Love To Dream Review


January 9, 2024

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Newborns need up to 17 hours of sleep every day, and it’s vital for them to remain comfortable while they nap.

The market is rife with products geared towards babies and infants, making it all the more difficult to choose the correct one. Making matters more complex, it’s usually not as simple for an adult to gauge how comfortable a product is. But choosing the right product for your cute little man or girl needn’t be troublesome!

And that’s where Love To Dream comes in, offering a selection of products aimed at ensuring that your child receives a good, restful sleep. But this begs the question: what exactly does Love To Dream offer in terms of products and services?

Let’s take a good look at the newborn and toddler sleeping solutions it offers and if it can help your child sleep well.

Love To Dream: Sleeping Solutions For Babies And Toddlers

Love To Dream is a brand that aims to keep your child comfortable throughout the hours they spend sleeping. The brand strives to provide your child with the product they find the most comfortable with products like swaddles and cot mattresses.

With the Newborn to Toddler Sleep system, Love To Dream looks to introduce new parents to a host of tried and tested methods. Backed by scientific findings, as well as a few fashion design tips, Love To Dream hopes to make sleeping feel safe and simple for children.

After all, parenting is a challenge for new parents in particular, and long-lasting, high-quality sleep at night is beneficial for the child and parents alike.

What Love To Dream Offers

Newborn and baby swaddles are the products propped up by the brand, but that’s not all that it has to offer. In addition to swaddles, Love To Dream introduces a number of products that help a child sleep well, such as sleeping bags and suits, soft and comfortable baby clothing and cot mattresses.

Broadly speaking, babies go through three stages that require different products, and each of these product categories covers these stages. The stages, namely swaddling, transitioning and independent sleep, last until your child is ready to have a room of his own.

Love To Dream offers products that are suited for children up to four years, which can be used in any weather. You’ll find Love To Dream products that are for summer and winter as well, along with fulfilling any specific needs your child may have.

1. Newborn And Baby Swaddles

It’s generally observed that babies sleep better with their hands free and close to their faces to self-soothe. Some babies just can’t get comfortable in a traditional swaddle, and Love To Dream baby swaddles are designed with this in mind. 

The Love To Dream swaddle doesn’t secure a baby’s arms down or crossed but leaves them in an up position, similar to a flying squirrel. It is available in five sizes for a snug fit around the baby, making your child more comfortable as he sleeps through the day.

Parents can put the Love To Dream swaddle on their baby easily using a zip, which is particularly beneficial for infants who tend to squirm a lot. The zip-on design comes with another benefit in the form of easy nappy changes, where a traditional swaddle can be difficult to remove.

Moreover, the Love To Dream swaddle is made with a single layer of cotton and elastane-blend material that remains breathable in all temperatures. Your swaddled little girl can remain comfortable in the Love To Dream swaddle, with it being ideal for temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.

2. Transition Bags And Suits

Once they have grown a little older, babies tend to try and roll over independently, which is when parents should stop keeping them swaddled. This usually happens when the baby is around two to four months old.

It’s at this point that parents should try to settle their infants out of the swaddling wrap using transition swaddle bags. This bag or suit functions in a similar way to other swaddles but with the baby’s arms completely free.

The Love To Dream Transition Suits and Bags are made for this very purpose, easing babies into a habit of sleeping with their arms free. Similar to the Love To Dream swaddle, the transition suit is made from a layer of cotton and elastane-blend fabric with a similar temperature range. And the transition suit can be used for five purposes: as a swaddle suit, transition suit, playsuit and travel suit, unlike other swaddle bags.

Babies need about a week to transition fully into a sleeping bag or suit, so be sure to give them enough time to adjust. Some babies adjust more quickly than others, while the vice versa is also true.

3. Sleeping Bags And Suits For Independent Sleep

It doesn’t take long for your little man or girl to outgrow the transition suit as well. At about six months of age, when the bub is already arms-free, parents can get them a sleep suit that functions as a wearable blanket. 

Unlike traditional loose blankets, a Love To Dream sleep suit promises a cosy fit that gives them room to twist and turn in their nap. Moreover, the sleep suit doubles as a playsuit for children who like to play while still in their sleeping garb.

