Zzz Atelier Mattress Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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Diving into a Zzz Atelier Mattress Review, ever wondered how crucial a role the right mattress plays in getting that perfect sleep? We all know sleep is super important, but it's not just about clocking in the hours. It's about quality rest, and picking the right mattress is a big part of that equation. With so many brands out there offering high-quality mattresses, it can be tough to decide.

Zzz Atelier is one such brand that's been making waves with its range of mattresses.

But how do these mattresses stack up? Are they the sleep solution you've been looking for? In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about Zzz Atelier Mattresses.

We're talking benefits, drawbacks, and how they compare to other big names like those you might find in Domayne furniture reviews.

So, let's get into the nitty-gritty and see if a Zzz Atelier mattress could be your ticket to dreamland.

Zzz Atelier mattresses: are they any good?

Benefits of Zzz Atelier mattresses 

One thing we love about these mattresses is how well-made they are. Given the materials used in making this mattress, it is quite affordable. 

We also love how supportive these mattresses are. So if you have back issues, this might be the mattress for you. 

Also, the brand has a 14-day return policy. If you're not pleased with your order, you return it.

However, you need to ensure that the product is not used or opened and that you return it in its original condition. 

Zzz Atelier Mattresses pride themselves on excellent customer service. Customer inquiries and concerns are resolved in no time. Furthermore, the response time of the team is second to none. 

Drawbacks of Zzz Atelier mattresses

While we commend Zzz Atelier Mattresses, the products do not last, and after a short period, they start to sag. Furthermore, the brand does not have various products, so you might not find what you are looking for.

Another thing we do not like is the delivery times, which vary. Sometimes you could receive your mattress in as little as two days. Other times delivery takes longer. Many customers say they had to wait over two weeks to have their orders delivered. Some users have complained about waiting longer.

According to several users, the mattress is hard and does not soften over time. These users complained of pain whenever they woke up in the morning; in some cases, some said they sank into the bed.

Zzz Atelier Vs Emma Sleep

Every brand has unique features. This distinguishes them from others. Therefore, it is hard to compare these brands. 

However, Emma Mattresses are our pick for many reasons. Firstly, delivery for all mattresses is free, and you get your products within one to seven working days. 

Furthermore, there are few complaints from customers regarding these products. Many customers attest to the quality of these mattresses and are happy to recommend them to their loved ones. In contrast, many customers complain about Zzz Atelier Mattresses, their durability and how long it takes to deliver orders.

ZZZ Atelier vs Koala

ZZZ Atelier offers budget-friendly, traditional innerspring and memory foam mattresses, focusing on value for money. Koala, in contrast, is a premium brand known for its eco-friendly, all-foam mattresses with high-density foam and zero-disturbance technology.

While ZZZ Atelier appeals to those seeking affordable comfort, Koala targets environmentally conscious consumers with its innovative foam technology and sustainability initiatives, though at a higher price.

Do Zzz Atelier Mattresses Match Australian Standards?

Zzz Atelier Mattresses are quite solid and up-to-standard. They are good products and a great buy. However, as mentioned, the platform does have a large collection of mattresses. 

Additionally, the two products on the websites come in various sizes, but these sizes are not always available. This means you might be unable to find the right match for the frame you currently have.

Regarding Zzz Atelier Mattresses, comfort is subjective because some users enjoy how firm and soft to the touch these mattresses are. They also talked about how they enjoyed the sleeping experience and woke up feeling rejuvenated. 

On the other hand, some complained about their inability to sleep or that they woke up with extreme pain worse than what they had before using the bed.

Zzz Atelier Mattresses are decent but need work to meet the standards of many Australian users.

Zzz Atelier mattresses review

Currently, Zzz Atelier Mattresses only have two products in stock: the Chiropedic BLACK LABEL and Zzz Assured Firm.

Chiropedic Black Label 

The zzz atelier chiropedic black label is a top-notch product with its quilts made of a 99% dust mite-resistant material. It is also hypoallergenic, and the fabric is made of Turkish organic cotton. 

The upholstery comprises 100% natural latex and high-density, soft-conforming foam. It comes in various sizes ranging from single to king. However, the size you want might not be available. 

Furthermore, at about $649, this mattress is quite affordable, but it does not withstand the test of time. Hence, you might have to replace it quicker than usual. 

The product comes with a 15-year limited warranty, which you can extend to 20 years if you pay the extra fees. Additionally, the mattress comes with a 60-day comfort assurance, meaning you should be completely comfortable using the bed, and if you're not within 60 days, you can ask for a full refund. 

That said, there have been cases where customers asked for a refund and only got 50% back.

Zzz Assured Firm

Zzz Assured Firm is similar to the Chiropedic BLACK LABEL but smaller. It is 23 cm in height, while the BLACK LABEL sits at 34cm. Thus, Zzz Assured Firm is more affordable at $499.

The mattress is also 99% dust mite-resistant and has a hypoallergenic treatment. Also, it has deep cushioning and ultra-high-density foam. It has a ten-year guarantee, which you can extend to 20. 

Lastly, it has a 60-day comfort assurance. You can use the mattress for 60 days; if you do not enjoy it by then, you can return it and get a full refund. Keep in mind that shipping charges are never refundable.


Ultimately, Zzz Atelier Mattresses are decent. However, we prefer Emma Comfort because they are high-quality, more affordable, and last longer. Also, delivery from this company is free and fast, and many customers attest to this.  Summarily, you get your money’s worth. This is unlike Zzz Atelier Mattresses, which is almost the opposite.

Furthermore, because these mattresses are in a box, they are easier to set up, so you do not have to pay anyone to help you set them up.

You also get a 100-day trial period; if you do not like the mattress after 100 days, you can send it back for free. Lastly, the warranty is for ten years. Although, we doubt you will need it.