Sleeping Duck Pillow Review


January 9, 2024

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For many people, their bed is the ultimate comfort zone.

Whether it is completing your 8 hours of sleep or taking a quick daytime nap, a comfortable night's sleep cannot be compromised. According to experts, the type of pillow you select plays a role in neck and shoulder health. So, it pays to invest some time in understanding the types of pillows and their benefits.

We do understand that if you have a busy work schedule, it's sometimes difficult to track your sleep schedule. However, finding the perfect pillow is no less than a blessing. That is why we decided to review and discuss the features of the Sleeping Duck pillow for you to check out.

We know that some of you may be somewhat unsure how to judge if a pillow has the features you need. But, if you go through the pillow features mentioned here, it'll be easier to determine if this is the perfect choice for you.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Sleeping Duck Pillow Review


We were pleasantly surprised when we decided to try Sleeping Duck pillows for the first time. After which, we decided to document a short review to explain our experience with it. But, before we get into the details, here is an overview of some features that we liked.

  • It is made using anti-gravity foam
  • It gives your head a weightless feeling
  • This pillow provides your body cushioning comfort
  • The memory foam relieves pressure in the neck
  • The pillow is at an ideal height of 9.5-cm high
  • The pillow is made of cool and breathable material
  • It is built using air foam technology

How Does The Pillow Feel To Sleep On?

Let's begin with the main factor, comfort. Is this pillow comfortable? And, how does it feel to rest your head against it? First of all, yes, the pillow is very comfortable, and it supports the head, neck, and upper body quite well.

This pillow material and design are engineered for giving your neck and head a feeling of weightlessness throughout the night. This is achieved by anti-gravity technology used for making the topmost layer.

Some users of this pillow felt like they were sleeping on a bunch of freshly fluffed feathers. Since the pillow is built at the ideal height for the head and neck, there is no chance of pain or discomfort of any sort.

What's The Pillow Made Of?

If you are curious, this supportive pillow is made of unique anti-gravity foam that is soft to touch and retains the shape of your head. This special foam gives the pillow eight times more flexibility than a standard latex pillow.

We liked that even though a user sleeps for 8 hours on this pillow, it still supports the body with its memory foam. Also, since this foam pillow has the mobility of latex, it's easier to change positions easily while sleeping without hurting your neck. For the back sleeper, there is the added benefit of flexible memory foam, which helps in reducing strain on the muscles.

Furthermore, this cosy pillow is designed locally with the help of an Australian chemical engineering plant. With this product, you can reap the benefits of a high-quality pillow along with supporting local industries.

While checking out this pillow, we also read that this memory foam is grown using air and not harmful chemicals. If you didn't know, many manufacturers would create pillow and mattress foam by processing them in harsh chemicals to get the desired fluffiness.

But, Sleeping Duck uses the safest method, air! Using this technique, foam pillows are created by air expansion which is safer and healthier for your hair and skin.

Weight And Thickness

As far as the pillow height is concerned, the Sleeping Duck pillow is 9.5-cm high (or thick) The first time we got a chance to see the pillow, it looked a little smaller than regular pillows.

But later, we discovered that Sleeping Duck had conducted several tests to determine the ideal size and thickness of a perfect pillow. After years of research and customer feedback, they found this height to be ideal.

After using this pillow, we reckon it is high enough for side sleepers. But they also aren't too high for those who sleep on their back or tummy.

How Much Does The Pillow Cost?

Sleeping Duck pillow comes at $120 per piece. Additionally, delivery and returns all over Australia are free. So, apart from the one-time pillow cost, you do not need to spend on anything else.  

If you think about it, the price is pretty reasonable since you get a comfy pillow without spending heaps of money.

Is This The Right Pillow For You?

Overall, this Anti-gravity pillow gives a weightless feeling which would be comfortable for everyone. It is firm enough to support your head, yet soft and cushiony without causing any dents after lying in it for a long while.

This is the best pillow for you if you are comfortable with a slightly low pillow that isn't as thick. As mentioned earlier, it is designed to maximise comfort while sleeping and prevent neck pain or shoulder issues.

Besides, its memory foam has pressure-relieving properties which leave your upper back and neck well-rested and healthy. All being said, if you need a new pillow that is comfortable for the neck, eco-friendly, chemical-free, and made in Australia, this might be it!

Final Verdict

So, here is our short review for Sleeping Duck Pillow. There's no doubt that this pillow is amazing for getting a restful and undisturbed sleep no matter your sleeping style. We have nothing but praises for this product, and we'd recommend it to anyone looking to switch pillow brands.

Apart from that, it gives excellent value for money since it is decently priced and ships across Australia free of cost. We hope this review gave you enough information to determine if this is the right pillow for you. If you liked most of its aspects, we'd suggest you give it a shot; it won't disappoint!

That's all for today. Cheers!