Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

wrist brace adjustable

This brace by ComfyBrace is fairly new to amazon. However, they have one of the top rated arthritis hand compression gloves that is breathable and definitely could help with support when sleeping. 

This brace is thicker and gives you maximum support for injured or weak wrists making it ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome. What makes the Comfybrace excellent is that it's adjustable, so it's designed to fit everyone. 

To top it off, it’s designed to fit both the right and left hands, has cushioned beads, and the material is breathable.

Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace

mueller wrist brace

With the Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace, carpal tunnel syndrome pain and swelling can be relieved. Wrist braces support weak or injured wrists while allowing your thumbs and fingers to move freely. 

Wearing the soft, lightweight fabric all day is comfortable. It’s made of latex-free recycled materials and is antimicrobial to eliminate odors. 

It's designed for the right hand and is available in small/medium and large/extra large sizes. It also has two adjustable straps to make it easy to put on and adjust.

FENGJIDA Wrist Strap

carpal wrist brace

Your wrist will not feel uncomfortable due to the soft material. As opposed to the average wrist compression strap, your wrist brace has an adjustable strap for custom compression tight or loose. The wrist support follows ergonomic design,which means there will be no discomfort felt on your wrist.

Compressing your wrists can help heal sore, stiff wrist muscles and give your injured wrist more support during sleep and rest. The hand wrist brace is made of breathable fabric, which absorbs sweat quickly and doesn't retain moisture. The result is a dry wrist that doesn't stink.

The wrist compression strap has unparalleled flexibility, is not bulky and is easy to carry, making it suitable for most daily tasks and outdoor sports.

REVIX Wrist Ice Wrap

wrist ice pack for carpal tunnel

This ice wrist strap is perfect for cold compress therapy and refreezable gel braces. It is easy to apply without a towel or cloth because of the plush side. Plush covers help you gradually adjust to the cold and prevent condensation from dripping from the cooling system. In addition to reducing swelling, bruising, and sprains, this wrist ice brace relieves symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The thumb hole allows for a better fit around your wrist. If you want to ice your thumb, you can do so inside. Cold packs can be worn on either the right or left wrist and hand due to their reversible design. After about 10 minutes of plush side icing, you can switch to the nylon side for a colder and longer application. To soothe pain in targeted areas of your hand, you can apply a variety of methods.

With a lower ice point gel (-13°F), the ice packs will stay smooth and pliable when frozen, allowing you to store them in the freezer with the plastic bag included so that they are always ready for use.

Night Support Wrist Brace

mullers support brace

Muller's support brace relieves pain, tingling and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and repetitive motion injuries. During sleep, the night support wrist brace maintains the wrist in a stable, neutral position.

The design allows for easy one-handed application. It is lightweight and comfortable for all-night use. However, there have been negative reviews saying that it slips off and isn't always secure.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you may wonder why it's so painful. Researchers are studying the condition, but some patients may have predispositions for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Such a user has a greater chance of injuring a median nerve due to their natural passageway.

Carpal tunnel injuries can also be caused by age and gender. Weight and other health issues may also contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Furthermore, pregnant females can feel carpal tunnel pain.

How can the best carpal tunnel braces help?

When mildly or moderately ill individuals suffer from symptoms of carpal tunnel, conservative treatment may be the best choice. Rarely, a hand splint or support brace can be used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. 

A strap is a sturdy and supportive piece of clothing that prevents inflammatory reactions and promotes healing. Each case of carpal tunnel is different. Although uncommon, braces can make recovery more difficult.

How long should you wear a wrist splint?

Braces should be worn for at least four to eight weeks, unless your symptoms disappear. The wearing of a wristband at night helps reduce swelling in the wrist and decreases tension.

How can I stop Carpal Tunnel Pain at Night?

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve in the hands and forearm is compressed, causing several uncomfortable symptoms, including pain and discomfort. You may even have difficulty sleeping due to the discomfort.

Braces are the easiest way to reduce pain in your left or right hand because they keep your hand in a neutral position. They are designed to prevent wrist bending while sleeping. If you are working, you should wear braces to avoid pain.

Is it okay to wear wrist braces at night?

The majority of doctors accept braces. An injury to the median nerve of the wrist can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can worsen at night when your hand is compressed, bent, and pressed more. 

Should you wear a carpal tunnel brace to bed?

When we sleep, our hands bend backwards, causing the nerves to be pinched. Patients can alleviate pain and discomfort by sleeping with their hands in the right position while wearing a brace.

Carpal tunnel braces for typing

Almost all industries and their methods have been influenced by computer systems. When you work at home, you will probably have to type most of the time. Your wrists will be affected by repetitive motion combined with keyboard and mouse pressure.

Maintaining good health can be achieved by finding a good carpal tunnel brace. They help relieve pressure on your wrist to avoid pains while typing or on the computer. 

Other carpal tunnel treatments

If the brace does not work, you might want to consider taking medication. NSAIDs are anti-inflammatory medications. They reduce inflammation, which is often the cause of pain.

Conservative treatments can sometimes be more expensive than others. Corticosteroid injections along with physical therapy and bracing are becoming more popular for treating acute carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery may be necessary in severe cases. Most cases can be treated without surgery.


If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you know how frustrating it is to suffer wrist pain. In addition to being uncomfortable and painful, you can get angry when the symptoms stop you from sleeping. 

By wearing carpal tunnel braces during sleep, your wrist will be supported and relieved of chronic pain. Among the carpal tunnel sleep braces reviewed above, any will provide support and protection to the wrists in a comfortable way.