As the Irish proverb goes, "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything." 

And the best way to get a good night's sleep is by ensuring you have a comfortable mattress. There are several mattresses on the market catering to various needs and requirements, but we'll be focusing on the best double mattress options meant explicitly for the hot Australian weather. 

Let's look at the 5 best double mattresses available right now and their features. 

5 Best Double Mattress In Australia

1. Emma Comfort Mattress

The Emma Comfort Mattress is an affordable yet durable mattress meant for all sleeping positions. It has a high-quality foam interior that consists of two layers - the initial layer is made up of an Airogell foam, crafted specifically to keep your body cool throughout the night. The mattress also hugs your body when you lay on it, giving you the most comfortable sleep without a sore back. 

Moreover, the second layer of this mattress comprises an HRX foam layer that keeps your body from sinking into the mattress. With zoned cuts, spinal alignment, and weight distribution properties, the Emma mattress provides your body with the right amount of support. Furthermore, the outer cover of the mattress mainly consists of polyester and 1% elastane to enhance the overall fit. And thanks to the polyester cover you don't have to worry about cleaning the mattress either.


The edge support of the Emma Comfort Mattress is average at best, which can lead to sagging if not properly maintained. 


For a double mattress, the Emma Comfort mattress is an ideal option thanks to its lack of motion transfer and spinal alignment. Also, comfort is not a problem with this mattress due to its firm foam interiors and zoned support system. 

2. The Koala Mattress

Koala is one of Australia's most popular mattress manufacturers that first introduced business-to-consumer products. They offer three mattresses with customisable options, allowing them to cater to a broader range of customers. Koala mattresses are known for their durability, and consumers have minimal complaints regarding their long-term performance. Additionally, this mattress features Kloudcell foam technology and zoned support, enabling you to get the utmost comfort. 

In terms of its cover, the mattress has a Tencel Lyocell fibre that functions well in retaining moisture and regulating overall body temperature. Moreover, it's flippable, so you can get more use from a single mattress. A feature of this mattress that consumers appreciated was the ZoneOut transition layer, which distributes your body weight while still providing sufficient support. The heat retention feature was also well received, especially by Australian clients who required a cooler mattress. 


The Koala mattress is mainly made from memory foam, which leads to slight sinking in specific places over time. 


All in all, the Koala mattress is ideal if you need zoned-support while still focusing on the cooling aspect. Additionally, they are pretty durable and can be flipped over to get more use out of the Kloudcell foam technology. 

3. The Origin Hybrid Mattress 

Double mattresses are generally preferred by couples or people sharing a bed. In such cases, a lack of motion transfer is necessary, and the Origin Hybrid mattress provides just that. This means both you and your loved one can sleep comfortably on the foamy five-layered mattress. Additionally, its memory foam CloudCool layer lets you stay cool throughout the night, making it ideal for the Australian weather. 

In terms of support, the mattress has a pocket spring mechanism that provides you with the proper support without compromising comfort. You won't have to worry about breathability, thanks to the springs that regulate internal temperature. Adding to the breathability factor is the Tencel cover, which also includes protection against dust-mite and bacteria, so if you have any allergies, this mattress will be ideal. 


The cover of the Origin Hybrid Mattress is not machine washable, which makes it challenging to keep the covers clean. 


The Origin Hybrid mattress is one of the best double mattresses on the Australian market due to its CloudCool layer and spring system. Apart from the value for money, the mattress's overall quality, breathability, and support make it an ideal choice for the long term. 

4. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is a premium mattress that falls on the steeper end of the price range. As Emma's first hybrid mattress, the design's main focus was to withstand the hot Australian weather. Comprising four layers of foam, this mattress provides pressure relief, sturdy body support, and breathability, while reducing motion transfer. Additionally, the HRX foam layer of the mattress contains a 3-zone system that gives you personalised body support. 

To keep your body cool throughout the night, Emma features a polyester cover known to be breathable. Furthermore, polyester is a material that can be easily washed, so you won't have any trouble maintaining the cover. In terms of looks, this mattress features a dual-tone design along with four handles that make portability easier. However, it is slightly on the firmer side compared to other Emma Mattresses.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is a pretty expensive model and might not be feasible for people with budget constraints. 


This premium mattress provides you with impressive edge and body support, making it ideal for all sleeping positions. Moreover, the mattress has a high-quality cooling system, so the Australian heat would not disrupt your sleep. 

5. Dusk & Dawn Premiere MK2

The Premier MK2 mattress comes in two models, medium and firm, with key features of comfort and support. Comprising seven layers, this mattress includes a cooling mechanism with body heat regulation, pressure relief and breathability. It is also designed to repel dust mites and bacteria, making it an ideal option for people with allergies. The lack of motion transfer even ensures you can sleep well with your partner without disruptions. 

