West Elm Review: Are They Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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Mattresses are essential to quality rest at night since they improve the quality of your sleep. Having a good bed also makes you more productive the next day. You will stay concentrated, feel less tired, and make fewer mistakes.

Many online stores offer a variety of mattresses that vary in size and quality. Choosing the best mattress for your needs can be stressful since more new brands enter the market daily. As a result, this article reviews West Elm - one of the places you can get quality mattresses in Australia.

West Elm is one of the leading furniture stores in the country, and they offer a range of products, including tables, armchairs, sofas, desks, mirrors, bed linen, side tables, bookcases, and other accessories. In addition, they offer high-quality mattresses that you can order via the website. In this article, we’ll look at how they perform compared to other top brands.

West Elm Review: Are They Any Good?

Benefits of West Elm Mattresses

West Elm mattress works with cots since it is rated for kids and infants. The product has multiple spring layers for additional relaxation. One impressive feature is that they have a 2-in-1 surface design - a toddler surface provides comfort for active toddlers, while the infant side provides a stable sleeping surface for babies. Hence, each mattress has two sleeping sides.

This way, you can use this mattress for both babies and toddlers.

Similarly, these surfaces have a water-resistant coating that provides a barrier against bed-wetting. Moreover, they possess medical protection that prevents germ growth.

Another benefit is that these mattresses meet federal flammability specifications and have certification from the Australian authorities. Its natural wool fire protection feature reduces the mattresses' flammability.

These mattresses have a steel ring that makes them sturdy for perfect balancing of kids when awake or asleep.

West Elm is a retailer, and like most retailers, they make the products they sell. This feature helps them focus more on fast delivery and reducing shipping costs for end users.

These mattresses also have reasonable prices that won't rip your wallet apart.

Moreover, there is a provision for quarterly payments through Afterpay. One great thing about this offer is that you can pay at your convenience every four months, the amount is interest-free, and there are no hidden charges.

One more thing - remember that West Elf is also a furniture store. As a result, you can get various pieces of furniture like chairs, tables, sofas for your dining and living rooms, consoles, bedroom tables, and many more.

Their website is easily accessible, and you can order things right there.

Drawbacks of West Elm Mattresses

The most obvious problem with this mattress is that it only comes in children's sizes. So, adults cannot use it as it only fits in a cot. While these mattresses have high quality, the lack of versatility is a big downside.

West Elm covers this drawback by offering a wide range of other products for furnishing your home.

Another problem with this mattress is that there is little information about a trial period where you can test the bed and see if it suits your taste. Likewise, there needs to be a clear refund policy which may pose a problem. You can enquire about these from customer support before ordering the mattresses. Be sure you understand how the limited lifetime warranty works too.

West Elm vs. Emma Mattresses

These two brands are big names in Australia's furniture market and are different in their mode of operation. West Elm targets its mattresses toward the children's segment of the market. This move helps them catch a relatively less-competitive niche.

On the other hand, Emma Mattresses focuses on adult products. Most of their mattresses cater to the adult section of the population.

As a result of their differences, comparing both is a bit tough. One significant advantage Emma Sleep has over West Elm, and others is that it offers free delivery to any location in Australia. You can get your orders delivered rapidly without any additional cost or charges.

West Elm, however, charges you based on your delivery location. Furthermore, Emma gives you a 100-day free trial where you can get a refund if the mattresses do not match your taste.

In addition, their dedicated customer support team works round-the-clock to ensure that customers' orders get sorted as quickly as possible. This way, you get speedy delivery.

West Elm Brands

Let's look at some of the mattresses you can get at West Elm and what makes them unique.

1. Lullaby Natural Cot Mattress

This unique mattress has many features that make it one of the best child mattresses on the market. Its surface has individually-wrapped Luxury Beautyrest coils that comfort your baby's skin. The woolen surface is water-resistant, does not cause allergies, and keeps the kid's temperature constant.

In addition, this mattress has a fire-protection rating from relevant Australian authorities. Lastly, the edge has a tempered steel border for firm support when the baby sleeps or plays.

2. Lullaby Supreme Cot Mattress

This mattress shares many features with its twin and some unique features. Firstly, the supreme version costs $120 less than the natural cot mattress. You can pay a one-time fee of $629 or a quarterly interest-free amount of $157.25.

Secondly, the Lullaby Supreme Cot Mattress has about 231 individually-wrapped extra-firm Pocketed Coil springs, providing firm support for the baby. It also has a toddler and infant surface like its twin. Lastly, AllerCare technology removes dust mites, prevents odours, and keeps the mattress clean.

Wrapping Up

While West Elm may be the go-to brand for children's beds, Emma Mattress offers more advantages for general mattress shopping. Firstly, you get free delivery with Emma - regardless of your location in Australia.

Secondly, shopping from Emma eliminates extra charges from middlemen, making it cheaper than many options. You also get a trial period and a more extended warranty, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Finally, the Emma Comfort is a top-quality mattress that ensure you enjoy your sleep at night - alone or with your partner. As a result, you'll wake up more energised and productive every day.