People with sleep problems often spend a lot of effort and money looking for the right sleep products.

While everyone has their own requirements, some products offer a wide range of benefits, making them suitable for several types of sleep requirements. And bamboo pillows are the perfect example of such offerings. They are manufactured using bamboo fibres, which possess antimicrobial properties and are hypoallergenic.  

Plus, such pillows are great at absorbing moisture and keeping you cool throughout the night, making them ideal for the Australian climate. These properties make bamboo pillows highly popular, prompting several manufacturers to include them in their sleep product line. 

Hence, selecting the right pillow can be a challenging task since there are numerous options to choose from. To help you out, we decided to put together this guide reviewing the top five options currently available. 

So, let’s get started!

Top 6 Bamboo Pillows In Australia

  1. Ecoy — Top Pick (15% off with SLEEPYS15)
  2. Woolcomfort
  3. Bamboo Life Two Pack
  4. Jjdanfill
  5. Bamboo Life
  6. Tontine

1. Ecoy Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Eco-friendly bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so they keep your pillow clean for longer and prevent dust mites. Ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies. This pillow by Ecoy is the standard size of 40cm x 60cm with a curve to offer better orthopaedic support for your head and neck. 

Plus, with its internal memory foam, the pillow moulds to your head, providing the perfect amount of support for any side sleeper. Also, you’ll find the you can easily wash the pillow because of the removable bamboo fabric cover.


Not the standard pillow shape. 


Ecoy is the place for bamboo products, and this bamboo fabric cover is amazingly soft. Compared to cotton and other animal-sourced fabrics, bamboo uses a fraction of the resources. You can rest easy knowing you have made a purchase that is good for both you and the environment.

2. Woolcomfort Bamboo Pillow

With a premium memory-resistant polyester fibre construction, the Woolcomfort bamboo pillow has been designed to provide unmatched support and comfort while sleeping. The pillow casing is made from the softest bamboo, making it naturally antibacterial and resistant to dust mites while also ensuring breathability for a better night’s sleep. It is especially suitable for pregnant women since it delivers excellent support to the neck and shoulders. 

Additionally, it can wrap around your entire body for greater support, making it easier to enjoy hobbies such as reading in bed. The double arms of the pillow also help improve sleep by reducing problems like neck pain and back pain. And the best part is that it comes with a one-year warranty, providing a worry-free experience. 


This may not be the best option for those who want a bamboo pillow with soft padding.


The Woolcomfort bamboo pillow is a multipurpose option that renders maximum comfort, ensuring you can have a deep, restful sleep. It even allows making adjustments to the stuffing by unzipping the cover, making it ideal for different sleeping requirements.

3. Bamboo Life Two Pack Bamboo Pillow

The set of two premium bamboo pillows from Bamboo Life is another impressive option worth checking out. Manufactured using high quality bamboo along with shredded memory foam technology, these pillows are a great option for those prone to allergies since they are naturally hypoallergenic. The material is also highly breathable, ensuring proper air circulation to help you get a good night’s sleep. 

One of the best things about these pillows is that they are Oeko-Tex certified, which ensures that they meet the highest safety standards. What’s more, they come with a zipper opening on the inner lining, making it easy to adjust the pillows as needed by adding or removing the memory foam filling. Plus, this design allows removing the pillow cover when it needs to be washed. 


Some people may find these pillows to be a bit on the harder side. 


Ideal for any sleeping position, these bamboo pillows easily contour to the shape of the head to deliver proper support and maximum comfort. Furthermore, they come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, ensuring hassle-free refunds and replacements. 

4. Jjdanfill

Filled with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and lightweight polyester fibre, these are among the best bamboo pillows with the Oeko-Tex certification that you can get right now. Suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers, they adjust to the shape of the spine to deliver maximum comfort irrespective of the sleeping position. Additionally, the bamboo casing ensures breathability and keeps you dry and cool while sleeping. 

Furthermore, adjusting the height of these pillows is incredibly easy, thanks to the zipper design, which allows removing or adding the filling as needed. The cover is also fade and stain-resistant and can be removed for easy washing. Finally, these bamboo memory foam pillows come with a 5-year warranty, and the manufacturer offers a 100-night trial option, making it easy to get refunds if you are not satisfied. 


