Makin Mattresses Review: Are They Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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In our Makin Mattresses review, we'll figure out if they are the key to a comfortable sleep.

Sure the environment and temperature of the room are important, but all of that is useless if the mattress isn’t comfortable. And the problem is finding the right one, as there are way too many choices!

If you do a quick google search, you will be bombarded by tons of brands and retailers claiming to be the best on the market. And one of them would be Makin Mattresses, which does stand true to the claim. 

That is exactly what we are going to address in this guide - are Makin Mattresses any good? The brand has fantastic ranges like the Bellissimo and Caravan, which cater to the needs of all kinds of buyers. 

So, let’s explore these options further!

Are Makin Mattresses any good?

Makin Mattresses are popular in Australia for their durability and comfort, so let’s weigh the pros against the cons to find out if they are any good.

Benefits Of Makin Mattresses

Some benefits offered by the company are:

1. Research-backed construction

Makin mattresses sell models that are built after hours of research and rigorous testing. They have multiple-layered systems composed of cooling gels, foam, pocket springs, anti-bacterial layers, etc., to provide all-around support. 

Furthermore, these mattresses have reinforced seams and edge support that prevents them from sagging. One thing is sure - the company doesn’t cut corners in terms of quality and its website has thousands of positive reviews left by happy customers.

2. Universal sizes

Another great thing is Makin Mattresses cater to Australian mattress sizes and produce models that fit most bed frames. It's imperative that you measure the bed before buying a mattress, but whatever the size, you will most likely find it on their website. 

But in case you don’t, you can order a customised one, which the company promises to deliver within 10 days. Some might find this refreshing, as custom-made mattresses usually take at least a month to make.

3. Variety

Makin Mattresses offer a wide variety of brands that specialise in different niches. Whether you are looking for temperature regulating, posture correcting, or luxury mattresses, the company has tons of brands for all sleeping needs.

4. Accessories

The company sells not only mattresses but other accessories as well to make your bedding complete. You can find pillowcases, sheet sets, bed bases, etc., on both its website and walk-in stores. And good news, if you are looking for some extra storage space, Makin Mattresses sells bed bases with drawers and storage units. 

Drawbacks Of Makin Mattresses

1. Short warranty period on some products

One thing that we weren’t too impressed with was the warranty period of some mattresses. Some ranges, such as the Cot Mattresses and Hotel Motel, have only a 2-year warranty, which is pretty short compared to other brands. But that is only for some ranges; others, like the Bellissimo, are covered for 5 years.

2. Assembly services aren’t free

Another thing that some people might find inconvenient is that the store doesn’t provide free assembly service. If you want the delivery personnel to assemble the bed base for you, then be prepared to shell out some cash. Moreover, when you miss the scheduled delivery of your mattress, the company will charge a re-delivery fee, so make sure you don’t miss it the first time around.

Makin Mattresses vs Emma Sleep

It is kind of inevitable to compare any company with its competitor, as customers are constantly hunting for bargains and looking to strike a better deal. This brings us to Emma Mattresses, that have monopolised the Australian mattress market in a way with their quality products. The brand has been winning the Top Scoring Mattress award by CHOICE® for the last 2 years.

So, where do Makin Mattresses stand in front of Emma? To be honest, it is quite difficult to compare the two brands, as both offer excellent mattresses and are top choices for Australians. However, the scales slightly tip in favour of Emma because of its 10-year guarantee period and free shipping.

But although Makin mattresses charge an extra fee for rescheduling deliveries, their team is very cooperating and diligent. 

Makin brands

1. Bellissimo mattress review

The Bellissimo range by Makin mattresses is famous for its revolutionary micro coils. Depending on the type of support unit, these mattresses come in two ranges - Duo and Duet. The Bellissimo Duo has a 7-zone support system with a European latex core to individually support each section of the body.

