How To Steam Clean A Mattress


January 9, 2024

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Have you ever considered using a steam clean mattress method to freshen up your bed?

Yep, steam cleaning is actually one of the niftiest ways to freshen up your mattress. Keep reading to find out how to steam clean your mattress and why it's such a great idea.

You can tackle this task with a mattress steam cleaner or iron – both work pretty well. The best time to do this? A sunny day, for sure. Kick off early so your mattress has ample time to dry out. But hey, what if you're wondering, can you steam clean a mattress without a steam cleaner? Well, you can, but it might not be quite as effective. Still, with some good old bed steam cleaning, you can breathe new life into your mattress and say goodbye to all those hidden nasties.

Let's get steaming!

Can you steam clean a mattress


Connect your steam cleaner so the water can be heated. Open all the doors and windows in your room to let in the fresh air. If possible, take the mattress outside to be cleaned. Take your sheets and pillows to the laundry and wash them.


Now you can begin vacuuming your mattress. You can use an upholstery attachment, or you can use the vacuum without an attachment.

The majority of dust and debris will be removed from your mattress by vacuuming. Vacuum all crevices and dips in your mattress. If your mattress has a pattern, then you should follow it. Vacuum the sides and underside of the mattress as well.

Make sure you vacuum before steaming. Mould and mildew can grow in your mattress as a result of debris and dirt.


Steaming can now begin. Steam in sections, so you don't miss anything. Don't hover over any area for too long and steam in steady movements. It is important to note that a steam cleaner will make your mattress damp but never wet. Keep an eye on the amount of steam being released.

Steam the sides and underside of the mattress after you have finished steaming the first side. If you are steam cleaning to get rid of bed bugs, a temperature of at least 70-80° C is required. Of course, most steam cleaners can reach up to 100° C, so it should not be a problem.


Be sure to let your mattress dry completely before covering it. It may take up to three hours to dry. Try setting it below a fan if your room doesn't get much air or sunlight. You should set up your mattress outside to ensure it dries quickly.

By pressing down on different areas of your mattress, you can check if it is dry.


Use baking soda to deodorise and absorb any residual moisture from your mattress. Once all the moisture is absorbed, there will be fewer chances for odour.

To deodorise, sprinkle an even layer of baking soda onto your mattress. Leave it to work for 4-5 hours; the longer, the better. After a few hours, you can vacuum the soda. Here is a short instructional video on how to steam clean your mattress.

Mattress steam cleaning tips

  1. Always use distilled water for steam cleaning. Tap water usually has minerals dissolved in it. It can lead to mineral build-up in the steam cleaner. Follow these mattress steam cleaning tips for when you steam clean:
  2. Don’t steam clean frequently. Once every six months is perfectly fine. Frequent steam cleaning may cause discolouration of your mattress.
  3. Most mattresses can be steam cleaned; however, check your product label to see if it is safe to steam clean. You can also contact the brand’s customer service provider for this information.
  4. Steam cleaning is very effective because of the intense heat. So, make sure you handle your equipment safely and keep it out of reach of children.

Best steam cleaner for mattress

You can choose from a wide variety of steam cleaners. And we've compiled three products based on features and value for money.

Karcher sc3 easyfix steam cleaner (Editor’s Pick)

The Karcher EasyFix is our pick for a steam cleaner that does it all and more. It Boasts a 70% 5-star review on Amazon. It has an integrated descaling cartridge that prevents mineral build-up. And a prep time of just 30seconds.

This cleaner has an 18/10 steel body and boasts a full1-litre water tank. It also comes up with multiple attachments and a mobile body.


  • Steel body
  • Quick Heat time
  • Large water reservoir
  • Chemical-free cleaning


  • Expensive

Polti Vaporetto Go steam cleaner (Mid-Range Pick)

The Polti-Vaporetto-Go-Steam-Cleaner is a detachable steamer and is our mid-range pick. It has a hand-held hose with an adjustable steam release. This steam cleaner also comes with a safety cap and a 3.5 Bar pressure boiler.

This cleaner comes with a wide assortment of attachments and a measuring cup for its 1.1 Litre water tank. It also has a shoulder belt for more accessible transportation.


  • Many accessories
  • Long electric cord (5 meters)
  • Built-in Safety cap
  • Adjustable steam settings


  •  No water indicator

Jet USA portable steam cleaner (Budget Pick)

If you're on a tight budget, then the Jet-USA-Portable-Steam-Cleaner may be the right steam cleaner for you. Despite its low price, it comes with a steam pressure of 3.5 Bar, which is adjustable. It also comes with seven different attachments and an extension hose.

It is very portable, being just 2kgs, and comes with a reasonable water tank of 450mls.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable and light
  • Good steam pressure
  • Decent Water reservoir for small body


  • Sometimes difficult to unscrew the lid

Our mattresses can accumulate a lot of things like sweat and dead skin. As a result, our mattresses can become smelly and unhygienic. All of these issues can be addressed with steam cleaning.

If you haven't cleaned your mattress in a while and want a mattress cleaner than new, you should invest in a steam cleaner.