Why Don't All Queen Sized Sheets Fit A Queen Size Bed?


January 9, 2024

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Picture this - you buy brand new sheets for your queen-size bed in your favourite colour.

You happily unwrap the pack, unfold the sheet and gracefully spread it on the bed. Then , you run your fingers on the perimeter of the mattress to neatly tuck the bed sheet. The first two corners are a piece of cake, but the last two fall way beyond the length of the sheet. 

And it rains on your parade, as you fell for the wrong size, yet again, even though the label said “queen-size” in bold. This rookie mistake is made by a lot of buyers but lucky for you, we can solve this dilemma!

Why Don't All Queen-Size Sheets Fit A Queen-Size Bed?

All queen-size sheets don’t fit all queen-size beds due to the following reasons:

1. Dimensions Of Your Mattress

While a queen-size mattress has a length of 80 inches and a width of 60 inches, it can vary in thickness. The thicker and plushier the mattress, the bigger the sheet you will need. 

Additionally, queen-size mattresses come in half-queen options, which are 30 inches wide and can be adjusted to your and your partner’s requirement. For these, you will have to buy special half-queen sheets as the regular ones won’t stay taut for longer periods. 

2. Different Types, Different Sizes

A bedding has different components, all of which must be queen-size to fit your bed, but that doesn’t mean they will have exactly the same dimensions. For example, a queen-size fitted sheet will always be smaller than a queen-size flat sheet.

3. Brand Matters

Lastly, the dimensions of queen-size sheets vary from brand to brand, so don’t let the label fool you. To buy a sheet that fits your mattress well, you can do two things:

A. Measure Your Mattress

Instead of jumping the gun after seeing “queen-size” in the product name, it would be better to go through the exact length and breadth of the sheet in its description. You can then measure your mattress using a measuring tape to have an accurate idea.

B. Stick To Specialised Brands

Bed and mattress sizes change from place to place, and an American queen size will differ a great deal from Australian queen sizes. So, to avoid using the wrong sheets, you can stick to brands that specialise in Australian bedding. Companies like Wake In Cloud make bedding specifically for Australian bed and mattress sizes.

Types Of Queen-Size Sheets

While all components of the bedding may be labelled queen-sized, they vary in size depending on their use. Here’s an overview of different types of sheets and their respective dimensions.

1. Fitted Sheets

A fitted sheet is the lowermost layer of bedding and has elastic corners to fit the mattress snugly. It functions as a protective barrier for your mattress and provides an even surface to sleep on. 

And the best part is a fitted sheet sustains a lot of movement and doesn’t get crumpled easily. That’s why putting these sheets on the mattress is convenient, as you won’t struggle to tuck the corners. 

Additionally, since they provide all-around coverage, the mattress stays safe from a lot of dust particles and bacteria, thereby extending its lifespan. Owing to their elastic corners that perfectly hug the mattress, they also come in smaller sizes.

2. Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are the upper-most layer of the bedding and are laid flat on top of the mattress. Unlike fitted sheets, these don’t have elastic corners and need a lot of effort to be tucked in. Therefore, they easily come off and don’t sustain as much movement as fitted ones.

Since queen-size flat sheets lack elasticity, they need more surface area and are generally bigger than fitted ones. On the upside, they are easier to take off and can be washed more frequently, unlike duvets or fitted sheets. 

Furthermore, such sheets provide excellent temperature control and keep the top of your bed cooler in hot weather. The Cooling Bamboo Sheet Set from Australian company Ecoy is an excellent option for hot sleepers.

3. Duvet Covers

Duvets are thin blankets spread over the mattress in winter months to provide extra insulation and comfort. They keep the sleeper warm and add plushness to the mattress, so this bedding consists of two components - a duvet insert and a duvet cover. 

A duvet cover encases the inner blanket and can be taken off, washed, and changed. It is usually bigger than all other beddings except flat sheets and is deliberately made thicker. Moreover, you can customise it to adjust the weight, height, and warmth of your bed. 

4. Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are used to cover the bed and hide box springs or the area underneath your bed. They are luxurious pieces of bedding strictly meant to enhance the appearance of your bed and allow you to use the space below the bed to store stuff. 

While some people find bed skirts extraneous, they can be quite practical if you want to shove your luggage and suitcases under the bed. As they are wrapped around the bed just like fitted sheets, both come in almost the same sizes. 

Size Guide For Queen-Size Sheets

Here is a guide for different types of queen-size sheets that may come in handy before your next purchase:

  • Flat sheets - 102 inches x 96 inches 
  • Fitted sheets - 80 inches x 60 inches
  • Bed skirts - 80 inches x 60 inches
  • Duvet covers - 96 inches x 93 inches


Thanks to our guide, you now know that queen-size bed sheets differ in size based on their purpose and fit. Fitted sheets come in exactly in the size of a mattress, while flat ones are larger and have enough area to be tucked in.

To avoid getting the wrong sheet again, measure your mattress or buy from brands that specialise in Australian sizes!