimensional footboard carved in the shape of McQueen's face.

This bed is at the ideal height for a child and comes with two built-in guardrails, so you can rest easy knowing that your child is safe while they sleep. Babies who are 15 months or older and starting to show signs of becoming toddlers would benefit significantly from this bed. A baby weighing up to 50 pounds can rest safely in this durable crib. The structure works perfectly with Disney crib mattresses and duvet covers.


  • Built-in guardrails
  • Weighs only 7.3 kg
  • Budget-friendly


  • Headboard, footboard, and side rails are made from plastic

4. Oikiture Vela House Bed Frame

Children generally enjoy opportunities to show off their artistic talents. And we've got a nice, cosy place for them to stay in their dreams. 

This bed is not only adorable but also the ideal sleeping arrangement for those who aren't quite ready for a bigger bed. Since the base of the bed is low to the floor, it provides an additional layer of reassurance for the parent and child. The bed frame is made of pine wood and plywood slats, and it has a house-like design that allows for customisation with various accessories. This is one of the most stylish beds currently on the market in Australia.


  • Non-toxic paint certified
  • Supports up to 150 kg
  • 1-year warranty
  • Perfectly fits Australian single-size mattress


  • Requires assembly

5. Artiss King Single Bed Frame Timber with Trundle Bed

If your home is already quite full, finding a convenient spot to stow away an extra bed can be difficult. However, finding an extra bed for guests like friends and family who unexpectedly drop by to stay for a couple of nights can be a real puzzle. Not if you have something like our Artiss Elvis Trundle Bed, though.

When the bed is not being utilised, the spare bed can be tucked away neatly underneath the primary bed. When the time comes to put it to use, all you have to do is slide it out on either side, and the additional bed will be ready to accommodate your tired visitor. 

Both bed frames are made of sturdy pine wood and feature quality timber slats designed to distribute weight evenly. The bed frames can easily accommodate Australian king single mattresses.


  • Use of non-toxic paint
  • Trundle bed can be slid from both sides
  • Suitable for both adults and children


  • Only available in king size


With this guide to the best children's beds in Australia, we hope to have made it easier for you to find beds for your children. Don't forget to consider your kid's preferences and comfort level before purchasing any kind, especially a bed. Investing in a secure and comfortable bed is essential because kids use it for fighting and napping. However, the beds mentioned above are not only stylish but also secure. Therefore, pick out one of these beds and ensure that your kids have a restful and cosy night's sleep.