Peacelily Kapok Pillow Review


January 9, 2024

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After slugging at the office, all you would want is to go back home and hit the bed.

However, it's not worth it if the pillow has lost its shape, so all you do is keep tossing around while sleep eludes you. That's why to help you rest comfortably; we have chosen the Peacelily Kapok Pillow as the most suitable product.

It's perfect if you want to enjoy a luxury plush pillow feel while sleeping in multiple positions. But something tells us that you are not convinced.

Keep reading the guide as we have broken down the essential aspects of the Kapok Pillow for you to better understand its features.

Peacelily Kapok Pillow Review


Even at first glance, the handcrafted design of the kapok pillow will grab your attention, getting its name from the organic kapok fibres weaved into the fabric. Needless to say, the pillow flaunts an ultra-soft and plush material, guaranteeing maximum comfort while sleeping.

Moreover, the essential aspects that make it a high-quality pillow are:

  • Sustainably-sourced kapok fibres offer plant-based alternatives
  • Perfect fluff
  • GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton
  • Easily adjustable loft
  • Eco-friendly
  • High-quality materials

In other words, if you are looking for complete sleep comfort, you can't go wrong with the kapok pillow. You can also pair it with the Peacelily mattress for a more premium fluffy feel and much-needed rest after a tiring day.

How Does The Pillow Feel To Sleep On?

As Peacelily has handcrafted this pillow using organic materials, it guarantees premium comfort for different sleeping positions. Whether you constantly toss around or lay down on one side, it offers a complete sleep solution, thanks to its raw materials.

For instance, the kapok floss is luxuriously plush and delivers a cotton feel to improve your sleep pattern. In other words, it is the perfect pillow filling, complementing the comfortable fabrics to help you relax.

But to know more about how the organic plant fibre pillow achieves this softer feel, read the following section to learn about the materials.

What Is The Pillow Made From?

We have narrowed down the three primary materials that give the pillow its form:

1. Organic Kapok Fibres

It consists of 100% natural kapok fibres that are non-toxic and present in the floss. The self-adjustable floss retains its shape despite regular use and changes its structure based on your sleep position.

What's more, it is a moisture-resistant plant fibre, making the pillow perfect for hot sleepers. So, it won't deteriorate in quality even during the hot summer months in Australia.

You can, in fact, pair it with non-toxic and organic mattresses to complete your bedroom set.

2. Certified 100% Organic Cotton

Similar to the super plant fibre kapok, the designers have used GOTS-certified organic cotton, which has been sustainably sourced to make the pillow covers. As a result, the fabric is extremely breathable and is ideal for encasing the memory foam pillow.

3. Doesn't Contain Synthetic Materials

You will find that it does not contain harmful chemical adhesives or other synthetic materials for a luxe plush sleep experience. So, while you relax, you won't be bothered by harmful off-gassing.

Pillow Weight And Thickness

The total pillow weight is 1.5 kg, and it measures 74cm x 43cm x 16cm, which makes it perfect for most beds. Hence, it offers a luxury plush pillow feel, thanks to its handmade pillow covers and pliant cushioning.

In fact, it fits standard queen pillow cases, providing the right amount of sturdiness and fluffiness.

How Much Does This Pillow Cost?

The Peacelily Kapok Pillow costs $139, which is understandable considering that the manufacturers have used materials that are harvested sustainably. What's more, the order arrives in recyclable packaging with no additional shipping or return costs.

Bonus Features

Now, let's proceed to the bonus features, as there are several exclusive offers that make the purchase worthwhile.

1. Warranty

You will find that the Peacelily Kapok Pillow has a one-year warranty, so you don't need to worry about damage to the handmade fabric. The brand promptly responds to consumers' maintenance needs, be it replacing the kapok filling or restoring the natural construction.

2. Peacelily Difference

Purchasing from the brand allows customers to support Peacelily's mission of environment-conservation while improving people's quality of life. Unsurprisingly, it uses the top raw materials and develops sustainable manufacturing techniques at affordable prices.

3. 100-Day Free Trial

It will please you to know that the company offers a trial period of 100 days, allowing consumers to get used to the pillow. If they are unsatisfied at the end of this period, they can return the package to opt for a full refund.

4. Moisture-Resistant

The kapok fibres have moisture repellent properties, thereby enhancing the buoyancy of the pillow. Long story short, it remains fluffy longer and doesn't lose its shape even after continuous use.

Is This The Right Pillow For You?

To sum up, the 100% organic Kapok Pillow is designed to satisfy your needs.

It has multiple top-notch features, not least of which are its non-toxic memory foams, 100% cotton construction, and buoyant qualities. Not to mention, the brand takes customer satisfaction seriously and works to correct your sleep cycle through its eco-friendly manufacturing techniques.

So, all things considered, we believe that you will get a fantastic return on investment, making it stand out compared to some of the other best pillows in Australia.

Final Verdict

Rest assured, the Peacelily Kapok Pillow will lull you to sleep in no time, ensuring that you wake up energised for the next day.

Also, you can simply unzip the covers to wash the pillow to make sure it retains its quality for a long time. In other words, it's low-maintenance, affordable, and uses eco-friendly materials while giving you unparalleled comfort.

So, we will leave you to it and hope that you no longer spend sleepless nights. Till next time!