Newentor Topper Review


January 9, 2024

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Thought a mattress topper is only required in colder regions?

Well, contrary to popular belief, the right topper can help maintain a stable sleeping temperature and keep you cool during hot summer nights. Hence, if you struggle with hot flashes at night, a cooling Gel-Visco memory foam mattress topper can help you enjoy a sweet and sound sleep.

But with so many options in the Australian market, choosing the best sleeping accessory can be a Herculean task! Hence, we set off to find the most durable, affordable, and low-maintenance mattress topper and came across this product from Newentor.

Newentor Mattress Topper Review

How Does The Newentor Topper Feel?

The mattress topper sports a thickness of 7 cm, which we think is adequate to use as-is or placed on top of a hard mattress. It combines the cooling properties of gel viscose and the cushion soft memory foam to ensure no pressure, regardless of your sleeping position.

Unlike most mattress toppers, this product offers double-sided firmness. First is the memory foam side, offering a plush feel, ideal for relieving pressure points. The other side is relatively firmer, making it suitable for spinal support. Besides, the topper boasts high resilience density characteristics to hug your body in the right places without collapsing underneath your weight. 

What’s This Mattress Topper Made Of?

1. ECO-friendly Washable Cover

The first layer of the topper is an antibacterial and anti-mite, machine-washable cover certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. It is soft to touch and skin-friendly, making it safe for anyone with sensitive skin.

2. Inside Cover

This cover further keeps bacteria and germs at bay as it is highly breathable, thanks to its moisture-absorbing and fast-drying properties. It also helps to lower skin temperature during those typical Australian summer nights.

3. Gel-Visco Memory Foam

This layer is the star of the show as this is what keeps the user cool and comfortable, offering a tender sleep environment. Basically, the gel viscose decreases body temperature by 1.5-2°C while the memory foam provides pressure relief.

4. Ergonomic Support Foam

While everyone loves a cushion soft topper, having it sink under your weight is a huge bummer. That’s when this supportive foam layer acts as a game-changer with its high resilience density that offers cloud-like softness while supporting your body and keeping the spine aligned. 

5. Non-slip Base

Stability is never an issue with this non-slip topper as it features a grippy backing material, making sure it stays put throughout the night.

Sizes And Cost

The thickness of the Newentor mattress topper remains fixed at 7 cm; however, the length and breadth differ with the size you choose. Accordingly, the price of the topper also varies.

  • Single: 92 x 188 cms, costing $160
  • Long Single: 92 x 203 cms, costing $170
  • King Single: 107 x 203 cms, costing $175
  • Double: 137 x 188 cms, costing 182
  • Queen: 153 x 203 cms, costing $195
  • King: 183 x 203 cms, costing $215
  • Super King: 203 x 203 cms, costing $245

Bonus Features

1. Easy Unpacking And Quick Unwinding

Once delivered, you can easily pull the product out of the packaging and unroll it using the plastic tab. After it’s completely unwrapped, you can let the topper expand by itself. This shouldn’t take any more than 48 hours. 

2. 120-Night Trial Period

No matter how comfortable the Newentor mattress topper is, there will be someone out there who may not be satisfied with it. Hence, the brand offers a risk-free trial period, wherein you can purchase the topper and sleep with it for 120 nights straight. If unsatisfied, you can immediately apply for a return and refund.

3. Free And Fast Delivery

Newentor delivers its products all over Australia for free; the shipping method is decided by the brand by default. But fret not because your product will reach you within a week from the purchase date.

4. Free Pillow

Who doesn’t like some free goodies? We sure do, and it seems like Newentor knows! That’s because the brand offers a complimentary Newentor pillow to everyone who purchases the mattress topper. 

Final Verdict

So, is the Newentor mattress topper worth it? Yes- it is a comfortable, cooling, and economic topper that offers double-sided firmness and serves multiple uses. 

Further, it is made to keep your spine aligned, and the skin-friendly cover makes it safe to use for kids, too. We also like how it is available in various sizing options, allowing you to get one for each of your rooms. Not to forget, you can use it while camping and travelling, too!