Top 5 Alternatives For Emma Mattress

1. Best Alternative: Koala

Pricing Range

Emma - $574.50 - $854.50
Koala - $759 - $1299


  • 10-year warranty
  • 120-night trial
  • Anti-slip base fabric

One of our top recommendations is the new Koala mattress, suitable for just about any sleeper. Made from a combination of polyester,  TENCEL lyocell, and polyurethane foam, it helps sleepers maintain a healthy sleeping posture with minimal partner disturbance.

The top surface is a 7cm comfort layer of TENCEL lyocell, which strikes the right balance between absorbing and releasing moisture for optimum temperature regulation. It's followed by a customisable double-sided Kloudcell layer, which comes with a medium-firm feel. But if you want firmer support, simply unzip and flip it- it's that easy!

The firm polyester base provides optimum support, especially below the hip to prevent you from sinking into the mattress. On top of that, the anti-slip dots keep it from sliding around, so users don't have to adjust it constantly, even with constant tossing and turning around.

Lastly, this mattress is available in five different sizes, ranging from single to king size.

2. Best Hybrid Alternative: Origin

Pricing Range:
Origin - $414 - $814
Eva - $750 - $1,150


  • HexaGrid™ orthopedic layer 
  • Good value
  • 120 night trial + 15 year warranty

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Origin puts a lot of effort into R&D, and they take advice from the global markets where their mattresses are available; the UK, Singapore, and Australia. The mattress has won several awards thanks to patent-pending technology and a team of sleep experts. Let’s see the layers.

At the top; is the signature HexaGrid™ orthopedic layer that provides maximum comfort while cradling pressure points. There are two more layers of foam, a transitional layer, and a firmer layer. Individual pocket springs are located underneath that.

For deeper sleep, Origin foams are infused with cooling particles that maintain your body temperature at 18.3°C. To top it off, you get a 120 night trial and 15 year warranty.

3. Australian Made: Dusk And Dawn Essential

Pricing Range

Emma - $574.50 - $854.50

Dusk And Dawn Essential: $1,199-$1,799


  • Multi-zoned iso-coil pocket coil system
  • Elasta-gel cool gel memory foam
  • GECA-certified foam

Next we have this 7-layer memory foam mattress, which is essentially a 5-zone independent ISO coil pocket sprung mattress that reinforces pressure relief and body contouring. At the same time, it minimises partner disturbance to help you get a good night's sleep.

Furthermore, there are a couple of natural wool and elasta-gel layers that regulate body temperature and airflow better than traditional memory foam or other memory foam mattresses. The natura-wool layer, in particular, works to keep you cool in summer and warm in winters. Hence, users don't have to worry about getting a new mattress every season.

Not only that, but its antibacterial and anti-dust mite properties also makes for a clean and hygienic cleaning environment while cutting down on your maintenance efforts.

What's more, buyers can choose between two firmness levels, i.e., comfy medium (rated 5-6 on the firmness scale) and firm support (rated 7-8 on the firmness scale) at no extra cost. And if you need more customisation options for the firmness, the brand can also design the mattress to meet your specific needs.

4. Hybrid Alternative: Noa

Pricing Range

Emma - $574.50 - $854.50

Noa: $977- $1,199


  • Hand-tufted Tencel top
  • Premium latex build
  • Free returns and full refund

The Noa hybrid mattress is one of the best selling hybrid mattresses from the brand, and we aren't surprised why. For starters, it's made from a blend of premium latex, cooling gel-infused memory foam, and pocket springs that provide adequate support to all the pressure points, much like an orthopaedic mattress.

Moreover, the top layer features a hand-tufted and natural Tencel cover that brings both antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties to the table. It also resists the formation of wrinkles while securing the other foam layers inside the mattress.

Talking about the firmness on offer, this medium-firm mattress scores a 7 on the firmness scale, which is considered "universally comfortable."

In tandem with a hint of softness, it's suitable for almost any sleeper and sleeping position. Besides, the gel foam and pocket springs do a good job of regulating the temperature and airflow to facilitate maximum breathability.

5. Customisable: Macoda

Pricing Range

Emma - $574.50 - $854.50

Macoda – $800 – $1300


  • Cold memory foam layer
  • Pocket sprung build
  • Eco-friendly, breathable fabric

We couldn't have wrapped up this list without mentioning the Macoda hybrid mattress. Sporting a lovely all-white exterior, it's built from a combination of the familiar 5-zone support system for targeted pressure relief and a latex layer that offers just the right amount of cushioning.

Other than that, the memory foam layer has thousands of cooling gel beads, which is ideal for hot sleepers. And the softness is comparable to any premium Nectar mattress.

But what appealed to us the most was the top bamboo wicks fabric layer, which is extremely soft, breathable, and of course, eco-friendly.

Plus, unzipping and removing it will reveal two foam inserts, which can be used to adjust the firmness of the mattress. For a softer feel, just flip the top insert, and for a firmer feel, place the bottom insert on top.

6. Budget: Zinus Icoil

Pricing Range

Emma - $574.50 - $854.50

Zinus – $279 – $439


  • Individually-wrapped steel coils
  • CertiPur-US certified
  • 10-year warranty

If enhanced edge support is on your mind, then the Zinus Icoil may be your best bet. The combination of the tightly knit edges and individually-wrapped steel coils enhances the overall edge support of this mattress. Furthermore, the latter employs uniform weight distribution to provide better support while reducing motion transfer.

The high-density foam layers on top of the springs cushion your pressure points without causing you to sink into the mattress. Additionally, the knitted jacquard fabric cover makes for a breathable, comfortable, and hygienic sleeping base.

Potential buyers will also be glad to know that the CertiPur-US certified foam used in this mattress is free from any harmful substances, like mercury, lead, or formaldehyde.

Final Verdict

That brings us to the end of our guide. But before we say our goodbye, here's a quick shoutout to our favourites from the list:

Best alternative: Koala

Koala is our top recommendation, as it employs an all-round approach to help you sleep better. From providing necessary support to the pressure points to keeping you cool on hot days- this one does everything. And the variety in sizes means there's something for every bed frame.

Runner Up: Origin

The Origin hybrid mattress can be the perfect replacement for your Emma Diamond hybrid mattress with its pocket spring and top custom comfort layer. Aside from that, the universally comfortable firmness rating saves users from the hassle of customising the mattress. However, you don’t get as many bells and whistles but you do save some money.