A place for your nightstand, phone, a good book, or even midnight snacks - the perfect bedside table holds all your nighttime essentials.

After all, getting out of the covers can seem like a challenging task once you are warm and cosy in bed. And perhaps, nothing can beat the convenience of reaching out and slamming the snooze button early in the morning.

At the same time, these nifty additions can bring your entire bedroom decor together. So whether you are going for a rustic design or something more elegant, the market is flooding with beautiful bedside tables that add functionality and the perfect finishing touches.

To guide you through the plethora of stylish options, we have curated a list of our top picks of the best bedside tables in Australia today.

6 Australian Bedside Tables Reviews

1. Vecelo DC-NS01-BLK-A2

Best Bedside Table For Small Bedrooms

This rustic yet modern number from Vecelo blends the best of both worlds into two adorable matching bedside tables that can also fulfil your side table needs. Engineered from high-quality MDF board, the table shelves mimic the appearance of solid and dark wood.

Product Review

And while looks often do deceive, that is not the case with this sturdy unit. That said, the construction materials and excellent craftsmanship make it aesthetically pleasing and durable at once. In fact, you will find that the particleboard substrate has a woodgrain finish overlay that protects the surface from unsightly scratches.

To top it all off, the makers have equipped this furniture piece with metal legs that hold up the structure with firm stability. The metal features also extend and run along the sides of the sharp and sleek unit in a cross pattern, adding clean lines and personality to the table.

As for storage capacity, the Vecelo DC-NS01-BLK-A2 consists of two open shelves and a tabletop measuring 11.8"x 15.7" – a decent size for your lamp, remote controls, candles, books, and so on. As an added tip, buyers can place a container on the bottom shelf to create a make-shift drawer.

Given its compact size and all-black design, this classic-style piece is well-suited for a small bedroom and cramped spaces. The small frame also allows buyers to handle and put it together with ease. However, those who aren't mechanically inclined can order a pre-assembled unit, and the company will send it over at an additional cost.


  • A sleek, all-black design
  • Suitable for rooms with limited floor space
  • Durable
  • Realistic imitation-wood parts


  • It does not include drawers

2. Koalas Bedside Table

Best oak veneer bedside table

koala bedside table review

The Koala Bedside Table combines functionality and style. It has solid wood, clever cable management, and is aesthetically pleasing.

What we love

The cable management system: You generally have your phone on your nightstand, so tangled cables can always be a problem. With Koala's clever cable management system, that's no longer an issue.

Design: It's sleek ice coffee colour, oak veneer finish and solid ash corners make this an unique stylish product. Plus there is plenty of room for lamps, candles, books, keys, phones, and much more.

Plus, the Koala Bedside Table is made from sustainable timber, and it comes with free 4 hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

When you pair this with a stylish bed frame, your bedroom will be the envy of any interior designer.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 50 cm
  • Width: 44 cm
  • Length: 40 cm
  • Weight: 12.2 kg


  • Free & fast metro delivery
  • 120 night trial
  • 5-year warranty


  • On the costly side

3. The Original BedShelfie

Most Innovative Bedside Table

Already featured in business news websites and digital home-improvement magazines, the Original BedShelfie is an exciting bedside table - to say the least. In fact, it completely reinvents the idea of a bedside table to create a practical piece that personifies minimalist living.

Product Review

Indeed, with a surface area of 12.75" x 8.5", this nightstand alternative does not take an inch of extra floor space. Whether you are a college student living in a tiny dorm or an urbanite in a cramped studio in the city, the BedShelfie might be just what you need.

Even if you don't absolutely need it, this nifty find is excellent for those who enjoy watching movies or working on the laptop from the comforts of their bed.

That said, the genius design comprises of a shelf-like structure, or a tray, with a versatile clamp that attaches to up to 2.25-inch wide bedframes. And don't worry about any scratches; the thick felt padding on the clamp ensures that buyers can safely remove and secure it back in place.

While this feature protects your furniture, the rounded edges prevent scratched shins and knees if you happen to bump into the BedShelfie after lights-out. Additionally, the wire slot feature speaks volumes about the company's attention to detail.


  • Eco-friendly option crafted from bamboo
  • Weight capacity of 15 lbs
  • Compact and convenient
  • Available in two attractive bamboo colours


  • Limited storage space

4. Artiss Bedside Drawer

Most Stylish Bedside Table On A Budget

Nothing says retro-chic like the hairpin legs on this unit from Artiss. This bold and daring design will pair exceptionally well with other industrial design furniture. Or perhaps, you can exercise your creativity and complement it with subdued Scandinavian-style pieces - the ideas are endless.

Product Review

After all, the clever use of two-tone neutral colours helps this bedside table blend in with all kinds of bedroom styles - whether contemporary or vintage. At the same time, the striking details do not only serve aesthetic purposes.

For starters, the hairpin legs are made of durable metal that provides a steady stance. It carries the particleboard mainframe, which is finished with wood-grain to give a natural, walnut-hued appearance. With a thickness of 15mm, the shelves and drawers are sturdy and can easily hold plenty of items.

That said, the unit offers a spacious 40 cm x 30 cm tabletop for candles, alarm clocks, phones, and much more. If there is anything else you would like to show off, you can place it on the open bottom shelf.

And right between them is a drawer that runs smoothly on a metal slider.

While this model does offer enough closed storage for your bedtime essentials, you can also check out the Barnsley Bedside Table, which offers two soft-close drawers. Another favourite in the same range of drawers by Artiss is the Casey Bedside Drawer.


