1. Weighted Textured Blanket

What's better than being hugged by a warm, soft blanket on chilly winter nights?

Don't confuse weighted blankets with just any blanket. These are therapeutic blankets specially made for relaxing your nervous system, hence ensuring restful sleep. They weigh between 5 and 30 pounds to mimic pressure therapy, also called deep pressure stimulation. 

Weighted blankets are generally filled with glass beads or plastic pallets, giving them added weight and contributing to the amazing benefits. On the other hand, the covering is made up of super fluffy and soft material for extra warmth and comfort.  

Studies show weighted blankets encourage the production of melatonin and serotonin while reducing the stress hormone - cortisol levels. As a result, you may fall asleep faster and for longer. They seem to have special effects on people with insomnia, anxiety, OCD, and autism. 

Although experts are actively researching the pros and cons of weighted blankets, most users seem to love them already. You can see it on Calming Blanket's website. People have highly appreciated their Hand Woven Weighted Blanket, making it one of the best on the market.    

It is available in various winter colours to easily suit your bedroom theme and enhance the overall look. Lastly, the brand offers a money-back guarantee to make it an even more reliable choice. 

2. Durable Mattress Topper

You might buy the best mattress on the market and think you have done enough to make your bedroom look dope. But that's not true, and there's more to it. 

Mattress toppers are a great way to change your bed's look and comfort level without going too much out of the box or hurting your pocket. 

A mattress topper is a layer of cushion added on top of the mattress for extra softness or firmness, whichever is needed. It can have a variety of fillings based on the purpose. This may include microfibre, hollow fibre, memory foam, feathers, and latex.

Not only does a topper add comfort, but it also enhances the lifespan of the mattress and keeps it safe for a long time.  

For the most reliable mattress topper, check out Emma Mattress Topper. It is made with Diamond Degree foam which drives excess heat away from your body to ensure a good night's sleep. Its second layer features HRX foam which supports your body alignment and helps you enjoy a peaceful sleep in whatever position you like.

Since it has a washable cover, you don't have to worry about stains when kids are around. Additionally, it comes with a 100-night trial period and a money-back guarantee. 

3. Colourful Warming Sheets

Whatever mattress or mattress topper you use, a bedsheet is essential to complete the look and practicality of your bed. This is where you get the most options in terms of colours, designs, and materials - dark colour, light colour, double-shaded, printed, frill, simple, silk, cotton, and a lot more. 

Trending in Australia for winter is TENCEL Lyocell fibre sheets that are made using Micro technology, taking the bed linen game to a whole new level. The fibre originates from wood pulp which is unturned into cellulose fibres.  

The fibres soak up excess moisture and keep you dry throughout the night under soft and silky sheets. Thanks to this feature, the sheets deter the growth of bacteria and dust mites. 

Among the top-rated TENCEL fibre sheets in Australia are Koala Sheets that are available in different sizes and colours. They are long-lasting and can withstand frequent washes. Fortunately, they come with a 120-night trial period and a one-year warranty.

4. Wake-up Lights

Various lights and their intensities in your bedroom may assist in changing the atmosphere from practical to relaxing. For instance, wake-up lights can create a suitable environment, be it getting ready for work or reading a book before sleeping.

Warm colours, such as red and orange, evoke feelings of vitality, joy, and ecstasy; cool colours, such as royal blue and green, evoke feelings of stability, serenity, and calm.

If you want to experiment with different colours, RGB light strips are a good option since you can set them to display various colours depending on your mood. Low, moody lighting is a go-to, but it's also essential to be able to read. 

If you only want a warmer look, you might not need to use several hues. Instead, simply try the warm white LED lights, which have a calming influence on most people. 

On the contrary, cool white LED light strips are brighter than warm white and have the added benefit of helping people concentrate better.

Phillips SmartSleep white light is an excellent choice for a refreshing morning. It imitates sunset and sunrise pretty well, which allows you to enjoy falling asleep and waking up. The product comes with a lot more features, like an alarm, smart snooze, FM radio, speaker, etc.

5. Elegant Bed Frames

Enormous bed frames are a thing of the past. Seen in most Australian interior designs are elegant, minimal bed frames that add class to the room while serving the purpose for a lifetime.

