Oasis Sleep Review


January 9, 2024

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Cases of sleep deprivation are becoming more and more common due to rising stress levels, hectic travel and work schedules.

But one of the most important and often overlooked causes is the use of improper mattresses. Without the right mattress, your body is unable to get adequate rest and lacks the energy to function efficiently during the day. 

Sleep deprivation has serious long-term effects, such as an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. And while you can alter your schedule and take measures to reduce stress, replacing the mattress is not given a lot of thought. However, doing so can improve sleep quality significantly. 

To help you out, we've reviewed the OasisSleep mattress in detail here. OasisSleep is among the most popular Australian mattress brands, offering extremely comfortable products featuring proprietary technologies, such as the ZeroG Hygroflex technology, to ensure a more comfortable sleep. 

OasisSleep Mattress Review


  • Free nationwide delivery
  • 100-night promise
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Eco-friendly VPF foam
  • Maximum support and comfort
  • Superior design
  • Thermoregulation
  • Open-cell technology
  • Locally sourced and manufactured

How Do The OasisSleep Mattresses Feel To Sleep On?

OasisSleep offers 3 types of mattresses to meet the requirements of different sleepers, which include the Serenity, Glacier and Genesis mattresses. Each of these mattresses offers good comfort and support but has certain distinguishing features. 

The Serenity mattress comes with the ZeroG Hygroflex proprietary technology, which is very effective in relieving pressure. It also allows proper airflow and provides the most luxurious sleeping experience.

Then, there is the Glacier mattress, perfect for hot Australian nights since it can keep you cool and prevent heat from getting trapped. This is possible due to the ISOcool technology that regulates body heat to prevent overheating while you sleep.

The last mattress is the Genesis mattress, offering an excellent balance of comfort and support while featuring the ZeroG Cloudpro+ technology. It allows the mattress to adapt to your body as you sleep, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the night. 

What Are The OasisSleep Mattresses Made From? 

The materials used for a mattress determine how comfortable, supportive, and durable it is. Understanding how OasisSleep mattresses are constructed can make it easy to choose the right one, so let's look at their different layers.  

1. Top Fabric (Comfort Layer)

The top layer of the mattress is constructed using Merino wool, which is incredibly lightweight and extremely soft. This also has anti-static qualities and provides the mattresses with thermoregulation capabilities, allowing them to regulate heat in an efficient manner. Hence, you won't experience any discomfort, even on the hottest nights.

2. Middle Layer

The second layer is made from different materials, depending on which OasisSleep mattress you pick. In the case of the Serenity mattress, it is a specially designed Hygroflex material, proven to enhance thermoregulation and provide pressure relief. 

On the other hand, the Glacier mattress comes with a VPF liquid gel memory foam that utilises ISOCool technology for temperature control. As for the Genesis, it has a premium open-cell foam that provides exceptional comfort while sleeping. 

3. Formline Comfort Layer

All three OasisSleep mattresses come with a Formline comfort layer. This foam is manufactured using Air Grown Variable Pressure that ensures maximum comfort while being eco-friendly. 

4. Support Layer

At the bottom, OasisSleep products have the Helix pocket spring system, manufactured completely in Australia using BHP steel. This provides targeted support to your body, preventing it from sinking in. 

Weight And Thickness

Apart from the materials, the dimensions are an important factor that determines the comfort and support a mattress provides. While the thickness impacts the comfort levels, the weight affects how easy it is to move the mattress. 

All three mattresses from OasisSleep are available in multiple sizes and firmness options, which include:

  • Single: 187 x 92 cm
  • Long Single: 203 x 92 cm
  • King Single: 203 x 106 cm
  • Double: 187 x 137 cm
  • Queen: 203 x 153 cm
  • King: 203 x 183 cm

Those who sleep alone can go with the King Single or Single options, while the other options are suitable for couples. 

How Much Do They Cost?

OasisSleep mattresses are not the most affordable options on the market, but they offer some fantastic features, including a free trial and a lifetime warranty. The prices vary depending on the mattress type, firmness level and size. 

  • Single: $949 - $1,149
  • Long Single: $949 - $1,149
  • King Single: $999 - $1,199
  • Double: $1,099 - $1,399
  • Queen: $1,199 - $1,699
  • King: $1,399 - $1,899

Bonus Features

Apart from the high-quality construction that provides superb comfort and support, OasisSleep mattresses have a 100-night comfort commitment. You can use the mattress for a specific duration to decide whether it’s worth the money. 

Additionally, there is a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that getting replacements or refunds will be hassle-free. 

Is This The Right Mattress For You?

The OasisSleep mattresses are available in varying firmness levels, ranging from firm to plush. And you will find it easy to select the most suitable mattress for your requirements. Aside from that, the mattresses come with features like ZeroG Hygroflex and IsoCool technologies that ensure efficient airflow to keep the surface cool. 

With all three mattresses made from different materials, these products are ideal for all types of sleepers. Just keep in mind that the OasisSleep mattresses can be quite expensive. 

Final Verdict

The OasisSleep mattresses are excellent for most people who are unable to get proper rest and are looking for a mattress replacement. 

They feature the latest technologies that keep them cool to ensure a high level of comfort and support. The mattresses are available in multiple sizes and different firmness options, so finding a suitable product is easy. 

That said, other options, like the Emma Comfort mattress, are of even better quality and quite affordable. You should check out this high-quality mattress before making a decision because it triumphs over the OasisSleep mattresses in many respects.