The Love To Dream Sleep Bag uses cotton as its outer layer and inner lining that remains comfortable and breathable. A polyester filling is in the middle that keeps babies warm and well-cushioned. And lastly, the cuffs are a blend of cotton and elastane, similar to the swaddling cloth.

These sleep bags are available in two sizes that can be used by children up to 36 months of age. And you can find sleepsuits in no less than five sizes that cater to children up to 4 years old.

4. Cot Mattress Protectors And Bassinets

Love To Dream has a selection of mattress protectors and sheets to keep your baby sleeping safely and comfortably. 

The quilted mattress protector features a cotton outer layer that is waterproof for any bathroom accidents that may happen in the cot. Additionally, the protector has an extra level of protection against stains, allergens and dust mites. Reinforcing this is the quality assurance and performance test certificates that accompany the protectors.

A typical cot mattress is sized 130 x 70cm, and Love To Dream provides protectors for this size only. These protectors follow Thermal Overall Grade guidelines that take into account if a baby is feeling too hot or cold.

And if your child sleeps in a bassinet instead, Love To Dream has a selection of bassinet bed sheets, and protectors sized 80 x 40cm.

5. Baby Clothing

Love To Dream offers enclosed foot rompers made from the original Swaddle Up jersey fabric. They are designed to provide a comfortable sleep throughout the day while being flexible for playtime as well. The romper comes with fold-over sleeve cuffs that keep the child’s hands warm and prevents scratching as well.

Another feature is the two-way zipper, which makes the romper quicker and more convenient to change nappies. The zipper comes with a protection tab to ensure that the baby’s skin doesn’t get irritated.

The Love To Dream Rompers are available in the following sizes: 

  • 0000 for Newborns 
  • 000 for babies aged 0-3 months 
  • 00 for babies aged 3-6 months
  • 0 for babies aged 6-12 months 
  • 1 for babies aged 12-18 months

Love To Dream: Customer Aid

Parenting is a tough job that involves a lot of trial and error, even if the parents are fully prepared for it. Every baby is different and has a unique set of preferences that they can’t communicate until they are older.

For this reason, Love To Dream gives their customers a full suite of guides and services to aid their parenting endeavours. This includes instructing parents about the three stages of sleeping solutions and helping them pinpoint what their babies find the most comfortable. Additionally, the Love To Dream website includes a host of lessons for new parents to learn, which can help them attend to their children better.

Let’s look at the customer services that Love To Dream provides.

1. Safer Sleep For Toddlers And Newborns

Love To Dream has a section named ‘Sleep Series’ with a full suite of instructions and tools for parents that help their babies sleep well. With the help of paediatric experts, parents have access to lessons and downloadable guides with valuable insight to prepare them for the little one’s sleeping habits.

If you are expecting soon or have a newborn baby, you will be able to benefit from the Sleep Series in the following ways:

  • Establishing healthy sleep patterns for your baby to sleep well for a long time
  • Easing your baby into a daily routine
  • Learning to read and respond to your baby’s cues
  • Finding answers to your baby-related queries
  • Educating you about baby monitors

2. Delivery

After placing your order on the Love To Dream website, you’ll receive an email with an order confirmation and delivery details. Within one business day, your order will be shipped and dispatched if you place your order before 2 pm.

And the product will be delivered at your doorstep within 2 to 8 business days. The product may arrive a day early or late, depending on if you live in a metro or a rural area respectively.

3. Returns Policy

There are only two conditions to returning your purchase and get your money back:

  • The product must be returned within 30 days of purchase
  • The product must be unused and in the original packaging

If you encounter a manufacturing defect, you can reach out to the customer care team. The return process will be performed manually, with a Love To Dream representative guiding you through it.


Love To Dream is a brand aimed towards providing parents with baby sleepwear and solutions, in addition to parenting guides from reputed paediatrics. 

The swaddles, sleeping bags and suits are all designed with different kinds of babies in mind to keep them calm and cosy as they sleep. And the lessons they teach parents are an important right step in making them aware of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and how to prevent it. The last thing any parent wants is their child perishing because of improper swaddling, after all.

Parenting is all about trying different things out to see what works with the baby. Thus, Love To Dream encourages parents to learn all they can about what to expect when taking care of their children.

At the end of the day, as the mum or dad, the choice rests in your hands to decide if these products suit your child.