What does it mean when you sleep all day


January 9, 2024

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What does it mean to sleep all day? If so, read on to find out all about it. We'll also look at the following questions in this article.

  • Why do some people sleep a lot?
  • What happens if you sleep all day?
  • A sleeping disorder where you sleep too much
  • Why do you feel more tired if you sleep too much?

Sleeping all day is a sign that your body and mind are undergoing a disorder called hypersomnia. Also, external factors such as poor sleep quality, excessive alcohol consumption, depression, etc., can lead to oversleeping. Furthermore, sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and narcolepsy can make you sleep all day.

What happens if you sleep all day

Sleep is essential for our health. However, if you sleep all day, your body may develop health problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. If you sleep all day, you may also suffer from headaches and back pain.

Furthermore, you may find yourself harming both your professional and social lives when you sleep all day. When you sleep all day, you may have difficulty sleeping at night, which can negatively impact your sleeping schedule.

What happens if you sleep too much

You may be oversleeping if you are sleeping more than usual. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults aged 18 to 64 get 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily. If you sleep for more than 9 hours, you may be oversleeping.

What are the effects of too much sleep? In the first place, too much sleep can affect your mental and physical health. Oversleeping has been linked to various health issues, such as cognitive impairment, obesity, stroke, heart disease, reduced fertility, depression, etc. In addition, oversleeping increases mortality risks.

What happens to your body when you sleep too much

If you sleep too much, you can gain more weight, resulting in obesity. Excessive sleeping can also cause illnesses such as headaches and back pain, which can quickly exhaust your body.

Why do I want to sleep so much?

When you struggle to stay awake during the day or while working, there must be a reason. It is not always easy to figure out what causes sleepiness.

Sleeping too much can be caused by many factors. Lack of sleep, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, etc., can contribute to a sleeping disorder. If you cannot relate to these external factors, you might have a sleeping disorder that requires medical attention.

The reason you slept for 15 hours

You may end up sleeping for up to 15 hours if you suffer from hypersomnia. Other reasons could include poor sleep quality, stress, or depression.

The reason you slept for 12 hours

A 12-hour sleep cycle is pretty standard if you are an extended sleeper.  Nevertheless, if it seems unusual, it could result from your diet, poor quality sleep, or even a sleeping disorder.

The reason you slept for 10 hours

If you are wondering why I sleep for 10 hours, it is because your body needs to rest. While we sleep, our bodies tend to recover and rejuvenate. So, if you had a tiring day, you will need more sleep.

Why do some people sleep a lot?

There are many reasons why some people sleep a lot. However, some common reasons are as follows:


Eating the wrong type of food can cause fatigue and drain your energy, which causes people to sleep more. Besides, consuming fewer fats and carbohydrates is also said to cause excessive sleepiness.

Poor sleep quality

If a person is sleeping in an uncomfortable environment or their sleep is frequently interrupted, they will sleep a lot. Likewise, lack of quality sleep can cause oversleeping as their body requires rest. Try to improve your sleeping area to get a better nights sleep.


Oversleeping is one of the symptoms of depression. Hence, some people sleep a lot when they are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Sleeping disorder

People suffering from sleeping disorders like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) tend to sleep a lot. You can also watch this YouTube video to learn more about oversleeping.


A sleeping disorder where you sleep too much

Sleep Apnea

Both children and adults can suffer from sleep apnea, a disorder of excessive sleeping.

It occurs when the air passage in our body gets blocked while we sleep. A blockage of the air passage results in hours of sleep without any senses at all. Because of the air blockage, you don't get enough sleep. It makes you sleepy during work, school, and other activities, leaving you feeling exhausted.

Sleep apnea can even worsen other medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and fatigue and may even lead to depression.


Nausea during waking hours is a symptom of narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder. A person with this disorder may feel extreme sleepiness during the day and may even fall asleep in the middle of an activity. This is, however, a rare sleeping disorder.

This disorder disturbs the sleep cycles in your body and does not allow your brain to take control of your daily activities.

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

An individual with RLS may feel the urge to move and twitch their legs while sleeping. Moreover, you may experience pain or burning sensations in your legs, preventing you from getting quality sleep. As a result, if you have this sleep disorder, you will want to sleep a lot.

Why do you feel more tired if you sleep too much?

You can feel more tired if you oversleep because your body follows a regular deep sleep cycle. Due to many sleep cycles, when you sleep too much, the sleep pattern gets disturbed. The result of waking up in the middle of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) causes more significant fatigue.