Pillow Sizes Guide: Sizes & Dimensions


January 9, 2024

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What is the perfect pillow size for your bed? You've come to the right place. You will learn about various pillow sizes in Australia in this article, including:

  • Pillow Dimensions
  • Standard Pillowcase Size Australia
  • King Size Pillow Dimensions
  • Differences between Australia and Europe

There are different pillow sizes to fit different bed sizes. The most popular sizes in Australia are standard size, queen size, king size, and European square pillow. Pillows vary in size, which can affect how well you sleep.

Pillow Dimensions

Are you thinking of getting a perfect-sized pillow for your bed? Several factors contribute to finding the correct pillow sizes for yourself. We have provided a pillow size chart below to help you get a clear understanding of the sizes of different types of pillows in Australia.

  • Australian Pillow Size
  • Imperial Measurement (ft/in)
  • Metric Measurement (cm)


  • 20" × 26"
  • 51cm × 66cm


  • 20" × 30"
  • 51cm × 76cm


  • 20" × 36"
  • 51cm × 92cm

European Square Pillow

  • 26" × 26"
  • 66cm × 66cm

Standard pillows are pretty popular with double or twin beds. With a size of 51cm × 66cm, two of these pillow sizes can comfortably fit in a twin bed.

With a measurement of 51cm × 76cm, queen pillows are made for queen-sized beds. However, it doesn't matter what your bed size is because it all comes down to preference. You can add some extra length on a twin bed with a Queen pillow.

King-sized pillows come with a measurement of 51cm × 92cm. This size is perfect when you place two of them on a king-sized bed. They are also perfect for decoration.

The European Square Pillow is best for decorative purposes. They have a square shape with a measurement of 66cm × 66cm. This type of pillow can add grandeur and elegance to a bed when propped against a standard pillow.

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Standard Pillowcase Size Australia

Size and Dimension:

A standard pillow size cm is 51cm × 66cm or 20" × 26". This is the smallest size when it comes to Australian pillows. Standard pillows are one of the most popular pillow sizes. A standard size pillow fits in a standard size pillowcase.

Use On:

Standard pillow sizes make a perfect addition to a double or twin-sized bed. It fits a twin-sized bed perfectly when you place a standard size pillow. While you can use two standard-size pillows on queen and king-size beds side by side, they do not cover the entire length of king/super king-size beds.

Best For:

The size of the pillow is also excellent for sleeping because it offers a compact feeling. People who sleep on their stomachs and sides will find standard-size pillows appealing and reliable for a good night's sleep.


  • These types of pillows are relatively inexpensive, and they are great value for money.
  • They are also highly flexible and usable for various bed sizes and sleeping positions.

King Size Pillow Dimensions

Size and Dimension:

King pillows have a metric measurement of 51cm × 92cm. They measure 20×26 in inches. This type of pillow is the largest-sized pillow in the Australian market. A king-size pillow fits in a king-size pillowcase.

Use On:

King pillows are meant for king-sized beds. You can place two pillows side by side on a king-size bed. It can also provide a contact fit when you place two of them on a queen bed. A single king-size pillow also fits a twin-sized bed perfectly. It also serves as a support for other pillows. You can also use them to enhance the look of the bed.

Best For:

Given their large size, broad-shouldered people who sleep on their back will find comfort in king pillows. It also serves the purpose well for those who like to watch TV, read, or work in bed as large, flexible, and comfortable.


  • You can use a king pillow on all types of beds, whether for sleeping or decorative advantages.
  • King pillows can also act as body pillows.

Difference from Australia to Europe

European Pillow Size

Metric Measurement (cm)


  • 50cm × 75cm


  • 50cm × 75cm


  • 50cm × 90cm

Square Pillow

  • 65cm × 65cm

Standard pillow sizes differ in Australia and Europe. If you check out the European pillow size chart above, you will find that the significant differences between Australian and European pillows are the names and the dimensions.

Housewife/standard Pillows

The European pillow size cm for a standard pillow, also known as housewife pillow in Europe, is 50cm × 65cm. However, in Australia, it measures 51cm × 66cm.

Oxford/Queen Pillows

Known as Oxford pillows in Europe and Queen pillows in Australia, this particular sized pillow has varied measurements. The sizes are 51cm × 76cm and 50cm × 75cm in Australia and Europe.

King Pillows

The size of king-sized pillows in Australia is 51cm × 92cm, while the measurement stands at 50cm × 90cm in Europe.

Square Pillows

Square pillows only have a slight difference in their dimensions. It measures 66cm × 66cm in Australia and 65cm × 65cm in Europe. These pillows are excellent for decorative purposes.

A good night's sleep is crucial. Pillows play an essential role in sleeping, which is not surprising. A perfect-sized pillow might boost your sleep, but an incorrect pillow might cause you not only body aches or backaches in the morning but also other sleep-related problems. For a good sleep experience, it is always worth investing some time in finding the best pillows in Australia.