Onebed Mattress Topper Review


January 9, 2024

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Does the Onebed mattress topper make a firm mattress comfortable?

There is no denying that these items have become one of the most sought-after bedding accessories over the past few years. A One bed mattress topper could provide an extra layer of support and cushioning, thereby prolonging the lifespan of a sagging or worn-out mattress. Thus, this makes it the best alternative to buying a new mattress.

But the problem is, with so many options available on the Australian market, choosing the right one could get a bit time-consuming and challenging. That’s why we decided to help you out by ruthlessly reviewing the topper from Onebed, one of the leading manufacturers of bedding equipment and accessories in Australia.

So, without further delay, let’s jump straight to the good stuff.

Onebed Topper Review

How Does The Onebed Topper Feel?

To begin with, this topper from Onebed boasts a thickness of 2”, which we believe is decent enough to provide the much-needed pressure relief and cushioning to an old mattress. 

It features Davina foam, which makes the surface highly breathable due to its open-cell structure. Therefore, rest assured that this topper will help take your sleeping experience to the next level by keeping you fresh and cool. 

The Onebed topper also comes with 5-comfort zones, which help secure your skeletal alignment by providing support from your head to toe. So, you can say goodbye to annoying pains and aches. Unlike other ordinary toppers, this one offers the ideal balance between firmness and softness to enhance both support and comfort. Thus, it helps you sleep better regardless of the condition of your mattress.

What’s The Onebed Topper Made Of?

The Onebed topper is made of a single layer of Davina foam, which works quite like any memory foam but is more responsive. Since the Davina foam features an open-cell structure, it lets air pass through it easily, making it a go-to option for a Onebed mattress.

Sizes And Cost

The 2-inch thick Onebed topper is available across various sizes, so you can choose a unit that best suits your requirement. In this section, we have mentioned all its sizes along with their respective prices.

  • King: 183 x 203 x 5 cm, price: $390
  • Queen: 153 x 203 x 5 cm, price: $360
  • Double: 138 x 188 x 5 cm, price: $340
  • King Single: 107 x 203 x 5 cm, price: $320
  • Single: 92 x 188 x 5 cm, price: $300

Bonus Features

1. Special Discounts

Since Onebed is one of the leading manufacturers of premium bedding equipment in Australia, the prices of its product generally tend to be on the higher side. But the good news is that buyers could get up to a whopping 40% discount during the EOFY sale. Thus, it allows you to make huge savings.       

2. 125-Night Trial Period

Perhaps, the most amazing feature of this medium-firm topper is that it is backed by a 120-night trial period. So, if the Onebed topper doesn’t live up to your expectations even after having used it for four consecutive months, you can return it and opt for a full refund. 

The brand will arrange a pickup and donate it to its nominated charity. However, note that this trial period is applicable only if the mattress is in good condition so that it gets easily accepted by charity organisations.   

3. 5-Year Warranty

In addition to the 125-night trial, you get a 5-year warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about incurring any additional expenses for repairing or replacing the topper if it turns out to be defective. It’s worth noting, however, that the warranty will only cover tears and rips caused as a result of normal wear and not external factors. 

4. Free Shipping

Unlike most other mattress brands, you get free shipping on every purchase. Naturally, this gives the product an edge over other toppers in Australia. 

Final Verdict

There you have it, our honest and unbiased Onebed topper review. Now, coming to the main question: should you buy the Onebed topper for your bed?

Yes, it is made of Davina foam, a breathable material that can make any sleeping surface cool and fresh. Not to forget, it contours to your body shape while maintaining a supportive buoyancy, offering both comfort and pressure relief.

And that’s all for today. Hope to see you soon with another popular product!