The Furniture Gallery Review: Are They Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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Unpacking The Furniture Gallery reviews helps unravel the quality and style behind one of Australia's leading furniture retailers. Quality furniture isn't just about sprucing up your space; it's also about making an impression.

In this article, we're diving into what shopping at The Furniture Gallery – a big name in the Australian furniture scene – can do for your home.

We're tackling the questions every furniture shopper has on their mind. Questions like, "Is Gallery Furniture good quality?" and whether their products hit that sweet spot of price, comfort, and appeal. We'll sift through Furniture Gallery reviews to see if their items are as good as they look, if they're comfy, and if they'll wow your guests.

Let's unravel these furniture mysteries!

The Furniture Gallery Review: Are They Any Good?

Benefits of The Furniture Gallery

This brand has some of the basic furniture you'll find at home. These include beds, dressers, bedside stools, chests, chairs, tables, mirrors, and mattresses.

The Furniture Gallery's large collection includes some of the biggest names in furniture. As a result, this retailer gives you access to some of the best brands in the country.

In addition, you also get the best quality and the ability to choose from their products' lush quality and grand taste.

The Furniture Gallery offers you a full home, meaning you can buy everything you need to furnish your home. They offer bed frames, mattresses, dining chairs, dressers, and many others. As a result, getting your taste in terms of quality is much easier as you can easily compare the products you're ordering.

Getting everything you need from one retailer also means getting much larger discounts which you'll lose when buying them separately at different retailers.

Like other major retailers, you can also get each product in different sizes and colours, further enhancing your flexibility when selecting products.

Unlike many other retailers, this brand does not have dedicated shipping times. You'll receive your product in a few days after completing the payment. You can enquire about the return policy and quality guarantees while checking the products and getting a price estimate.

Drawbacks of the Furniture Gallery

The Furniture Gallery is one of Australia's biggest retailers, but there are some issues one may encounter when ordering products from them. Firstly, they do not manufacture this furniture, so you're ordering pre-built beds or desks. As a result, you cannot get furniture customised to your specs or taste.

Secondly, there is no free shipping on these products as you pay for the delivery based on the distance of your home from their warehouse.

Finally, there is very little information about guarantees or trial periods on the web page. You can ask their customer service for help as regards the money-back guarantee and other information.

The Furniture Gallery vs Emma Mattresses

Comparing these two brands is not exactly easy, as both offer top-quality products that'll help improve how you rest and the aesthetics of your home. In addition, each brand offers unique features that make them stand out from others.

Emma deals mainly in mattresses, beds, and bed frames. The Furniture Gallery does not have a lot of mattresses in its collections and covers that up by adding other pieces of furniture like chests and office furniture.

One big advantage you'll get from Emma Sleep is that they offer free shipping, which saves you extra costs. You get free delivery on all orders, provided your shipping address is in Australia.

In the same vein, Emma also offers quality guarantees, free trials, and cash-back guarantees. Finally, they have a dedicated customer care line, so you can get help if you encounter any issues.

The Furniture Gallery Product Review

Look at some of the furniture you can get from this retailer.

1. Camberwell Bed with Storage Drawers

This bed serves two people and is best for couples or someone who loves extra room when resting. This bed is sheathed in a skin-friendly grey fabric that puts you at ease when asleep. It also has a buttoned headboard and comes with storage drawers underneath. You also get several pillows as part of the order. There's a king and queen versions, and both cost about 1,299 AUD after activating the 600 AUD discount.

2. Antoinette Small Dressing Table with Mirror

This exquisite piece of furniture compliments your bed and adds taste to your room. Coming at 1,399 AUD (with 300 AUD off), you get six drawers arranged in a 2 x 3 format. This dressing table also spots a mirror, so you can easily glance at your face when applying make-up or dressing your hair. The milk colour is soothing to the eyes and enhances the asymmetric design.

3. Bondi Bedroom Suite

This product has King and Queen sizes, so you can choose based on your taste. Also, note that both have different prices. This suite has a well-crafted bed, a bedside table and a 5-chest drawer. Bondi used well-seasoned light-brown wormy chestnut wood to make them, giving your room the pleasant aura of a wood cabin. You can also get discounts on the king and queen sizes.

4. Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

If you only need a bed, you can also get that at The Furniture Gallery. The Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam is one of the best in their collection. There are king and queen variants, so you choose based on your taste. This mattress has a sturdy form and an additional feature: the pocket spring unit. This feature reduces disturbance from your partner when sleeping.

5. Hampton Desk

The Furniture Gallery has some of the best furniture for your bedroom and dining and factors in your workplace, especially if you've got a home office. The Hampton Desk is a compact yet versatile addition to your home. It spots two drawers, with one twice the size of the other. This desk has a furnished flat top and gives you enough legroom to stay comfortable at work.

Wrapping Up

The Furniture Gallery has a wide collection of products that serve different purposes. However, when it comes to mattresses, there are few options available. As a result, the Emma Comfort is the best option if you're looking for a mattress that gives you great comfort when sleeping, so you wake stronger the next day. Their mattresses come in different sizes, shapes and levels of firmness. This way, you can choose whichever gives you the best relief.

Emma offers a 100-day trial, so you can confirm that the mattress delivers great quality and improves your overall sleep life.