The mattress is also highly durable, including a 3D mesh gusset which promotes airflow through the mattress. You won't have to worry about the mattress being too firm or too soft since there are several firmness levels. Another impressive feature of the mattress is its edge support, which ensures you won't have to deal with the mattress sinking after prolonged use. 


The mattress cover cannot be removed, and you will have to use a mild detergent to clean spots rather than the whole cover. 


The Premiere MK2 mattress is well-made with a cooling mechanism and pressure relief feature, allowing it to cater to a larger audience. Additionally, the mattress has breathable covers that allow you to get comfortable sleep, along with regulated body temperature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will a double mattress last?

The ideal period a mattress should last is typically between 7 and 10 years, but several factors can impact the mattress's longevity. Some significant factors include the quality of the mattress cover and its interior, the materials used for making it, and the user's body weight. Even how you sleep and your sleeping position can influence how long your mattress stays intact. 

Agreed, there is no specific date when a mattress will expire and it mainly depends on you if the mattress needs to be replaced or if the current one is good enough. But often, people get so used to their mattress that they don't notice if there is a problem with it, which makes switching pretty difficult. 

To make things easier, keeping track of the mattress's features will help. If you experience back problems or get allergic reactions, it's a sign that the mattress needs to be replaced. 

A night of quality sleep is essential for your health and overall functioning, and a good mattress can help with that. Ensure that you opt for mattresses with specific features, like cooling technology, body support, etc. Though mattresses can be quite expensive, keeping track of your mattress's quality and replacing them if needed is an absolute necessity. 

2. What factors influence the longevity of a mattress? 

As mentioned above, several factors influence the lifespan of your mattress. Here are the most common ones: 

A. Materials Used 

The types of material used to manufacture a mattress will significantly affect its performance and overall longevity. Typically, the materials that last the longest are latex and high-density polyfoam, whereas low-density polyfoam tends to last much less long. 

B. Quality Of The Mattress

The original quality of the mattress plays an essential role in determining how long it will last. Generally, cheaper entry-level mattresses get damaged within a short period, whereas high-end mattresses last longer. Though an expensive product doesn't always equate to quality, it is believed that the materials used in the mattress are better in higher-end models. 

Naturally, when they're made with better quality materials, the mattresses tend to last significantly longer. 

C. Type Of Mattress

There are different types of mattresses, from all foam and hybrid to latex and innerspring. The type of mattress you choose can affect its overall lifespan, with latex being the most long-lasting type and innerspring being the least long-lasting. High-density memory foam mattresses and polyfoam also last pretty long, whereas lower-density and hybrid beds do not hold up well over time. 

3. How to make your mattress last longer? 

It is believed that people spend a third of their life sleeping, so for a product that is used constantly, measures to make it last longer are necessary. Here are a few tips to make your mattress last longer.

A. Use A Protection Cover

Even if you try to get into bed after tidying yourself, there are chances that your mattress can get dirty. Additionally, accidents are common, and you might end up damaging your mattress due to spills. To minimise this risk, using a mattress protector can help, as most mattress protectors are made with waterproof fabric, which allows them to withstand spillage or sweating. 

B. Provide Proper Support 

Providing the right support is necessary for a mattress to last longer. Different mattresses have different requirements, which will be made clear by their manufacturers. For instance, innerspring mattresses require a box spring, whereas foam beds need a more solid base. 

Make sure that the platform you own is able to withstand your body weight, along with providing support for the mattress. 

C. Avoid Bouncing On The Bed 

This is a rule that especially applies to people who have kids. Kids can be full of energy and jumping on the bed is a common way of having fun. But when there is excess tension on the mattress due to the constant jumping, it will eventually damage the springs of the mattress. 

Additionally, jumping on the bed can be a safety hazard, so enforcing this rule is not a bad idea. 

D. Don't Eat/Drink On The Bed 

Eating in bed is a guilty pleasure for many, and breakfast in bed is a very common concept. However, bits and pieces of your food can end up on the mattress regardless of how carefully you eat. These crumbs will act as a magnet for cockroaches and other bugs to make their way onto your bed, which is unsafe and uncomfortable. 

If you cannot give up eating or drinking on your bed, you should consider changing your sheets frequently. This way, you can have your food in bed without worrying about attracting hungry roaches or ants. 


If you ask us to pick an all-rounder mattress, we will go with the Origin Hybrid Mattress. Its foamy interior ensures you get comfortable sleep by regulating the body temperature. Additionally, this mattress is allergy-friendly, making it more useful for a majority of people. 

A close second is Dusk & Dawns Premiere MK2, with two different types of firmness options available. Moreover, there is minimal to zero motion transfer so that you can sleep comfortably with your loved one. 

We hope you found this guide helpful, and keep a watch on this space for more such informative articles.