Origin Latex Pillow Review


January 9, 2024

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With modern-day lifestyles involving hectic schedules and long working hours, getting a good night’s sleep is becoming more and more challenging. 

However, as everybody knows, not having adequate sleep can directly affect the overall health, so taking measures to get proper rest is essential. While there are several ways to do so, such as sticking to a strict sleep routine and removing distractions, using the bedding is also essential.

And when it comes to sleep products, the pillow is of utmost importance. That’s why we decided to put together this detailed review of the superior Coolmax latex pillow from Origin, which is a leading brand in the Australian sleep products industry. 

It even comes with a cooling gel that can enhance your sleep.

Origin Latex Pillow Review


Before getting into details, let us point out some of the features of the Origin superior Coolmax latex pillow that make it such a popular choice. 

  • Natural latex manufacturing
  • Coolmax gel
  • Two-year warranty
  • Removable Tencel fabric pillow cover

How Does The Origin Latex Pillow Feel To Sleep On?

The Origin superior Coolmax latex pillow offers the highest comfort levels, thanks to the high-quality natural latex used in the manufacturing process. This latex is infused with the proprietary cooling gel of the brand, which eliminates any trapped heat and helps keep the pillow cool while you sleep. And the plush material does a great job of cradling your head and improving your sleep quality. 

What’s The Origin Latex Pillow Made From?

Learning about the materials used in the manufacturing process can help make an informed decision when buying products such as latex pillows. That’s why we’ve listed down the materials used to manufacture this pillow.

1. Natural Latex Exterior

Designed in Germany, the exterior of the Origin superior Coolmax pillow is made from the finest natural latex, which provides it with a softer and more comfortable feel. 

2. Cooling Gel Filling

Underneath the latex exterior, the brand uses a cooling gel that has been prepared especially to ensure better temperature control. This gel prevents trapped heat and helps keep the pillow cool for a better sleeping experience so that you can wake up fresh. 

3. Pillow Cover Material

The superior Coolmax latex pillow comes with a high-quality removable pillow cover made from premium quality Tencel fabric. This material has hypoallergenic properties, is soft and it’s manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. 

Pillow Dimensions

How comfortable you are while sleeping depends to a large extent on the dimensions of the pillow. In this regard, this pillow is available in a single size that measures 65 cm x 40 cm x 13 cm, which is good enough for most people. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The Origin Coolmax pillow is available for $129, and considering the amazing sleeping experience it delivers, this price is quite reasonable. 

Bonus Features

Besides offering this incredible latex pillow, Origin strives to provide an overall great purchase experience. That’s why it offers a 7-day free return option if you do not find the pillow suitable. It ensures that getting a refund is a hassle-free and simple process. Besides that, the pillow comes with a two-year warranty, so the manufacturer will cover any damage during this period.  

Is This The Right Pillow For You?

With its latex exterior, the Origin superior Coolmax latex pillow offers exceptional sleep support without feeling too firm. It also allows the pillow to cradle your head and neck properly, providing greater comfort and a better option than a memory foam pillow. At the same time, it is impression resistant, eliminating any durability or pressure issues in the long run.  

Apart from that, the Tencel fabric pillow cover that is included with the pillow makes it suitable for those with allergies since it is highly dust and mould resistant. This cover is also removable, allowing you to clean it easily, thereby reducing the effort involved in maintenance. Furthermore, the proprietary gel used for keeping the pillow cool effectively ensures restful sleep by preventing heat from getting trapped. 

The 7-day return option and 2-year warranty also make this a compelling choice, and at the asking price, you will be hard put to find a better option. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the Origin latex pillow is an excellent offering from the brand, suitable for a wide range of customers who are missing out on quality sleep. Offering unmatched comfort and support, this pillow can be the perfect candidate if you wish to make a long term investment. 

We only wish that it was available in a wider range of sizes, but the standard size will be suitable for most people. You can even check out other reviews online before making a choice. 

On that note, it is time to conclude this review. Take care. Until next time!