On the other hand, Bellissimo Duet mattresses have a 5-zone pocket spring technology with independent cushion springs encased in individual pockets. The pockets maximise heat dispersal and minimise partner disturbance for sound sleep. 

But what gives the Bellissimo mattresses an edge over other options is their spring layers, which consist of thousands of tiny coils. These coils are as thin as a dollar bill and are sandwiched between 2 layers of fabric. They serve as an innovative replacement for latex, foam, and cooling gel for temperature regulation in mattresses. 

Offering superior comfort, this luxurious range comes with a steep price tag of $1,605-$4,985 but can be a little cheaper if bought online.

2. Matilda Caravan mattresses

Matilda caravan mattresses are known for their durability and all-inclusive designs. Catering to all levels of quality and comfort, Matilda mattresses are available in 3 categories, namely Classic, Deluxe, and Eclipse.

The Classic models are 14 cm thick and offer a pocket spring support system. They also come in 5 sizes and are excellent if you are on a tight budget of around $375-$955

Matilda Deluxe mattresses have all the features of the Classic range but offer a solid fabric upgrade. The top layer is quilted with poly wool, giving the 16 cm high mattress a luxurious and plush feel, which ensures they are neither too cheap nor too expensive.

Lastly, Eclipse is the best Caravan mattress with a thickness of 18 cm. It comes with a premium comfort layer and takes lumbar support to the next level, making it the most expensive option in the Matilda range. 

3. Hotel Motel

The Hotel Motel is a Bonnel innerspring mattress with medium firmness and has a quilted fire-retardant top cover and amazing edge support to maximise the sleeping space. This range of mattresses is perfect for your child’s first bed or guest room, costing $169-$299

Simply put, Hotel Motel mattresses are more utilitarian instead of luxurious, and they will last a long time since they aren’t too plush or bouncy. The mattresses are double-sided and can be flipped to one side if spoiled, which makes them suitable for children.

4. The Designer Range

Makin Mattresses’ designer range is specifically designed for those who need extra lumbar support. These entry-level zoned mattresses have heavy gauge steel springs, which are concentrated near the mid-section for added back support. 

Most mattresses in this range come in 2 types - the Designer Range Zoned and the Designer Range Plus. The former is the costlier one at $489-$955, while the latter is priced at $329-$719. Just like the Hotel Motel, these are double-sided too and have hourglass edges for more traction to keep the bed sheets snug. 

5. Perfect Posture

Are your shoulders a little slouchy? Then Makin Mattresses can help you out, as the company offers a Perfect Posture range, which helps sleepers keep their shoulders flat and back straight. Sounds too good to be true, but research suggests comfortable mattresses can have positive effects on your posture. 

The Perfect Posture range has a Bonnell innerspring support system that flexibly bends and accommodates your body weight. It doesn’t put too much pressure on one spot and saves the sleeper from body aches. Furthermore, the mattresses are totally a deal worth grabbing, considering their low price of $199-$359.

Makin Bed accessories 

1. Bed bases

On top of high-quality mattresses, the company offers fabric bed bases in 3 versatile colours - Charcoal, Caramel, and Alabaster. And if you need more storage space, we suggest opting for those with drawers. 

2. Bed sheets

Makin Mattresses offer a range of high-quality bed sheets made of 100% cotton. The sheets can be bought separately, or you could buy the Bellissimo bundle that includes a mattress protector, sheet set, and pillows. 

Final thoughts

Before you start hunting for the perfect mattress, here are some extra tips. First off, we highly recommend ordering box mattresses online because even though shopping in-store might seem reliable, buying a mattress on the internet has its own perks. 

Online purchases help cut out the middlemen and let you save a couple of bucks, while some models aren’t even available in walk-in stores. Additionally, you can order from the comfort of your home, so say goodbye to struggling for parking spots. 

And one last tip - compared to Makin Mattresses, the Emma Comfort Mattress offers a decade-long guarantee period, free shipping and high-quality foams, so do consider that while shopping. With that, it’s a wrap on this guide!