Due to its strong smell, this two pack memory foam pillow requires proper airing before use. 


The Jjdanfill two pack bamboo memory foam pillow is a great option that offers the perfect balance of softness and firmness for adequate support and comfort while sleeping. Besides, the 100-night trial option provides a fantastic way to try them out before committing to a purchase. 

5. Bamboo Life Premium Bamboo Pillow

Another impressive option from Bamboo Life is this pack of premium bamboo pillows, manufactured from the best quality memory foam to help deal with issues like a stiff neck. While the bamboo fabric protects against allergens and keeps the pillows cool, the memory foam contours according to the body shape for superior back and neck support. These pillows are also Oeko-tex certified, ensuring that they meet the highest safety and quality standards. 

Apart from that, this set of bamboo pillows comes with a zipper opening, allowing easy adjustment by adding or removing shredded memory foam as required. It also allows removing the cover when it needs to be washed, keeping the pillow looking as good as new. And this pillow set comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty, making it a compelling choice.


These pillows have a greater height that may not be suitable for all.


Thicker, firmer and heavier than most competing options, these pillows offer the highest levels of comfort and support, helping deal with sleep problems most effectively. And they are quite affordable, making them great options for gifting purposes as well. 

6. Tontine Memory Foam Pillow

If you’re looking for an option that offers medium firmness and height, this memory foam pillow from Tontine might be perfect. Featuring soft bamboo viscose cover, the pillow does a great job of moulding to the shape of the sleeper’s body, helping reduce back and neck pain. This is possible due to the high-quality AirCell memory foam that the manufacturer has used in the construction, which assists in spinal alignment.

The medium height of this pillow makes it the best choice for side and back sleepers, ensuring proper support to the head and neck for a proper night’s sleep. Additionally, this memory foam pillow comes with a removable and machine washable bamboo cover with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, ideal for allergy-prone people. It also wicks away moisture that can trap heat to help you remain cool while sleeping. 


Compared to a standard pillow, this memory foam pillow takes a long time to compress.


A firm yet comfortable pillow, the Tontine memory foam pillow, with its hypoallergenic cover is a fantastic choice for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, it rebounds quickly and can retain its shape for a long time, making it a durable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you fluff bamboo pillows?

When you get a new bamboo pillow, it is important to fluff it up properly before use to ensure greater comfort and better support. Fluffing will help break up the pieces of foam within the pillow, improving airflow and increasing the height of the pillow. Generally, there are three ways to do this:

A. Using Hands

This is the easiest way to fluff a pillow and can be used on bamboo and other pillows. Just move your hands over the pillow, which will cause air to enter it, helping it expand. You can even use motions such as kneading the pillow gently and pulling-pushing it from the sides. 

B. Using A Dryer

Put the pillow in the dry at low tumble dry settings, which will help fluff it up effectively. 

C. Natural Methods

Simply exposing the pillow to the sun and natural air can also help fluff it up as air passes through the pillow filling. However, this method can take some time to show results.

2. Do bamboo pillows smell? 

Being naturally resistant to bacteria, pillows made from bamboo do not smell compared to a standard pillows made from other materials. You may only notice a smell during the off-gassing process when unpacking a new pillow, but it usually dissipates quickly.

3. What type of pillowcases is best for such pillows?

Pillows made from bamboo come with a bamboo cover, which gives them their name. For getting the maximum benefits, it is recommended not to use any other pillowcase, although you can use one if you want a different appearance. 

4. How long do bamboo pillows last?

Like pillows made from other materials, bamboo ones last for about two to three years. After this period, the interior filling starts to wear out, and there can be a buildup of oils, dead skin cells and sweat from your body. So, it is best to replace your pillows once every three years. 


While selecting the best pillow that can offer a better night’s sleep is not easy, the options mentioned above can help you out. 

Since each offers different advantages and disadvantages, it is a good idea to make a thorough comparison to find out the one most suitable for your needs. Besides looking at the support and comfort offered, make sure to learn about the customer support and the warranty before buying. 

With that said, it is time to end this guide. Until next time!