Tips For Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning


January 9, 2024

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Waking up every morning after you hit snooze multiple times on the alarm clock isn’t really the best feeling! 

It is normal to feel demotivated, anxious and tense, especially when you get out of bed late. You will always be in a hurry to fit all morning activities in a crunched time span to ensure you are not late for work. But you won’t be lucky every time! 

To ensure that you get up refreshed and on time every morning, you can try some of our tried and tested tips. So, let’s take a look at them!

Best Tips For Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning

1. Set Your Favourite Alarm Clock Tune

Most alarm clocks come with default tones, which, let’s face it, are nothing short of miserable! In fact, many people complain about how it makes them feel anxious in the morning. And you would be surprised to know how many people actually dread hearing their alarm clock for this reason. 

If you have to get up early in the morning and do not want to start the day on a bad note, it is best to set an alarm tune of your choice. When you listen to a comforting tune during the wake-up time, you will be able to wake up fresh and start the day on a bright note. This will improve your morning routine, and you won’t even want to hit the snooze button. 

2. Drink Enough Water Before A Good Night’s Sleep

Who knew drinking water right before sleeping would help you get out of bed faster? Trust us; it is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that you leave your bed early. Now, let us explain how that happens. 

When you drink enough water before sleep, you are more likely to feel the need to use the washroom after a good night’s sleep. Even if you aren’t a morning person, you will get up from the bed to respond to nature’s call, no matter how early it is! And once out of bed, your deep sleep will be disrupted, and there’s hardly a chance that you will go back to sleep. 

However, there’s a small catch -you should not drink too much water. If you drink excess water right before going to bed, you are less likely to get enough sleep. Excess water will make you wake up in the middle of the night and disrupt your sleep. 

To ensure this trick works, you have to be cautious about the timing and the amount of water you drink. When done correctly, getting out of bed will no longer be a problem. 

3. Treat Yourself To Tasty Breakfast

Most people complain that they have a hard time getting out of bed because they do not have anything to look forward to. But let us give you a quick solution for this problem. 

Plan a tasty and healthy breakfast the night before. You can either do the meal prep or prepare the entire course and store it in the fridge for reheating in the morning, if required..

Since breakfast helps most people start their day, looking forward to it will make you feel motivated to get out of bed in time. 

4. Keep Your Blinds Open

It is essential to let plenty of air and sunlight enter your room in the morning so that you can keep your body clock on track. You can easily accomplish half the task by just keeping your blinds open at night. That will ensure that the sunlight enters your room from the moment the sun is up. 

It goes without saying that when the room is dark, you are most likely to sleep for longer hours. However, when your room is flooded with sunlight in the morning, you will leave the bed sooner than usual. Plus, the sunlight will naturally fulfil your vitamin D requirements. 

But if your house is right by the main road, the street lights can bother your sleep if the blinds are kept open at night. In that case, you can leave the blinds partially open to ensure that your sleep is not disrupted. 

You can also try a wake up alarm clock to simulate this.

5. Eat And Exercise

Usually, people feel groggy and tired in the morning because of going without food for a long time. This is especially true if you take dinner early. To avoid this problem and ensure you are waking up without hitting the snooze buttons multiple times, consider having a small snack before bed. 

Your dietician might tell you it’s not a great idea unless you’re careful about the snack. So, avoid sugary treats or anything that’s high on calories. We’d suggest choosing low-carbohydrate items like milk, yoghurt, peanut butter, etc.  that will be easy on your stomach. 

You can also try other options too as long as they aren’t challenging for your body to digest. Along with this, include regular exercise routines in your everyday schedule. This will help you digest food better and will keep you up and about.  

Final Words

With that, it’s a wrap for today!

But there’s one very important thing to keep in mind. Many people actually struggle to get a night of proper sleep because of increased screen time- a harsh reality to today’s world.

Hence, we’d recommend against keeping your phone on the bed when sleeping at night. Otherwise, you will invariably be tempted to scroll through the phone at odd hours, thereby disrupting your peaceful sleep at night. 

Also, keeping your phone away from the bed will reduce your chance of missing the first alarm, as snoozing it will require more effort. And you’d rather put that in for waking up completely!

With a bit of discipline and planning, getting out of bed will become super easy.

Getting a better nights sleep will also make the morning easier. Check out out best mattress in Australia article. We will see you next time. Till then, stay good!