Bed frames are not something you would be changing yearly. Purchased once, they can easily serve up to 20 years. However, experts suggest changing them every ten years as by then they have deteriorated by 70%. 

Among the reliable and elegant bed frames in the region is the Industrial Bed Frame by Zinus Store. It features stainless steel and pine wood, resulting in a squeak-free frame that may last over two decades. In case it doesn't, avail of the warranty if applicable. Lastly, it is easy to assemble and clean.

6. Textured Boho Throw Pillows

When designing, it's often best to let go of the pressure to match things up and go with the flow. Trust your gut and pick colours that satisfy you. 

You can try colours from the warmer side of the colour wheel, such as reds, oranges, yellows, and greens with yellow undertones. When combined with other boho palettes, these colour combinations can enliven your bedroom. 

Warm tones are brought to a design plan using neutral colours with a red or yellow basis; layering multiple tones and colours adds depth. 

A colour scheme centred on warm hues can be balanced with a contrasting colour from the cold side of the colour wheel, such as a bright violet and a rich yellow. 

The textured White Boho Pillows by Haundrya are an excellent addition to your bedroom. They are super cosy and stylish, and other than the bedroom, you can also use them in the living room, car, and even on a bench. 

7. Natural Knotted Rugs

Knotted rugs are an aesthetically appealing addition to your bedroom while acting as a natural insulator in cold weather. In winter, they protect you from the cold floor and keep your bedroom warm by absorbing and retaining warmth. 

Moreover, they are soft and super comfortable for your foot, unlike hard floors that may cause foot problems, especially for people with back pain. 

As a result, these rugs are essential for an attractive bedroom redesign, especially for winter. 

You can find them in many patterns, colours, shapes, and sizes to suit your bedroom theme. The Outback Rug by Koala is among the highly-rated products to invest in. 

This hand-knotted rug is a product of renewable fibres and is biodegradable. It is suitable for family and pet-oriented households. Moreover, you can even reuse the rug in the living room when redecorating. 

8. Silk Pillowcases

Silk itself is a luxury material, and bedding made of it is nothing short of magnificence and comfort. Silk pillowcases also offer some skincare and haircare benefits.

Their smooth fibres prevent friction which protects your hair from breakage. Moreover, it is not as absorbent as cotton and, thereby, does not soak up the natural oil from your skin and hair.

In case you didn't know, silk acts as a thermal radiator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. The Natural Silk Pillowcase by Alaska Bear is worth a try. 

It is made up of pure Mulberry silk, which has a low soil, land, and carbon footprint. Additionally, it is available in a plethora of colours and sizes to suit every bedroom.

Its users have highly appreciated its ability to keep them cool and their skin and hair fresh.

9. Electrically Heated Fleece Blanket

Fleece blankets are popular because of how warm, silky, and velvety they feel. They can drain sweat away from your skin to ensure that you stay dry and comfortable throughout a chilly night. 

Additionally, fleece blankets are thinner than their woollen equivalents. In colder temperatures, heavier fleece blankets work well as bed blankets. 

Ranking on top is the Faux Fur Electrically Heated Fleece Blanket by Dreamaker. They are super cozy and comfortable. Besides, their Eden colour can bring life to any bedroom. 

With this blanket, you never have to check the side as one side features fluffy coral fleece, and the other side has luxuriant faux fur. Thus, regardless of the side, this blanket will keep you warm throughout the night. 

It features nine heating options to give you the most customised experience. Moreover, it has an automatic timer that turns off the heat as needed to avoid overheating. 

Final Remarks

This winter, redecorate your bedroom with the latest trends in Australia. You no longer need huge bed frames or sparkling hard floors covering every inch. Instead, go for hand-knotted rugs and minimal bed frames. 

Your bedroom is incomplete without bedding. Check out high-quality sheets, blankets, and quilts to make this winter warmer, cosier, and more enjoyable. There is no way you can fight the urge to stay in bed longer during winter, but you can definitely make it worth the while.

Lastly, if you have trouble waking up on winter mornings, try the wake-up lights. We hope this will help you lighten up your bedroom with the right colours, textures, and cosiness.