  • Retro, industrial-style bedside drawer
  • Rich, walnut-coloured mainframe
  • Spacious drawer and extra shelf
  • Sturdy metal legs


  • The instruction manual is slightly unclear

5. Artiss Barnsley Bedside Table

Best Bedside Table For Optimal Storage

Go back to the basics with the Barnsley Bedside Table from Artiss. Just like all the practical and affordable pieces in its furniture line, Artiss packs in maximum functionality and value for money into this timeless design.

Product Review

Rid of any pretences, this simple bedside table is easy to style and fits like a glove in any bedroom and living room, especially if they follow an industrial-style theme. Indeed, the Barnsley Bedside Table seemingly borrows from the interior decor trends of the industrial period, which are characterised by practicality and resistance to wear.

That said, the table stands on metal tube legs that add clean lines and stability. The main frame itself is made of particleboard that has been finished with non-toxic paint to imitate the beauty and colours of faded timber.

But perhaps what really excites potential buyers is the amount of storage it provides. This bedside table is fitted with a spacious 42.5 cm x 39 cm tabletop that can hold much more than just lamps and clocks.

Furthermore, you get two roomy drawers that run on anti-rust coated runners. And to bring it all home, the drawers consist of black, metallic handles that add a hint of contemporary style to an otherwise rustic piece.


  • Affordable
  • Rustic, industrial-style design
  • Spacious drawers and tabletop
  • Anti-rust drawer sliders


  • Difficult to assemble

6. SoBuy FRG258-W

Best Contemporary-Style Bedside Table

While period pieces are elegant and bring an air of nostalgia to a room, they are indeed not for everyone or every house. On that note, take a look at the SoBuy FRG258-W, which is peak performance and simplicity in one.

Product Review

Dazzling in all white, this bedside table has a contemporary vibe that would suit a beach house, a minimalist room, a farm in the countryside, grandma's kitchen - you name it. Additionally, this unit supplements its modern look with features that are innovative and up-to-the-minute.

For starters, the bedside table consists of two drawers placed above and below the nifty open middle shelf. Moreover, the top shelf is strategically sized for flat or small items, such as magazines, pens, and accessories. On the other hand, the taller bottom shelf can hold large baskets or perhaps - a large stash of potato chips.

And don't worry about waking your partner as you sneak out some midnight snacks – both drawers slide out smoothly on rollers. As a final touch, the drawers are fitted with recessed handles, so you don't have to worry about tinkering with tools and screws to attach separate handles.


  • Contemporary-style bedside table
  • Consists of two different-sized drawers
  • Recessed handles
  • Spacious tabletop


  • Slightly difficult to assemble

Buyers' Guide

Excited to pick your favourite from our list of the best bedside tables in Australia? Consider these factors before you decide:

1. Storage

Your bedside table provides easy access to everything you need - right from the comforts of your blanket! Not to mention how many of them are fitted with drawers that provide extra storage for magazines, hygiene products, and other knick-knacks.

So, you can narrow down the choices depending on whether you need shelves for placing only a few items or spacious, closed drawers for storing clutter.

2. Design

Bedside tables are practical bedroom staples, but they don't have to be solely utilitarian. Indeed, a bedroom can adorn your room or even be the star of the show.

Either way, our list circles diverse bedside table options - some of which are inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, while others take cues from industrial-style furniture. So, go ahead and pick one that suits the theme of a bedroom or your personal style.

For instance, you may be drawn to decorative pieces with a rustic, wooden design for the living room or master bedroom. At the same time, the kids' room is more well-suited for products featuring pastel colours and whites, such as the SoBuy FRG258-W.

3. Size Of Your Room

A bulky bedside table may throw off the proportions in a tiny room just as small units may look odd in a high-ceilinged room. Keeping this in mind, check the dimensions of any product before buying it and visualise what it would look like after it is assembled and moved beside the bed.

For further reference, check out our curated list, which features bedside tables of different sizes and designs. Some of the models mentioned are especially ideal for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, and people looking to downsize.

That said, the designs may maximise space by offering plenty of storage options and a spacious tabletop for bedtime essentials. Moreover, you may use a bedside table with neutral colours, clean lines, and a streamlined design to create an illusion of space in an otherwise cramped space.

For instance, open shelving and glass doors can provide more depth to a room. Similarly, bent wire furniture, such as the hairpin legs donned by the Artiss Bedside Drawer, can trick the eyes to think the room is more spacious.

On the flipside, designs, such as the Artiss Barnsley Bedside Table, feature drawers that can hide away clutter and keep a room looking more organised and clean.

4. Cost

By combining functionality and affordability, our list of fashionable bedside tables offers value for money. However, the markdown in some of the products comes at the cost of receiving separate parts. That said, buyers may want to loosen their purse strings to avoid the hassle of putting together low to mid-priced bedside tables that offer a bang for your buck.

But if you have a knack for DIYing, you can save a couple of extra dollars and still get a beautiful unit at a discount.


Rustic and antique or sleek and modern – which will you pick? Or perhaps, you may not have to pick one or the other at all.

That said, consider the Vecelo DC-NS01-BLK-A2, which blends the sharpness of contemporary units with the richness of rustic, wooden furniture. Not to mention how its compact size makes this bedside table an ideal addition for a small bedroom.

While some may argue that these adorable units are a little too small, remember that you get two of them for increased storage. What's more, this option is easy on the wallet, and you can even order it pre-assembled for optimal convenience.

On the other hand, if you are not good with tools and don't want to spend time or money on assembly, try out The Original BedShelfie for size. All you have to do is snap it to your bedframe and call it a night!