Koala WFH Desk Review


January 9, 2024

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Even though Koala started out making mattresses, the young Australian company has since made other things, like a stylish WFH desk. Koala knows that convenience is the way to its client's hearts. Anyone working from home for a few months knows that a suitable workspace is suddenly a luxury.

Therefore, Koala has created a limited number of WFH workstations with a four-hour delivery window and easy assembly.

Just in case you’re only just starting your WFH journey, you should know that working from your bed or lounge chair is bad for your back and removes the balance between work and life. Your main aim is to maintain the comfort of your home while paying the most attention to your work. 

The work-from-home desk is designed to create enough space to organise your workspace. Moreover, it is extremely simple to assemble and disassemble. The desk is also entirely Australian, designed with Australian necessities in mind. Continue reading for a detailed review.


  • It comes with a free trial of up to 120 days
  • Fibreglass and veneer are used to make the thick tabletop
  • It has legs and supports brackets made of solid American ash
  • Drawer Box with Timber Veneer
  • It comes with a powder-coated metal cable tray
  • It contains headphones hooks, a cable tray, and sleek grooves to raise your phone or tablet for optimal viewing
  • Weighs up to 24 Kilogram

What Does the Koala WFH Desk Feel Like to Work On

The Koala WFH Desk is made from birch veneer plywood. The wood used has a finish called "Natural Ash," and its dimensions are L 120cm x W 60cm x H 75cm. This sturdy material guarantees that you will use the desk for long. 

Furthermore, the pieces of furniture were very simple and easy to put together. If you follow the steps, you should be done in about 40 minutes. The only difficult part is removing the plastic from the gas lift lever and getting it to move, but these are only minor hiccups.

Once assembled, the desk's grooves to prop up your phone or tablet and cable trays show its attention to detail. There is also a hook on the side of the desk where you can hang your headset or bag. This means keeping your work area clean and organised will be easy. 

You'll be happy with how well the desk fits in your apartment in terms of size. The desk is easily twice as big as a normal work table, but it still fits in your home office. The desk is also very stylish in terms of its design. Its clean, sharp look also keeps it easy on the eyes. This inviting look will get you excited to get some work done.

In addition, the desk drawer is also bigger than it looks. It has a shallow lip that makes it easy to get to pens and coffee loyalty cards. If you decide to get the chair, your office will look great. 

The prices for these two also seem pretty fair. The cost of the Workmate Home Office Desk is $540. The price might be a little high, but the quality it brings is worth it.

What Isn't So Great?

This seems a little far-fetched since there is much good experience, but the delivery part is a bit hard. Getting the huge boxes into your home won't be as simple. If you're setting this up by yourself, keep that in mind.

It's also worth noting that if the drawer runs the entire length of the desk. Your movement might therefore be limited if the drawer is pulled out. You might also need to create space to fully access your drawer's contents. 


The desk is simple to assemble, requires no tools, and takes at least four minutes to assemble completely. Disassembling it is just as simple and takes as long or even less time if you already know how. Koala provides a free trial if you work from home and require a comfy workstation. You can try the desk for 120 nights and decide if it suits your needs.

Since most workplaces in Australia are becoming more versatile, now may not be a bad time to buy a real desk for your apartment or home. Even though you might be relocating back to the office soon, having your own work-from-home station doesn't hurt. Furthermore, you need a good chair since Koala already provides the perfect desk.

Is This The Right Desk For You?

The Koala WFH Desk won the Good Design Award of 2021. Its features make it easy to keep a separate workspace to improve your productivity while at home. We've also listed some of the pros and cons below to help you decide.


  • Comfortable when sitting up
  • Not too expensive
  • A sturdy desk that does the heavy lifting for you
  • The desk comes together quickly because it is easy to assemble
  • Keep your things in order with hangers that you can use for other items
  • It has a large main drawer with smooth buttery runners and a divider
  • Workmate Home Office Desk has a Koala warranty for five years


  • Expensive when compared to other desks
  • The drawer runs the length of the desk and might be hard to access.

Final Thoughts

Koala's Workmate Home Office Desk is a nice and simple design. The furniture makes it look good and enjoyable to work from your home. All through their end-of-year sales and other big shopping events, Koala tends to treat their customers to some good deals. 

During the brand's sales, some of the best deals can save you up to 25% on home furnishings. The desk doesn't seem to be one of these items, which is a shame, but the workmate home office desk often has a 15% discount, making the full size $340 and the kids' size $255. But that doesn't mean they won't be around in the future. The WFH desk is a good piece of furniture. If you can get it, don't think twice about it.