Perfect Plush Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Brosa has done it again!

Indeed, the well-loved furniture retailer has once again pieced together comfort and innovation in the all-new Perfect Plush Mattress. And like all other mattresses in its selection of mattress-in-a-box models, Brosa will deliver this premium product right to your doorstep.

That said, some buyers are rejoicing because they are spared the frustrating experience of buying mattresses the old-fashioned way. At the same time, sceptics are still sitting on the fence because they prefer to "try it before they buy it."

More so because the unique Perfect Plush mattress is unlike most other gel-infused memory foam, hybrid mattresses on the market. But don't fret — Brosa offers 21-day change-of-mind returns and will readily return your money if you discover that the mattress is not the right fit.

Anyhow, we have put together this Perfect Plush Mattress review after testing it for various quality standards. Now, you don't have to dive under the sheets or take a plunge before knowing exactly what you will be falling on.

(This is a great mattress but we recommend checking out better options for the money like the Emma comfort.)

Perfect Plush Mattress Review



  • The HD Layer - Super Wave provides adequate spinal support
  • Total of three comfort layers
  • Eliminates partner disturbance and motion transfer
  • Suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Mattress includes edge support
  • The Tranquil Microclimate Foam Layer provides pressure relief
  • Three delivery options


  • Not suitable for stomach sleepers
  • 21-day trial period

Is The Perfect Plush Mattress Right For You?

All our mattress reviews take into account various factors, such as comfort, support, spinal alignment, and so on. Without further ado, take a look at how the Perfect Plush mattress fared in these areas:

1. Firm Mattress Comfort

As soon as you hit the hay or, to be more specific — the Outer Wrap Layer of the mattress, you can instantly feel the buttery softness of the quilted surface. Considering that memory foam mattresses receive a lousy rep for overheating sleepers, the breathable fabric should be of great help during hot and humid nights.

The cooling properties of this mattress-in-a-box are further enhanced by mesh air gussets that don't trap heat by allowing optimal airflow.

As for softness, don't expect to sink too deep into this firm mattress — most mattress reviews rate it anywhere between medium-soft and medium-firm. And while firmness and softness choices are a matter of personal preference, the pillow top provides a sensation that leans towards medium-soft.

2. Memory Foam For Spinal Support

Of the three foam layers, up-top is an extra sensitive, thick Tranquil Microclimate foam top layer that provides superior comfort levels by distributing body weight evenly.

It is worth noting that the Perfect Plush is not a standard full memory foam mattress. However, the top layer utilises a patent-protected technology that conforms to your body shape and provides adequate pressure relief.

At the base is the high-density supportive HD Layer - Super Wave. It is built for a precision cut wave profile that provides proper hip and shoulder support to perfectly align the spine. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, these foam comfort layers will sink in to adapt to your body weight, thus relieving pressure from your neck and shoulders.

That said, this may not be the best mattress for a stomach sleeper, as the memory foam-like effect causes the mid-section to sink in too deep, thus preventing proper spinal support.

3. Partner Disturbance

Unlike most hybrid mattresses on the market that boast coils and springs, the Perfect Plush mattress consists of a Cooling Honeycomb Layer with a unique system for optimal comfort and cooling. That said, the unusual hexagonal padding reduces motion transfer so that you won't feel your partner's movements throughout the night.

In addition, the edge support provides extra stability to keep you from rolling off in case you sleep next to someone who hogs the bed. Another reason why edge support can be beneficial when choosing your new mattress is because you can comfortably sit on the edge — for instance, while putting on shoes.

And although this mattress does not include a gel-infused memory foam layer, it consists of cooling beads to wick away heat and moisture, so you don't have to sleep hot anymore.

4. Value For Money

Considering how a king-size is priced at $1,999 and a single costs a whopping $1,399, it is safe to say that the Perfect Plush mattress comes at a premium. However, Brosa usually has in-site sales and promotions during which a king-size can be bought for $1,399 and a single bed mattress for $978.99.

What's more, the company offers three delivery options, including the White Glove Delivery with complete assembly and shipping at nominal rates. Given its discounted prices, the Perfect Plush may be one of the best mattresses in its price range.

FAQs On The Perfect Plush Mattress

1. What Base Can You Use With The Perfect Plush Mattress?

The Perfect Plush mattress will sit comfortably on any firm and flat surface. That said, we have tested it on a box spring base, slat base, and even the floor with success.

2. Is This A Hybrid Mattress?

Since the Perfect Plush mattress consists of multiple layers for better airflow, cooling, spinal support, and so on, it qualifies as a hybrid mattress. But although it provides most of the features of the best hybrid mattresses on the market, it is not a standard full memory foam mattress-in-a-box.

Final Verdict

Considering how memory foam mattress owners complain of sleeping hot, the makers at Brosa came up with the idea of the Perfect Plush Mattress. Unlike any standard full memory foam mattress-in-a-box, this mattress uses proprietary layers of unique materials that adequately contours and distributes body weight to relieve pressure.

In fact, the build also does away with gel or latex and yet provides a cooling and plush mattress that supports most sleeping positions. However, the makers are yet to tweak it to perfection by making it ideal for stomach sleepers.

Anyhow, back sleepers and side sleepers can rejoice — the Perfect Plush Mattress may just be the mattress of your dreams.

However, for the price we recommend checking out better options for the money like the Emma comfort.

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