Is it safe to leave an electric blanket on?

Modern electric blankets are safe to use and have a minimal risk factor. Even if you use to leave it on all night, however, with time, these electric blankets may pose a threat to your safety. when left on for longer durations. Improperly used blankets carry the risk of short circuits that may be a hazard to leave on for longer durations. It would be best to use electric blankets under professional advice, especially around children or pregnant women, for safety purposes.  

Are electric blankets good for arthritis?

Electric blankets are known for their extra heat layer that may help elevate joint pains and muscle sores. Since heat therapy is a fair treatment for arthritis, electric blankets can aid in this process. Heat therapy improves circulation in your muscles and tissues to reduce soreness and decrease pain. 

Electric blankets produce heat that enhances muscle flexibility and improves your range of motion in your joints. It can help you sleep more soundly and ease your pain.

Do heated blankets use a lot of electricity?

Generally, electric blankets consume significantly less energy. They use about two units of electricity which can be used for over 20 hours continuously. It is excellent at assisting your heating plan in the house since heaters cost more than electric blankets. 

Therefore, electric blankets are the most efficient solution for indoor heating in cold weather.

Can you wash an electric blanket?

Some electric blankets have a machine wash feature, which means you can toss them in the washer to clean them. However, proper precautionary measures should be taken so as not to damage the built-in wires. It is advisable to run the washer at the lowest possible setting. 

Another option is hand washing them, which is a safer alternative. You have to take care and not get the wires soaked all the way through for an extended time. You can even dry an electric blanket in the dryer or let it air after washing.

Can you put blankets on top of a heated blanket?

The best way to use an electric blanket is to place it over another blanket. It is not safe to use the electric blanket directly over your body or sleep straight on top of it. Always place another blanket on top or under it when using. 

This method will decrease the risk of overheating your body when sleeping. Experts recommend turning off the electric blanket before you sleep or use it to pre-heat the bed before you get in.

Best budget: Russell Hobbs polyester electric blanket

The Russell Hobbs Polyester Electric Blanket is a single-size electric blanket that uses a 60 W power run. It is made from 100%polyester and comes at an affordable price. It comes with detachable controllers that you can remove and machine-wash.

This electric blanket offers three different heat settings that let you control the temperature to your desire. You get a two-year guarantee with this product, so you known you are getting the best deal out of it. The Russell Hobbs Polyester Electric Blanket is BEAB approved.

Tontine Microfibre heated topper

This queen-size electric blanket is a combination of microfiber and polyester. This fabric provides ultimate comfort and warmth to help you sleep peacefully. It has a removable lop layer of the quilt, making it more convenient for use. The Tony Microfibre heated topper features three heat settings- low, medium, and high so that you can choose your preferred heat settings.

One of this electric blanket's best features is an automatic turn-off setting that shuts after 12 continuous hours of use. It also has overheat protection. This feature ensures safety for the user.

Jason Washable electric blanket

The Jason Washable Electric Blanket features a soft and warm feeling that improves your sleep. It comes with an integrated safety system that protects you against any over-heating. This electric blanket offers an entirely knit fitted skirt that you can place on the bed effortlessly. It is also fully machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it.

Made with 100% polyester material, the Jason Washable Electric Blanket adds to your warmth, comfort, and safety for those cold weathers.

Goldair Tie-down electric blanket

This cozy tie-down electric blanket is designed as a bottom sheet for Queen sized beds. It features three different heat settings that you can control from a fixed controller. This electric blanket comes with a one-year warranty to ensure you the best service. It is thoroughly tested for safety, so you don't have to worry about any short circuits or overheating problems when using this product.

The Goldair Tie-down Electric blanket is a must-have for those chilly nights and cold weather.