OMF Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Looking into OMF mattress reviews Australia offers and wondering if they're the right choice for you? A comfy mattress is key for that much-needed good night's sleep, especially after a tiring day. If you're thinking of replacing your old mattress, navigating through the myriad of options can be daunting. Original Mattress Factory, is one of the names you might be considering, and for good reason.

To help you out, we've crafted an honest guide, reviewing various mattress options available at OMF. This guide will cover everything from user OMF reviews to their broader range of Original Mattress Factory furniture.

Let’s get into the details, shall we?

Are OMF mattresses any good?

Benefits of OMF mattresses

The Original Mattress Factory (OMF), is an online outlet that provides the finest quality mattresses in all shapes, sizes, and styles for both back and side sleepers. We’d also like to tell you that it isn’t restricted to just that and has a variety of furniture, including bedding and bath, bases and bed heads, etc., to offer. 

For now, we’ll stick to the mattresses only. But feel free to visit the site if you find yourself in need of any type of furniture.

What we feel is the major benefit of this platform is that you can explore mattresses from several different brands in a single place. Be it a firm mattress, box springs, or a memory foam mattress, you’ll find almost all the types in all sizes. 

Another handy thing is that you just have to order the mattress and forget about everything else. It will get delivered to your doorstep without any hassle, and the diligent delivering team of OMF will cooperate with you in every aspect.

Drawbacks of OMF mattresses

Catering to the ever-evolving marketing trends, the business mainly offers luxury mattresses that lie on the expensive side of the price spectrum. You can reach out to the customer support team if you want further details on its return and trial policies.

OMF Vs. Emma mattresses - which one should you buy?

Let’s draw a little comparison between these two major online mattress businesses because both of these drive a significant share of capital that goes into the industry. First and foremost, Emma offers a long trial period of 100 days on its mattresses to all its users while OMF provides a 200-night comfort guarantee (which isn't the same).

Next, Emma trumps OMF when it comes to the warranty as well because it gives a large warranty period of ten years. OMF on the other hand provides 10-year warranty on only a few options.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your needs and preferences since there aren’t many reviews to fall back on. But we’d suggest you consider the additional delivery and installation cost before purchasing from any of these brands.

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Do OMF mattresses match standard Australian sizes?

All the mattresses available on the Original Mattress Factory are in tune with the typical Australian dimensions, whatever their build or style might be. You can find all sizes of mattresses, including single, king single, double, king, and queen on OMF. 

In simple words, size won’t be an issue as all the measurement specifications are clearly given in the mattress description. After going through them, you’ll realise that they stand true to the standard Australian sizes.

OMF mattress models and types 

1. Original P2

Starting our brief product list, we have the Original P2 mattress that has multiple foam comfort layers to provide you with a comfortable surface to restfully sleep on. The full foam box of the quality mattress is delicately encased within the Argentium Silver Ion antibacterial fabric. This fabric is known for its antimicrobial activity, which keeps nasty insects like bed bugs and other microorganisms away.

Even though the mattress has a traditional design, it has a few advanced features like pocket springs and two-in-one firmness. Whatever the size of your bed might be, there’s a good chance this one will fit right in as it is available in four different sizes - single, king single, double, and queen.

2. Elegance soft

Available in seven measurements, the Elegance Soft mattress is all about comfort and snugness. The various mattress sizes are single, king single, long single, double, queen, king, and super king. 

This Australian-made luxury mattress comes with a warranty of ten years and is available in three types of feels, namely medium firm, medium plush, and plush. Furthermore, it is equipped with five-zone spring air pockets, Visco memory foam, and premium stretch knit fabric, all of which contribute to the luxurious feel and top-level relaxation.

3. Noosa firm mattress

The next mattress on the list is the Noosa firm mattress which is again available in all seven sizes, same as Elegance support. To begin with, it is a five-zone micro spring mattress with an ultra-comfy Euro top design, which ensures superior support and great relaxation. 

In addition, the full foam box and premium layers assist with heat dispersion to offer pressure relief.

4. Saint barth

Last but not least, Saint Barth is known to be an unpretentious luxury brought to the market exclusively by OMF. It is the best mattress for temperature regulation, thanks to the top latex layer that evenly distributes the body weight and gel-infused memory foam that dissipates excess heat. 

Final words

On that note, we’ve reached the end of our brief guide on Original Mattress Factory reviews and whether you should buy them. We hope that you found it helpful to some extent and have a clearer outlook on the matter.

Are OMF mattresses any good? We sure think they are. Given the variety of designs available on the platform with nominal shipping charges, we suggest shortlisting your favourite options. Rest assured, whatever you choose, it will be backed by the quality assurance of OMF.

However, if you want to get a mattress that cuts out the middle man and puts that money in R&D for a better mattress, you should check the mattress out here.

That’s it for this guide! Take care and happy shopping.