Rockdale Mattress Factory Reviews


January 9, 2024

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Wondering how Rockdale Mattress Factory review stacks up in the world of comfy sleep?

We all know the secret to a great night’s sleep often lies in what’s inside our mattress. With so many brands popping up, picking the right one can feel like a wild guess. That's where Rockdale Mattress Factory steps in. They’re known for their custom-made beds, crafted with natural fibres suited for the Aussie climate.

If you’re tossing up whether Rockdale Mattresses are up to the challenge against other big names, stick with me – we're about to find out.

Are Rockdale Mattresses any Good?

So, are Rockdale Mattresses any good? To answer this question, we will identify the benefits of their products and the drawbacks.

Benefits of Rockdale Mattresses

The Rockdale Mattress Factory uses natural fibres in its comfort layer and quilting, allowing air to circulate and providing a healthier sleeping environment. As an innovative furniture company, it has a unique open-door policy that allows you to watch as your mattress is made. This way, you know what exactly goes into your purchase and can guarantee that it meets your specifications.

There are no assembly lines. Mattresses are custom-made to fit user needs and sold directly from the factory. So, there’s no need to take a trip to the department store or patronise retailers that can jack up the price.

Furthermore, this company has a unique ergopedic mattress – a mix of ergonomic and orthopedic. Orthopedic, in bedding terms, refers to a mattress that supports the skeletal system and alleviates exhaustion during sleep.  

So, with the Rockdale Mattress Factory, you’re sure to get a mattress that suits your sleeping needs.

Drawbacks of Rockdale Mattresses

The only drawbacks we noticed with the Rockdale mattresses are that it does not offer free shipping like its competitors. This may be a point that draws potential buyers to other manufacturers, as free shipping within Australia is a common perk.

Then, considering that these mattresses are made-to-order in the factory, not every buyer will have the free time to sit around and watch their bed get constructed. Most people prefer to order mattresses online and receive them at their doorstep.

Rockdale vs Emma Mattress

Comparing two quality brands can be difficult, as they both have great things to offer. However, one thing that makes Emma mattresses stand out is that it offers free delivery within Australia. This is unlike Rockdale mattresses, with a shipping fee attached to budget mattresses.

Rockdale Mattresses

Typically, there are three Rockdale mattress designs. These include the Ergo Comfort Standard, the Spinal Design Low Profile, and the Grand. Below, we considered the features of each.

1. The Ergo Comfort Standard

This traditional-style mattress features 3-zoned prestressed pocket springs guaranteeing minimal disturbance during sleep. Its double-layered supersoft foams provide the superior comfort you need to be fully relaxed. The foam layers adapt to body pressure, evenly distributing your body weight and assuring you of uninterrupted sleep, no matter the disturbance.

This support runs all the way to the mattress’ edge, providing firm edge support. The Ergo Comfort Standard comes in different sizes, like the Queen, King, Single, Double, and King Single, with prices starting from $944.

2. Spinal Design Low Profile

The Spinal Design Low Profile features 10cm, German individually-zoned encapsulated springs that respond to different body weights. This double-sided mattress has a slim line design and is lightweight, making it easy to turn or rotate. 

The Spinal Design Low Profile has a gentle motion technology that ensures you won't feel any major movements during the night, even if your partner moves in their sleep.

Also, the mattress is well-ventilated as it has a superior cooling feature. As you know, this is important for a healthy and uninterrupted night's sleep. You can get this mattress in different sizes —  Single, Double, King, Queen, and King Single, starting at a low point of $1868.

3. The Grand

Arguably the "most noble" of all Rockdale's mattresses, The Grand features carefully-handpicked natural fibres like wool, latex, and organic cotton, which helps to redistribute your body heat during sleep. 

This allows heat to flow out of the mattress and fresh air to flow in, creating a ventilated sleep experience. It features hand-sewn zoned pocket springs to give you the optimal support you need while asleep. 

If you are looking for a mattress with an effective heat transfer design, the Grand will make a good pick. Prices start from $2099. 

Bed Frames and Sheets

The Rockdale Mattress Factory offers a range of bed frames or bed heads to cushion your custom mattress. Starting at $620 for the Deluxe Buttons Bedhead, you can get a matching frame for your mattress at an affordable price. 

Emma Mattresses offers an all-season duvet that promises to provide the right amount of warmth you need in all seasons. Made of pure cotton, this chic mattress with a wavy stitch pattern costs only $239.

You can also pick from their line of bed frames, like the Emma Signature bed, which costs $659.40 and features a sleek and modern style. Alternatively, you can go with the Emma Wooden bed that provides sturdy support and an anti-slip base, perfect for holding your Emma mattress.

Final Words

Mattresses in a box are the best to go for when you want to buy a new bed, as they have the comfort level that will suit all sleepers. It’s cheaper, cuts out the middle person, and has a trial period for you to test the product.

In addition, you get a 100-day trial and a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. We recommend Emma Comfort, Australia's Top Scoring Mattress, designed by sleep experts with advanced technology and quality materials.

Delivery takes one to seven business days, and there’s a 100-night free trial and a full refund option if you’re uncomfortable with your purchase.

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